Blog 16th July

Summer Wishes

Thank you to all our students, staff and parents for your endless energy, care and resilience in what has been challenging year for everyone. We wish you all a well-deserved relaxing summer and look forward to seeing everyone in September.


Term dates

The summer term ends on Friday 16th July at 3.05pm.

Autumn term dates are:

  • Friday 3rd September: Year7 ONLY in school * – arrive in Bateson Road playground for 08.50am
  • Monday 6th September: Year 7 ONLY in school * – arrive for 08:50 go straight to tutor rooms or go to Bateson Road playground where staff will be able to help
  • Tuesday 7th September: Years 7–11 all in school – arrive 08.50am, go straight to tutor rooms (if known) or to Bateson Road playground where teachers will be on hand to help.

*Covid Testing (Parental Consent Form)

All students will be offered two Covid tests in school:

  1. Friday 3rd September
  2. Monday 6th September

Testing is optional and all students will start school on the dates above regardless of whether they are participating in the testing programme.

  • Year 7 students will be offered a test as part of their two induction days.
  • Years 8-11 are invited to come in for a test on both days and then return home again (please see Parentmail for full details).
  • All students in Years 7-11 need to have parent consent to take part in testing so please complete the form here before 20th August:

Thank you to our parent and staff volunteers who will be running the Chesterton testing centre once again.


Free School Meal Vouchers

If your child is entitled to Free School Meals, Cambridgeshire County Council has confirmed that you will be provided with supermarket vouchers for the Summer holiday.

If you have not received your voucher by the 26th July (voucher 1) or the 19th August (voucher 2) or have any queries about this scheme, please contact .

Please include the name of your child, their date of birth and the name of our school if getting in touch with the team.




We currently have the following vacancies in school: we have attached the adverts to go with each role and we would be grateful if you could share them with anyone you think might be interested.

  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Cover Supervisor
  • Science Technician/Senior Science Technician

Please see our vacancies section by clicking here for further information.


Wolfson Fund Science Lab Update: WE DID IT!

As of this Monday (12 July) morning, we are very pleased to announce that the community of Chesterton has raised £5,065, reaching our target for the Wolfson Fund Science Lab.

Rebecca Siddall will now be able to access the full £45,000 from the Wolfson Fund for the development of a brand new Science Lab for all our students. Please look out for future ParentMail notifications for updates.

The PTA Committee would like to thank Rebecca for putting together such a fantastic bid to the Wolfson Fund and securing these facilities for our School. We would also like to thank Suzanne Izzard and Nicola von Schreiber for sending out all the updates and keeping the campaign visible. Finally, a huge thanks to all those parents, carers, teachers and students who have proved so generous over the past month: it’s amazing to see such generosity in such difficult times.

We have passed our target and there may well be further donations coming in as we write.

All donations over and above the target will be used by the PTA to fund future requests received for supporting our students. In the past year alone this has included:

  • a suite of computers for the Music Department;
  • new careers development software for all students to use;
  • equipment and facilities for outdoor spaces;
  • supplies for one-off events for our students;
  • and a host of other facilities, equipment and special activities that add to all our students’ lives.

Many parents and carers have donated through Standing Orders which will continue to give to the PTA.

If you are interested in supporting our students in this way, please do visit the giving page here:

If you would like to know more about the PTA and would like to be involved in future campaigns — and hopefully, in the new school year in the autumn, the return to real-life events — please do get in touch with us at , or come along to our Annual General Meeting which will be held in September (look out for updates in ParentMail, or join our PTA Mailing list).

Congratulations to everyone and enjoy your summer!

Nick Beech, Chair

Karri Aston, Secretary

Cleo Cunningham, Treasurer

Chesterton Youth Theatre ‘Romeo & Juliet’

Sixty members of Chesterton Youth Theatre performed their production of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ outside in the rear courtyard at Chesterton this week, receiving a standing ovation from the socially-distanced and number-restricted audience on Thursday evening. Whilst during their technical run on Tuesday after-school, there was a downpour which meant the Company had to move inside and simulate the performance for no audience; the rain then made an ‘exit stage left’ and we were blessed with dry weather (a mix of sun and wind). This good fortune allowed members of the community to attend as planned.

Feedback from those who came to see the show over the three performances was superlative: words like ‘amazing’, ‘stunning’, ‘incredible’ and ‘perfection’ have been frequently shared with the team.

But more than that, the performance has given everyone at Chesterton a greater insight into Shakespeare’s astonishing play, written in 1595 during a terrible plague (another world pandemic). Seeing the balcony-based staging all set up outside at school has reminded the members of Chesterton of the importance of live theatre. And for those who were engaged in the ending of this production: the themes of forgiveness and atonement- plus the sense that we should ‘dare, always dare’ when our consciences tell us it’s the right thing to do – has left a special afterglow.

