Blog – Fri 12th Feb 2021

Half-Term Break

Next week, commencing 15th February, is the spring half-term holiday. School (remote and face-to-face) is closed for all students. The second half of the spring term will resume on Monday 22ndFebruary when it will be week 1 on the school timetable. The current remote learning provision will continue after half term. As soon as we have more information about the reopening of face-to-face education we will communicate with all families via Parentmail.


Arts and Culture Apps

We are excited to announce that as part of our commitment to unlock creative and cultural opportunities for our students and their families, students now have access to three great new apps on their iPads which have the power take you and your families on exciting explorations all around the world: Google Arts and Culture, Wikiarts and Art Crush.

Are you bored and fed up of being stuck at home once you have finished school for the day? Half term is here so why not go on a virtual adventure? We are no longer limited to what we have on our doorstep, you can now explore some of the world’s greatest art collections and cultural experiences from the comfort of your home. The world really is your oyster.

Each app has different features for you to explore and enjoy.  From games and puzzles, to augmented reality and virtual tours, there really is something for everyone. Why not start with Google Arts and Culture by taking a tour of the Metropolitan Museum in New York or try the face swap feature to find your art doppelganger?

Look out for the Parentmail which has more information about each app to find out more and see if you can start exploring.


Piano Masterclass

Thank you to all those who came to the piano masterclass with Richard Meyrick on Thursday after school. The performers played brilliantly, and we were proud of the way they took on Richard’s advice, eager to improve their playing further. It was also lovely to see a good number of students taking the time to join the audience to support the performers. They will have also gained valuable performance tips from this experience.


Art and Design Opportunity for Years 9, 10 and 11

Local artist Jo Miller is once again running a free Saturday art club in association with the National Saturday Club. This year they are looking to run a 10-week online Saturday Art and Design Club starting after Easter. This has been funded by NEACO which is part of the Uni Connect programme. These are normally very successful clubs running nationally. The club would be ideal for any Year 9 who plans to take Art next year or any Year 10 and 11 GCSE Art, Textiles or Photography students who love art and design and want to do more.

Interested students will be asked to fill in an application form on the National Saturday Club website.


Please see the Parentmail from Mrs Murray-Williams for more information.


Virtual Cooking Lesson

The Year 10 Event Operations group is organising a live virtual cooking lesson as part of their qualification.

Thursday 25th February 2021

4pm – 5pm

A live virtual cooking lesson with Chef Spencer Norman

£5 for two people

For £5 you will receive a bag of ingredients to join Spencer Norman in a live cook-along to make a delicious meal for two people. (Multiple bags can be purchased for larger families.) You could also buy more than one bag and gift it to relatives or friends and cook virtually together or have a competition.

On the morning of Thursday 25th February you will be able to collect your ingredients from school then later that day join Spencer online at 4pm for your live lesson. Spencer will teach you how to cook a delicious Asian noodle dish (chicken or vegetarian options available). As part of the lesson you’ll learn some key culinary techniques such as knife skills.  At the end of the lesson you’ll be ready to put the finishing touches to your meal and eat it at a time to suit you. If you are cooking along with other households, why not enjoy the meal together over a video call?

You can order your order your bag of ingredients by going to the payment section of Parentmail and clicking on Shop. The deadline for orders is 3pm Monday 22nd February. Joining instructions for the live event and instructions for collection of ingredients will be sent on Monday 22nd February.If you have any special dietary requirements, please contact us before booking to ensure we can meet your needs. You can also contact us with any questions or comments you have.

Please send emails to Mrs Hubbard-Young () and she will forward them to us.

We look forward to welcoming you to our cooking lesson later this month.


Drama News

Our Drama GCSE cohort accomplished an unprecedented feat this week, performing their exam monologues and duologues live as a showcase via Zoom. An audience of more than 50 were entranced for an hour and a half as we were entertained with comedies and engrossed in social dramas. We were moved by the students’ maturity, professionalism, creativity and resilience in coping with lockdown acting restrictions. Written appreciation has been flooding in and shared with the students in the absence of applause and celebrations in school. This is a sample of the many compliments:

As usual every single actor was polished and word-perfect,
but it was so much more than that.


