‘Up Close’ Chuck Close Portraits

In this unit students learn about Chuck Close’s life and work and explore ways of working in his early and late styles.


By the end of this unit it is expected that all students will recognise the characteristics of Chuck Close’s work and understand how his illness and physical disability effected his style and methods. Students will develop key drawing and painting skills exploring a range of techniques such as acrylic painting, tonal drawing and oil pastels. Students will also learn how to draw the correct proportions of the face, scale up a drawing and how to use a grid technique to improve accuracy so that they can produce their own self portrait.

Key Assessments

Sketchbook work and self portraits are assessed in line with the school’s marking and assessment policy.

How to help your child

Explore Chuck Close’s work online, ask your child to explain why his work changed. Practice drawing faces at home using the correct proportions.