A huge thank you to all the parents, staff, alumni and of course the astoundingly talented students who were involved in ‘Romeo & Juliet’. It was a true ensemble effort, where we did things for one another and stayed true to Chesterton Youth Theatre’s motto: ‘Only Connect’. Now it’s time for rest and recuperation, though the song and dance of ‘All you need is Love’ will resonate in our minds for some time to come, along with Juliet’s line ‘love give me strength…’

If you wish to see a video/photographs of the live performance, these will be available in due course.


Year 9 Politics Drop-Down Days

The two drop-down days introducing Year 9 to their GCSE Politics course were a big success. Students were engaged and enthusiastic, passionately arguing that 16-year-olds should be given the vote and debating whether the age of criminal responsibility should be raised. They also developed a key understanding of the foundations of our political system and left the days buzzing with excitement about continuing the course in September.

A big thank you to all the students for their participation and to all the staff who made the days run so smoothly.


The Female Lead Society

The last Female Lead Society session of the academic year was a lively one, with students discussing the treatment of women in politics, and planning ahead for how to promote and expand the society in September. The group is planning some input in the PSHE sessions we offer and will be creating a noticeboard with links to charities and support for anyone struggling with gender-based issues.

We are a society open to all. We discuss such issues as gender stereotypes; representation of women in the public eye; and how to make the school as inclusive and safe as possible for everyone. Thank you to those who have been involved this year. Keep your eyes peeled for information on the return of the club in September.


English and Media Extended Project (EMEP)

Over the course of the last academic year, students from  Years 7 to 11 have been working hard on their English and Media Extended Projects. Closely mirroring the EPQ programme followed by sixth-form students, the EMEP is an opportunity for students to explore an aspect of English and Media which interests them outside of the normal curriculum. Participating students each had to select a topic, formulate a question, research it, then produce a presentation to showcase their work.

This has been the first year running the project and the standard has been unsurprisingly outstanding. Despite the various challenges thrown into the school year by lockdown, this year’s EMEP cohort showed incredible resilience and work ethic as they continued to juggle the demands of the project with their curricular and extracurricular workloads.

Huge thanks and congratulations to all who took part for the care, consideration and creativity they have shown. We hope you will enjoy reading and watching a selection of their work here:


Side Hustle: Year 10 Competitors

The Year 10 Event Operations group has been exploring Side Hustles and entered a national competition to be in with the chance of a £2000 start-up fund for their Side Hustle idea.

Two groups from the Event Operations class have been put through to the next round. They now have until 25th July to get as many votes for their idea as possible. If they are one of 25 groups to get the most votes, they will be invited to London to pitch their idea to be in with a chance of receiving the funding.

Our two groups are:

  • Group 1 – their idea is run a support service for teenage refugees who arrive new to the country and would benefit from advice from teenagers who have been in the same position. You can read about their ideas and vote here: New Beginnings – The Side Hustle (
  • Group 2 – their idea is to run a cereal cafe that lets customers customise a bowl of cereal by choosing the cereal, a range of toppings and their choice of milk. A play on the popular dessert cafes springing up and also on the nation’s love of cereal. You can read about their idea and vote here: Cereal Mania – The Side Hustle (

All you need to vote is an email address. You can vote for more than one idea using the same email address. We would be grateful if you could ask family, friends and neighbours to cast a vote too.


Visit from University of Cambridge Tutor

On Wednesday 14th, it was a real treat for some Year 10 students to hear a talk from Stephen Watts, from Cambridge University. The Cambridge tutor talked about the importance of reading for pleasure to prepare to study English at university; what Oxbridge admission tutors look for in a candidate; and then talked us through approaching a poem in detail, demonstrating how to get deeper meanings out of poetry.

The students were amazed at how what looked like a simple poem could have so many layers of meaning when we thought about it more deeply, for example, the significance of changing “I” to “me”, subject to object, agency to powerlessness. They all gave the experience a resounding thumbs up, and spontaneously applauded loudly at the end of the talk.

Stephen commented at the end on how impressed he was by the attentiveness and contributions of our students, for example, their ideas about context. He has also offered to answer any more questions students have about studying at Cambridge – please send your emails to Mrs Phillips to forward. We look further to further partnerships with the university next year.


The Chesterton Challenge Bronze Award (Years 7, 8 & 9)

Over 350 students have successfully completed and received their Chesterton Challenge Bronze Award this week. The students have been working incredibly hard over the last 11 months to overcome many challenges to ensure they achieve this award. We have received some superb evidence against all three strands, and it has been brilliant to see so many students thinking outside the box, especially meeting Strand 3: School and Community Contribution. The impact they are having on the school and community is something to be admired – well done to all the students involved!

We look forward to challenging you further with the Silver Award next academic year.


Inter-house ABP Leaderboard

  • 1st place Equiano         (7,974)
  • 2nd place Robinson      (7,474)
  • 3rd place Cavendish     (7,339)
  • 4th place Fawcett         (7,041)
  • 5th place Hill                  (6,998)

Well done to Equiano House for consistently being the Above and Beyond Point champions this year; Mr Parkinson and Mr Gilliver are incredibly proud of you.

