Blog – Fri 18th June 2021

Edulink App for Students

All students now have access to the edulinkone app on their iPad. This allows them to view their timetable and see any Above and Beyond Points that they have been awarded since 16.6.21. Please encourage them to use the app every evening to check their timetable and rooms for the next day.

Any students who are finding it difficult to log into the app should email Dr Hutchinson and she will arrange for them to receive help to set up their account:


PTA Fundraising News

Last week the PTA launched a fundraising appeal to help the school raise £5,000 in order to unlock £45,000 of funding from the Wolfson Foundation to create a brand new, fully equipped, science lab. This is a fantastic opportunity for our children and we are pleased to announce that £600 has been donated already – we’re 1/8 of the way to our goal!

If you could help by making a monthly donation, or a one-time gift towards the goal, we’ve posted giving information at:

If you’re a UK taxpayer, you can complete the online GiftAid form at the bottom of that page to make your donation go further.

If you have questions, or would like to support the fundraising in other ways, please do get in touch with the Committee at 

To see other ways you can support the PTA, including through the Co-op, EasyFundraising and Amazon Smile, visit:


Tennis Leadership Course

It was fantastic to see 20 Year 8 and 9 students taking part in the annual Tennis Leadership course this week. The course was provided by Cambridge Tennis Academy coaches, and encouraged the students to develop their confidence, communication and competence in a sports leadership environment – really valuable and transferable skills. The students now have the opportunity to volunteer as an assistant coach and many will be employed by the tennis academy to deliver sessions to younger children.


Olympics 2028?

Year 9 students are now two sessions into their ‘Try Rowing’ programme, in partnership with Rob Roy Boat Club. The level of progress in such a small amount of time has been outstanding – it’s now only a few weeks until the novices from Chesterton and Parkside lock horns in the annual boat race. It’s on the lake at Milton Country Park now, but will it be the Olympic stadium in 2028? Please take a look at some great photos, posted on the PE Department Twitter feed: @pechesterton


Trampolining and Swimming Post-Covid

We’re really pleased to confirm that the PE staff are currently renewing their trampolining and swimming/lifesaving qualifications, in preparation for the new academic year in September. We look forward to teaching somersaults and tumble turns; butterfly and front landings; cradles and CPR … but not in the same lesson!


Athletics Record Broken

Congratulations to Clarisse (Year 7) on beating our oldest school athletics record. She managed a long jump of 4.15 metres – surpassing the previous best by 6 centimetres (summer 2000). Watch this space, as she also closes in on the Year 7 high jump record (currently jumping only 5cm below the record of 1.35 metres).


Upcoming Year 10 Post-16 Events

Here is the list of Post-16 open events with the link attached to book a ticket.

Cambridge Regional College (CRC):

24 June 16:30 – 19:00 Open Day


Hills Road:

Saturday 10 July Open Event 10am – 4pm Monday 12 July Open Event 5pm – 8pm


14th July 6-8pm- Oakes site.

Please note that some events will take place online and some might be rescheduled. It is still worth booking a ticket as each college will get in touch with ticket holders.


New Staff

On Wednesday 23rd June new staff due to join Chesterton in September will visit school for an induction.  Across the day new staff will have the opportunity to visit lessons, take part in training activities and get to know the school and other staff. In September we will welcome:

  • Ms Legg – Head of Latin (Maternity Cover)
  • Mr Cooper – Drama
  • Miss McClean – English
  • Miss Trevett-Gantivar – English
  • Ms Moss – PE
  • Mr Butler – Maths/English
  • Ms Teather – Music


School Diversity Week

School Diversity Week is an annual initiative which empowers teachers and pupils across the country to celebrate LGBT+ equality in education. This year it takes place from 21st-25th June (next week).

During School Diversity Week, primary and secondary schools as well as colleges across the UK celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans equality in education. In 2019, schools and colleges representing 1.4 million pupils signed up to take part.

At Chesterton we will be holding the following activities:

Monday 21st June:

  • Form time activity
  • Pride Club members selling Rainbow Ribbons and pronoun stickers

Tuesday 22nd June

  • School Diversity Week Assembly

Wednesday 23rd June:

  • Debate Club – “Is LGBTQ+ a valid label? Are all identities treated the same in society?” Come along to the Apex after school! Moderated by Ms Martinelli

Thursday 24th June:

  • Pride Club Pride Party – come along to the Apex after school (or the Wynn Williams if it is sunny)

Friday 25th June:

  • LGBTQ+ themed Quiz
  • Rainbow Friday – non uniform day. Come in the colours of the Pride Flag








Chesterton Challenge Bronze Award (Years 7, 8 & 9)

This week in tutor time, students have started to submit their Chesterton Challenge Bronze Award applications. Over 150 students have already submitted their application this week, which is a superb achievement. There are many students still actively collecting their evidence, so we look forward to receiving many more applications over the next couple of weeks.

