‘Oaxacan Animals’ Project

In this unit students will learn about Oaxacan (pronounced Wah-Ha-Can) woodcarving, a Mexican folk art tradition.


By the end of this unit it is expected that all students will be able to recognise the characteristics of Oaxacan woodcaving. Students will develop their kills skills of drawing and designing working from images of real animals to design their own Oaxacan style animal. Students will make their animals using wire modelling and papier mache. Students will develop their painting skills using acrylic paints to decorate their animals with vibrant patterns, expanding their colour theory knowledge to include tertiary, complimentary and harmonious colours..

Key Assessments

Sketchbook work and animals will be given attainment levels in line with the schools marking and assessment policy.

How to help your child

Explore Oaxacan woodcarvings online with your child and discuss the characteristics, look out for complimentary and harmonious colour schemes in daily life.