We would like to congratulate the following forms who have received the most ABPs in their year group: C7.2 (1,477); E8.2 (1,041); E9.2 (1,463); and R10.2 (711). What a superb team effort from all four forms!

As you can see the students at Chesterton this academic term have received over 36,800 ABPs. Over 120 students have received their Level 3 Award, where they were invited to an end-of-term event of rounders, badminton or dodgeball, and received an ice cream in the sunshine. Many of our students were also invited to an afternoon tea event, as they received their Level 4 Award by unlocking over 75 ABPs. Well done to all the students involved!

Finally, a special well done to Sama (Year 7) who has received the most ABPs at Chesterton this academic year – what an achievement!


Equiano House

It is the end of the school year and we would like to say well done to our Equiano students: we are incredibly proud of you. We know that it has not been the easiest of years and there have been lots of hurdles to overcome such as online learning, Covid safety measures and general changes to our lives both in and out of school. Every student has overcome this and found the motivation and enthusiasm to work hard and reach success within school or through remote learning.

We would like to say a special well done to Olaf, Amelie and Mika (Year 7) and to Imogen and Gioele (Year 9) for having the most Above and Beyond Points (ABPs) in Equiano; however, every student has contributed to Equiano’s taking the lead and having the most ABPs overall. This week in tutor time reward cards were given out to those students who have consistently gone above and beyond throughout the year.

When we come back after the holidays we will return to vertical tutor groups where students of all years will be mixed. Students will be able to check their tutor room on Teams closer to the start of the next academic year.

We wish everyone a lovely summer. We hope you have a nice, relaxing break and we look forward to seeing everyone in September.

Cavendish House

We have made it to the final week of the academic year! Students have continued to impress us with their hard work and conscientious attitude this term.

Cavendish students have been enjoying their reward celebrations this week for achieving an impressive number of Above and Beyond Points throughout the year. There was a rounders and ice cream event for students who achieved over 50 ABPs and an Afternoon Tea organised by Miss Bywater on Friday for students who achieved over 75 ABPs – well done to all Cavendish students and we hope you enjoyed your celebrations.

Team Cavendish hope you have a well-deserved and restful summer and we look forward to welcoming you back in September.

Take care and enjoy your summer.



Hill House

Well done Hill House! We have made it to the last Hill blog post of the academic year. We would like to say a massive thank you to all of those involved in Hill House this year. Thank you to the Hill tutors who have consistently put in an incredible amount of effort to support and educate all the Hill students across the school. Thank you to Mr Baywood and Mrs Williams who have consistently gone above and beyond to help all the students of Hill House, making sure you always have someone to talk to with any issues and making sure we are all looking smart in the correct uniform. Mostly, we would like to thank the Hill students – you have made it a pleasure to be involved with this great house.

There have been challenging times for everyone this year, and we are consistently amazed by your resilience, determination and drive – thank you all for an excellent year. Enjoy a hard-earned, restful break and we look forward to seeing you back in September.


Fawcett House

Congratulations to all Fawcett students and tutors – we made it! A huge thank you to you all.

We know this year has been challenging and has brought about many changes, but you have all dealt with them with positive attitudes.

As a house team we placed third for attendance overall and fourth for ABPs with an incredible 6,385 points – unbelievable work!

We hope you all have a well-deserved restful summer holidays and we will see you back at school in September.


Robinson House

The summer holidays are upon us. You deserve a break so enjoy it! Congratulations on completing another (or your first) year at Chesterton . . .  and what a year it has been. Topsy turvy to say the least, but still highly enjoyable, full of triumph over adversity, both academically, emotionally and socially.

This week has been full of awards and it has been very special seeing so many of you being celebrated for all your hard work. It has also been brilliant seeing Robinsoneers in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ which went ahead in unique outdoor performances.

Congratulations to the outdoor Maths challenge winners Kate, Tyler, Alex, Leona, Harry, Gaia and Beth from the competition over lockdown. You should have received your smaller trophies this week from your teachers and will have a formal presentation next year with some larger trophies when we are allowed assemblies again. So many entries were unbelievable and now this is a yearly challenge, we look forward to seeing a similar or even better level of work next year.

We sadly say goodbye to one of our wonderful fabulous Heads of House this year, Miss Martinelli. She is moving to Amsterdam and unfortunately couldn’t take all of us with her. (I did ask, but she said fitting in approximately 250 people into her spare bedroom wasn’t possible.) We have been very lucky to have Miss Martinelli lead us forward as a House over the past few years as she has brought so many wonderful things to the role and provided so much support to both staff and pupils under her caring wing. She will not be forgotten and is now engraved in the history of Robinson House forever.

Happy birthday to all those celebrating this week and over the holidays. You haven’t escaped out attention so still remember to nip into our office for a treat before we break up or the other side of the holidays.

Much Robinson love and happiness to you all!