Blog – Fri 16th April 2021

The Chesterton Sixth Form consultation launched this week! Our proposal is for a small-scale, aspirational sixth form offering academic A-Level qualifications from 2022.

You can read about the consultation and have your say here: Chesterton Sixth Form Provision Consultation (

Covid Home Testing

For students taking part in the Covid-19 home testing initiative, please continue to test twice weekly on Wednesdays and Sundays. Students currently have enough tests for up to and including Wednesday 28th April. We are awaiting a delivery of more home test kits in the week of 26th April and will issue these to students to bring home on Friday 30th April.

National Youth Theatre and National Youth Music Theatre

Ten students from Year 9 upwards have been chosen by National Youth Theatre (with one chosen for National Youth Music Theatre) for the final recall stages of online auditions taking place across the UK for 2021. Being recalled in this nationwide selection process is a truly tremendous achievement, and we wish the students (five boys and five girls) the very best of luck with their challenging, intense and potentially life-changing final auditions. While the odds are stacked high against it, we are crossing our fingers that they will all gain places in these highly prestigious companies, and here on the blog we will publish updates if any are successful in doing so. For now, it’s important to celebrate the fact that such a high number of young actors from our community/school made it this far. It reflects the depth and breadth of dramatic talent here at Chesterton, and the self-discipline, artistry and courage of the individuals who have sent in their self-tapes and put themselves on the line. Their selection follows their participation in an NYT workshop mentioned in a blog before Easter, where it was lovely to see 25 Chesterton Youth Theatre members come together on Zoom. Best of luck!

Grow a Row Food Project

The Science Department and Key Stage 3 classes are going to participate in the Cambridge Grow a Row Project. This will involve growing fruit and vegetables on site and then donating them to local food banks. We will start this off in labs and then transfer plants to the Dip area to grow until they are ready to be donated. The project could use any large pots or containers in which to grow some of the vegetables. We would also benefit from the donation/lending of gardening equipment. In particular, forks and hoes and anything else (gloves, seeds, seed trays, cane, twine etc.) would be most welcome. Kindly leave any donations at reception for the attention of Mr Gilliver.


It has been great to see students back at extracurricular music groups this week. We are working towards our outdoor summer concert and all students are welcome to take part – for more details, please see the ParentMail sent earlier this week.

Music Teatime Concert

The Music Department is recruiting students from all year groups for an upcoming Teatime Concert. This takes place on Tuesday 11th May 2021, beginning at 3:45pm in the Auditorium (performers to arrive by 3:15 to warm up). It is an excellent opportunity for students to perform the music they have learned over the last few months. The sign-up sheet can be found in the recent ParentMail and is also posted on the Music Extra-Curricular Team.

PSHE Day for Year 10

On Friday 16th April, Year 10 will be taking part in their ‘Intimate Relationships’ PSHE Day. This is a vital part of their sex and relationships education and will prepare them to make more informed choices in their personal lives. The students will be taking part in sessions about healthy relationships, consent, the impact of the porn industry, contraception and ‘First Time, Right Time’. Three of our sessions are delivered by external experts: The Terrence Higgins Trust (our local sexual health service and the RAP Project (a charity delivering a talk on how porn influences teenagers’ behaviours, expectations and attitudes We hope the students all have a really positive and informative day that they will remember for years to come. If students wish to discuss any of the content further, then they should get in touch with their Form Tutor, Head of House, or come and chat with the PSHE team.


The Chesterton Female Lead Society

This week saw the start of the Chesterton branch of the Female Lead Society, a charity established to encourage confidence and ambition among young women by giving them the skills and tools needed to fulfil their ambitions, promoting positive role models, and challenging gender stereotypes and discrimination. This week we discussed why organisations such as the Female Lead Society are still so important and debated the major challenges facing women today. The group will meet on Tuesdays after school in A4 and everyone is welcome. Next week the discussion will be centred on “What makes a powerful female role model?” Anyone interested can talk to Mrs Baker-Williams for more information.


Chesterton Lecture: Thinking About Thoughts – Can Computers Think Too?

Mr New will be presenting a Chesterton Lecture on: “Thinking about thoughts — can computers think too?” Week commencing the 19th April, he will explore the nature of computation, cognition, and two types of thinking. This lecture is pre-recorded, so families can watch the lecture at a convenient time to them and from the comfort of their own home. If this is something you are interested in, please contact, Miss Bywater, .

Equiano House

Equiano would like to welcome our students back for the new term. This week our Year 11 students have continued working hard to complete their assessments and our Year 10s had the opportunity to take part in a PSHE day focused on intimate relationships. All year groups have been looking at respect, safety and unity and discussing how to challenge negative behaviour towards individuals. The weather is now starting to improve with teachers making the most of the outdoor spaces during lesson times which students really seem to enjoy. Well done to Amelie in Year 7 who has achieved 95 Above and Beyond Points and to the rest of our students who have been collecting points this week. As always if you have any questions, please get in touch with Mr Gilliver, Mr Parkinson and Miss Malik.

Cavendish House

Welcome back, Cavendish! We hope you all had a lovely, restful Easter break. We can’t quite believe that the summer term is upon us. The start of a new term brings the opportunity for new focus on your studies and reaching your potential. We have high expectations of our students and are looking forward to seeing what you can achieve during the final term. A new term also means the chance to take part in exciting extracurricular opportunities such as sporting clubs, Chesterton lectures, the TeaTime concert and many more. It would be great to see lots more of you getting involved.

Enjoy your weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Hill House

Welcome back after the much deserved Easter break! We hope you all had a restful time and are willing to get straight back into the day-to-day life of school again. Year 11 Hill students are continuing their assessments and working hard on revising the GCSE course content; as always please contact your tutors, the wellbeing team or if you are struggling with anything. Students in Year 11 should also complete their yearbook profile to celebrate their time at Chesterton.

A special congratulations to two Hill students: Ana and Eva, who have set up a community library in their local area over the Easter holiday – a wonderful project which allows anyone to access some fantastic books to read.


Fawcett House

Welcome back, Fawcett! As summer term is in full swing we look forward to warmer weather and exciting times both inside the classroom and extracurricular activities. Well done for completing your first full week back after the Easter holidays and we hope you had a restful break. Our Year 11s are coming up to the tail end of their assessments, and we wish you luck in your revision!

During form time this week we looked at a unit on ‘Respect, Safety and Unity’ and there were some amazing conversations going on in Fawcett forms. On Friday our Year 10s had a PSHE drop-down day about ‘intimate relationships’ where they had guest speakers and experienced a day of workshops.

Looking ahead to next week we have a few birthdays to shout out: Daniel; Jilan; Toby; Mohammed; Pragya and Louis – we hope you all have a great day when it comes around. As always if you have any queries or concerns about the return to school or if you need any additional support, please either see Mr Firth in his office (upstairs in the Science block) or Mrs Parkinson in L13.


Robinson House

Welcome back, you radiant Robinson revelers! We hope you had a rejuvenating Easter holiday and are regenerated for the final term of this rambunctious academic year. We would like to say a very happy birthday to Ameera who is celebrating her birthday this week.

In other news, both Kiki and Maria have had a call back for the National Youth Theatre which is a massive achievement. Congratulations and good luck! Keep us updated with how you get on. Also, it was lovely to see Kiki and Sam providing fine performances in 1984. It was a regaling show.

Well done, everyone, on your first week back.