Welcome to the Art and Design Department webpages.

We believe Art to be critical in developing awareness in students of modern and historical visual culture. Students will create significant art objects by employing an inner compulsion to create. These objects will be of personal value and show an awareness of our own and others’ visual culture. Students will build their self-esteem through their own enjoyment during creating these objects and the pleasure of reward in the successful completion of their endeavours.

At Key Stage 3 (KS3) students will follow a careful programme of study designed to build up a wide range of practical creative and analytical skills. We will provide KS3 students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to express themselves fluently at Key Stage 4. The revised KS3 curriculum from September 2011 onwards sees more GCSE skills such as acrylic painting and stencilling being brought in from Year 7 onwards.

To ensure a high achieving and inspirational department, we have built and will further extend imaginative, exciting, enjoyable and thorough work schemes. We intend to extensively cover National curriculum and Edexcel GCSE Art syllabus requirements. The department also aims to deliver professional intensive and productive lessons that incorporate high expectations of all students and a variety of behavioural management strategies to enhance and progress student learning whilst creating aesthetically pleasing art objects.

In line with National Curriculum 2008 and GCSE requirements, essential language skills will be developed and extended in KS3 and 4 students. This will include ICT presentations, individual and group student presentations, group discussions of artwork and student questioning as well as confidence building exercises. This will increase students’ ability to fluently discuss their own and others’ artwork.