What is the provision for assessments for learners with additional needs?

Learners with additional needs are given informal access arrangements in key stage 3 with the support of their subject teacher and in communication with the SEN department.  This helps to paint a picture of need for the student. Common adjustments may include typing, a reader, a prompter, rest breaks or extra time.  If a student needs to type, the school provides a keyboard and enrols the student in typing club.  Sometimes the content of an assessment is adapted, for example scaffolding or broken into smaller chunks to help a student feel successful and motivate them to further success. 

Each case is individual to the learner’s needs.  Teachers, parents/carers and students may make referrals for exams access arrangements. 

Access arrangements are formalised in key stage 4 which requires prior JCQ awarding body approval and the school must evidence need and a normal way of working. Schools must now exhaust the option of rest breaks before applying for extra time.