Blog – April 23

Chesterton Chapter

Enjoy the latest colourful, lively edition of the students’ own college newspaper here:


Sixth Form Consultation

The Chesterton Sixth Form consultation continues. Our proposal is for a small-scale, aspirational sixth form offering academic A-Level qualifications from 2022. You can read about the consultation and have your say here:


Interhouse ABP Leader Board

  • 1st Place: Equiano         (6,238)
  • 2nd Place: Robinson      (5,634)
  • 3rd Place: Cavendish     (5,586)
  • 4th Place: Hill                  (5,367)
  • 5th Place: Fawcett         (5,291)

Well done to Robinson House, as they have overtaken Cavendish House to secure 2nd place.



Thank you to Hector in Year 10 who has volunteered his own time this week to help with some Music Department equipment, of his own accord. We are really grateful for his kindness in doing this.

Year 7 Choir

We are so pleased with the Year 7 Choir who are making a brilliant sound together. We meet at 8.10am every Tuesday in the auditorium and are looking at a range of songs from different styles and traditions. All Year 7s are invited to come along and new members are always welcome.


The War with Troy: Myth or Reality?

On Tuesday 19th April the Year 8 Latin students were lucky enough to be visited by Hannah Treece, a former pupil of Chesterton who is now studying Classics at Magdalene College, Oxford. Hannah explained some of the most recent scholarship surrounding the historical evidence for the war with Troy as well as unpacking the question of how The Iliad came to be written down and how reliable it is as a source. It was great for the Year 8s to have their knowledge of the story enhanced by exposure to the complex history that surrounds it as well as to be given a flavour of the kinds of questions being asked and answered as part of university-level Classics. A big thank you to Hannah for coming back to visit.


Extracurricular Clubs

There are currently 50+ extracurricular clubs for students to attend before or after school and at lunchtimes.  You can see the full timetable of clubs at:


Centre Assessed Grades

Additional guidance has been issued regarding centre assessed grades. This includes a short document designed for students and parents.  We have published this on our exams page on the school website and would encourage Year 11 families to read it, along with some other additional information you might find useful. Further documents will be published as they are finalised:


Duke of Edinburgh Award

Year 9 and 10 students working towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award will take part in an expedition on Friday 2nd July and Saturday 3rd July 2021. The assessed expedition will encompass two days of walking and outdoor skills contributing to the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award.

More information about the Duke of Edinburgh Award is available from Mrs Andrews and Mr Scott and


Cavendish House

The sun has been shining for us this week and it has been wonderful to see Cavendish students settling back into the school routine.

Year 8 students took part in a Careers event on Wednesday called ‘The Real Game’- it provided students with a brilliant opportunity to learn about budgeting and finance. Thank you to all staff involved with organising and running the event.

We continue to be impressed with our Year 11 students during this time of assessments – wishing you the best of luck for the final couple of weeks!

We urge all Cavendish students to make the most of the diverse extracurricular opportunities that staff are offering at school. Clubs ranging from Guild of Gamers, Debate Club, The Female Lead Society, Christian Union to Gymclusion, to list just a few. Why not get involved?


Equiano House

This week Equiano students have continued working hard to collect Above and Beyond Points with a special well done to Amelie in Year 7 who has achieved the highest amount. We would like to remind our Year 11 students to fill out their information for the year book; it’s such a lovely memento of your time here at Chesterton. All year groups have taken part in their weekly PSHE topic with some great discussions taking place during tutor times; it’s lovely to see everyone getting involved.

We encourage all of our students in Equiano to attend extracurricular clubs. There are so many on offer and these can be found on daily notices.

As always, if you need some support, please contact Mr Gilliver, Mr Parkinson and Miss Malik.


Hill House

Another busy week for Hill students and Chesterton! Year 8 students took part in a Careers Day on Wednesday which looked at how we can keep our minds and options open for potential careers later in life. Year 10 students participated in a PSHE day last Friday looking at healthy relationships. Year 11s are working through class assessments, completing their yearbook entries and invitations for the Prom have gone out – make sure you save the date! We would like to thank Ash, Sid, Natalia, Zsofia and Erin for putting their names forward as mental health champions; we look forward to working with you to support the mental health of all students here at CCC.


Fawcett House

Another great week, Fawcett! Thank you for your continued effort to be on time, following by the one-way system and accumulating a whopping total of 5291 ABPs so far this academic year. This week the Year 8s participated in a Careers event when they had to imagine a dream life (what house, what car, etc.). They were then given a specific job with a definite income and skills. The Year 8s had fun budgeting both their time and money. A big thank you to the Careers team for putting this all together.

Looking ahead to next week we have a few birthdays to shout out: Tomas; Finn; Molly; Adon; Leo and Mia – we hope you all have a great day when it comes around.

As always, if you have any queries or concerns about the return to school or if you need any additional support, please either see Mr Firth in his office (upstairs in the old Science block) or Mrs Parkinson in L13.


Robinson House

Hello once again from your Robinson House team. We have been settling back in really well to this term and getting back into the swing of things. Next week we will be rechecking uniform to ensure high standards. The full uniform policy is available on the school website, but just to quickly highlight a few important pointers: black shoes, Chesterton polo shirts and jumpers, black school trousers or a pleated skirt (not the pencil-style), no jewellery apart from one stud earring in each ear. If you have queries about anything uniform-related, please come and speak to us in the Robinson Head of House office on the B corridor next to the Rex Freeman Hall. Finally, a very happy birthday to Alex, Beth, Jasmine, Savannah, Cara and Kain this week: remember to visit our office for a small treat.