‘My Hero’ Design Your Own Superhero Project

In this unit students will learn about Marvel comic book superheroes and explore their own identities to create their own alterego superhero character.


By the end of this unit it is expected that all students will design, draw and colour their own superhero character. Students will develop the key skill of figure drawing, learning correct proportions and the importance of observation. Students will use the traditional techniques of pen and ink to colour their characters and some students will have the opportunity to use more modern techniques in Photoshop to enhance their characters and design backgrounds. Students will also study linear perspective drawing so that they can use the horizon line and vanishing point to put characters into birds and ants eye views.

Key Assessments

Sketchbook work and finished superhero drawings are awarded attainment levels in line with the school’s marking and assessment policy

How to help your child

Explore marvel characters online with your child and discuss the characteristics and stereotypes. Look out for examples of linear perspective in daily life.