Photography GCSE

Students follow the Edexcel GCSE Photography – Lens and light-based media (specification code 2PY01).

Year 10 Autumn Term / Spring Term (ends 3rd February)

Project 1: Natural Forms

Photographer contextual studies. Composing a photograph. Manual film cameras. Processing Film. Basic Darkroom process. Experimental processes: Cyanotype, Photobatik. Digital Cameras. Basic Adobe Photoshop. Iphoto.

Year 10 Spring Term

Project 2: Urban/Built Environment

Photographer Contextual Studies. Advanced Darkroom process. Experimental Processes. Liquid Light, photocollage. Advanced Adobe Photoshop. Digital printing media.

Year 10 Summer Term

History of Photography. Mounting and presenting photographs.

Year 11 Autumn Term

Project 3: Journeys & stories

Photographer contextual studies. Studio Photography, setup and equipment. Working to a client project brief. Experimental processes. Colorvir toning. Digital SLR Camera. Mock exam overview and prep.

Project 4: External Exam

Photographer Contextual Studies. Experimental Processes. Mixed Media. Exam preparation and final piece selection. Final Exam at end of term.

Year 11 Summer Term

Mounting and presenting photographs. Art/Photography exhibition.