They managed to give us experiences that were moving, frightening, intriguing, amusing and deeply human. The remarkable thing was that they managed to make us forget how we were watching, and who we were watching, and enabled us to sink into the drama.


During a rehearsal process, it isn’t always clear what the policy should be on praise, congratulation or celebration – it might breed complacency ahead of performance. However, when you achieve something like you did last night, celebration is of great importance.

Year 11 acting coach

You found ingenious ways of making the technology come alive with committed performances, not to mention ingenious tricks and innovations. I’m now completely fascinated about what else can be achieved via Zoom.

Professional theatre maker

Your acting was inspiring, real and was something that I will remember

when I perform for my GCSE.

Year 10 student

They will be role models to any student who watched that performance and saw them create something so positive when everything has been against them. If they can do justice to that then they can do anything they want to in life with that dedication.

Drama practitioner

Ms Marston and her Drama Department team elicited courage and commitment to make these performances count.



The Chesterton foodbank will be open during half term on Wednesday 17th February, 9am – 11am in the school dining hall. Please do drop in during this time to collect some extra food if you need it. No need to book and everyone is welcome – parents and students.


Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award launch took place last week and the programme is available for students in Year 9. The DofE is a chance to gain new skills and interests, get fit, have fun and broaden your horizons. And when you complete your programme, you’ll achieve a highly respected Award that can help open doors in the future, whatever you’re hoping to do.

You’ll do four sections: Skills, Volunteering, Physical and your Expedition. You can choose your activities – either improving something you already do or discovering something completely new.

If you are hoping to take part, please remember that the deadline for registering your interest is next Friday 19th February. For any further information, please email either or



On Thursday 11th February all students across the Trust took part in a virtual PSHE day all about ‘Life Online’. This day was to celebrate the wonderful resource of the internet that most could not live without, but also learn how to stay safe while using it.

Students were provided with a range of interactive resources to learn about an array of interesting and current topics. All students learnt about fake news, online scams and fraud, and discussed how these related to the current Covid pandemic. Key Stage 3 students learnt about cyberbullying and images in the media, and how these are not always as real as they appear to be. They also spent time thinking about ‘getting a balance’ on their internet use. Key Stage 4 students learnt about targeted advertising, their professional online profile and how to make their social media accounts futureproof. Key Stage 4 also watched a sobering talk by Patrick Foster, an ex-armed forces turned teacher, who battled a crippling gambling addiction. Patrick discussed the dangers of online gambling and provided a lot of useful advice to our students. During the last session, students completed a mini-project to show us what they learnt; selected projects from each year group will receive an award and will have their work showcased in the Chesterton Chapter.

Students enjoyed the day stating that they

“Now know how to keep our accounts safe.”

“It helped us prepare for later life.”

“All bodies are equally as beautiful as each other, there is no ‘perfect body’.”

We hope all students found the day interesting and now feel confident in their ability to stay safe on the internet.


Chesterton Lecture 22nd February

In the week commencing 22nd February, Charlotte Steggall will be presenting a lecture on: ‘How I became a translator for Nintendo and why I love Japan’.

Charlotte is going to talk about her journey with the Japanese culture and how she was given the opportunity to work for Nintendo. This lecture is pre-recorded, so students can watch the lecture at a convenient time to them and from the comfort of their own home along with family members.

If you would like to access the lecture please contact Miss Bywater at .


Chesterton Coastline Challenge

This is your weekly update for the Chesterton Coastline Challenge:

  • Cavendish are virtually in a beautiful town in Scotland called Lochgilphead
  • Robinson are in Fort William
  • Hill are visiting Dundee
  • Equiano are nearly in Edinburgh
  • Fawcett maintain first place and are entering Newcastle

We’ve been so impressed with all your responses over the past weeks, around 800 of them so far. Please keep sending your workouts!

We are now entering into the last stretch of the virtual race. Only one House we will be the first one reaching London and we cannot wait to find out who will be.

The important messages are below:

  1. Get the latest information during the event by following it on Twitter – @pechesterton
  2. Choose your activity(ies) and get involved – contribute your kilometres.
  3. Send us your Healthy-Selfies via a parent’s email – .
  4. Quickly log the all-important contribution towards your house score using this link:
  5. Let’s continue the year with some exercise and hopefully a win for your House.