If students need support completing the application form or have any questions, we are encouraging the students to speak to their friends, form tutor, Chesterton staff, Heads of House or Miss Bywater.


Inter-house ABP Leaderboard

  • 1st Place: Equiano         (7,953)
  • 2nd Place: Robinson     (7,429)
  • 3rd Place: Cavendish    (7,346)
  • 4th Place: Fawcett         (6,992)
  • 5th Place: Hill                (6,942)


Equiano House

It’s been another great week for our Equiano students who have been collecting Above and Beyond Points in abundance. We are looking forward to our Year 7 students visiting the Botanical Gardens, enjoying a picnic and then participating in a treasure hunt which we know they are all excited for. We are also planning enrichment activities for our students in other year groups. We would like to say well done to our Year 10 students who are halfway through completing their mocks this week. Throughout the week they have been on time, stayed motivated and put a lot of effort into their revision which will pay off.

We would like to mention that students need to be in the correct uniform which can be viewed on the school website. If you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch with Mr Gilliver, Mr Parkinson and Miss Malik.


Cavendish House

Cavendish students have settled back into school routines well, and we have been impressed with the work ethic and focus of our Year 10 students since starting their mock exams.

Edulink has been launched with students this week. Edulink is an app that allows students to access their school profile and timetable and makes it easy to check room changes, attendance and ABPs awarded by teachers. If you are having trouble accessing the app, please reach out to your form tutor or Head of House.

Applications are open for Years 7, 8 and 9 to take part in the Chesterton Challenge Bronze Award. Participants need evidence of over 96% attendance, 30+ ABPs and a school and community contribution which could include having work displayed as part of an art or fashion exhibition, volunteering in the local community or even having regular attendance at any lunchtime or after-school club here at Chesterton. There are many ways to get involved with the challenge and it is your chance to think outside of the box and be recognised for your superb achievements. We hope to see lots of Cavendish students taking part.

Have a good weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.



Hill House

The sun is out and things are heating up at CCC for students in Hill House. Year 10s started their mock exams – revising, preparing and generally working hard. Year 8 will be taking part in a PSHE day on the 2nd of July called: “My Body, My Rules” where students will be looking at topics including bullying, harassment, coping strategies and relationships. Some students are enjoying the sun by working on improving the Dip for the “Grow a Row” project. Back in school, our Year 9s continue to go above and beyond; a special mention to Jaimee, Archie, Leo and Ann for their consistent efforts this year.


Fawcett House

Very well done, Mighty Fawcett – two full weeks completed of the final summer term. During form time over the next few weeks, Years 7-9 will be spending some mornings applying for the Bronze Award for the Chesterton Challenge. Fawcett has done a great job achieving an incredible amount of ABPs and helping the school community. Applications are due in on 2nd July. If you have any questions, please speak to your form tutor or Ms Bywater.

House Council is also looking for new members. If you are interested after hearing about what House Council does during the assembly on Tuesday, please ask your form tutor for the link to the Microsoft Form application – they are due on 5th July.

We are wishing all Fawcett Year 10s good luck and another successful week of mocks. We are so incredibly proud of all the hard work you have put in the first week. Again, try to keep up the steady revision, but please also remember to look after yourself during this stressful time – get outside in the sun, revise with your friends and get enough sleep! If you any questions (no matter how small) or any concerns, please email or speak to your form tutor and/or Mr Firth and Mrs Parkinson.


Robinson House

Hello once again Robinson House. We have had a very busy week with the start of Year 10 mock exams. Both pupils and teachers have been busy in preparation so good luck as the weeks progress. You are doing brilliantly!

We have a number of Robinson pupils completing the LTA tennis leaders’ qualification. Well done for taking up the opportunity Josephine, Kodai, and Devu. May it be a start of exciting sporting things to come. Furthermore, it is brilliant to hear a large number of pupils are starting the volunteering section of their Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Remember if you need references you can use both your form tutors and Head of House team so come and find us.