Assessment Introduction

At Chesterton we view learning like a tower of lego bricks.  We know that for building to continue each layer of bricks needs to be full and secure.

At Chesterton we use assessment as a tool to ensure that all students have the very best learning experience during their time with us.  We are working hard to help all stakeholders view assessment as a positive tool that allows teachers to ascertain if certain lego bricks of knowledge and skill are present, secure and ready for the next layer of knowledge and skill to be added on.  Or if there are any gaps that need filling with a brick or if any bricks need securing so that building can continue.

Browse through our information on assessment in this section and if you have any queries please do use the following contacts:

Queries about an individual assessment: Class teacher

Queries about overall assessment within a subject: Head of Subject

General approach to assessment:  Mrs Watts, Assistant Head