Good luck from your PE Department!


Interhouse ABP Leader Board

1st Place:             Equiano         (5,163)

2nd Place:            Cavendish     (4,713)

3rd Place:            Robinson      (4,665)

4th Place:             Hill                  (4,492)

5th Place:             Fawcett         (4,391)

Well done to Cavendish House, who received the highest number of ABPs this week. We would like to congratulate Equiano House, as they are this term’s winners. Well done Equiano for maintaining first place throughout the six weeks.


Equiano House

It’s the final week of what has been a challenging half term. We are pleased to say that Equiano students and tutors have risen to the challenge. Live lessons have been attended; class work and homework have been submitted, marked and sent back; and form time has been engaging for both students and staff. We are proud to have sent home recognition postcards to lots of our students and this will be continuing next term. Many of our students have also been nominated for excellent engagement in their studies – well done! Furthermore we have our achievement of Above and Beyond Points to celebrate as this half term we collected the highest amount out of all the Houses. We would also like to thank parents for being there to receive our phone calls and for encouraging their children to stay motivated – it really does make a big difference.

We hope that everyone has a safe, well-deserved half-term break and we look forward to next half term.


Cavendish House

A huge well done to Cavendish students for continuing to impress us with their hard work across their subjects! Cavendish are still holding on to 2nd place in the ABP table behind Equiano with a mighty 4,713 points- what an achievement! Can we beat Equiano to the top spot next half term?

Cavendish students were lucky enough to be involved with a drop-down PSHE day on Thursday. The day included a wide range of topics designed to support students in understanding both the opportunities and risks that the online world has to offer and allowed them to have the opportunity to reflect on their use of the internet. Thank you to all staff involved with the running of the day.

We hope that you all have a wonderful, well-deserved half-term break. It will feel very different this year, but we hope that you enjoy the opportunity to rest and recharge. Why not use the time to get stuck into a good book, learn to cook a new recipe or bake a cake? Reach out to your friends and loved ones, get outside and do some exercise?

Whatever you spend the time doing, we hope you enjoy the break and we look forward to welcoming you back on the 22nd February .


Hill House

We made it! We in Hill House would like to congratulate all of you on making it to this half-term break. It has been a difficult term for many students all through England and we admire the strength, dedication and enthusiasm you have brought to this half term. This week we would like to particularly congratulate Andrew, Lola, Vanya, Maja and Caitlin for great lockdown work. This week students took part in a “Safer Internet” PSHE day on Thursday – which is particularly topical given our increased reliance on technology and the internet to learn at the moment. Students learnt about how to stay safe online; how to build a professional image; and how to critically evaluate the information that comes across through social media and news sources online. For Year 11s, the organisation of your yearbook will start soon. This has been a turbulent GCSE course for you, but we would like Hill students to start thinking about some of the great memories you have from school and keep an eye out for any further announcements as celebrating your time at Chesterton is important.


Fawcett House

A big congratulations on your achievements this half term, Fawcett! A whole half term of live lessons, independent work, assessments, outdoor exercise, tutor time and extracurricular activities. You should all be very proud of yourselves for the hard work you have put in during these difficult weeks. Please take the half-term holiday to have a well-earned rest and we are looking forward to seeing you back on the 22nd February.

Looking ahead to the next few weeks we have a few birthdays to shout out: Wiktor, Rachel, Igor, Amy and Oliver – we hope you all have a great day when it comes around.


Robinson House

Hello, Robinson people. As this half term draws to a close, it is time to review our standings in the interhouse points competition. We currently reside in a solid 3rd position with 4,665 points which is only 48 points behind Cavendish in 2nd. Let’s take over during the next half term! Well done for all of your hard work since Christmas. We know it has been really challenging, but you are all producing such brilliant work so keep it up. Especially well done to Leanna, Tom, Delia, Alice, Laila, Isaac, Henry, Leo, Max, Faustas and Harvey for your work this week. We see what you are doing and we are impressed. Also, kudos to Vadim and Jay for incredible teatime concert performances. We really did enjoy listening to you both and the other pupils who performed. Please join me in wishing a very happy birthday to Sonny. Time to enjoy a relaxing half term.