Blog – Fri 20th May 2022

Jubilee Celebrations

For the whole of next week we are excited to be marking ‘Chesterton’s Platinum Jubilee Countdown’ with students, in the lead-up to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee during the half term break. Daily challenges and competitions will be opened up to the whole school, with prizes on offer every day.

The countdown culminates with a ‘Jubilee Day’ non-uniform day on Friday 27th May, with a ‘red, white and blue’ theme.

More information will be shared with students via form tutors and Teams from Friday 20th May onwards.


Parent Event

What does an outstanding school mean to you as parents and carers?

  • Thursday 26th May
  • 6pm – 7.30pm
  • School Auditorium

The event will be an opportunity for Chesterton parents and carers to talk to senior leaders and give feedback on what the school does now and what you would like to see the school do in order for the provision to be outstanding for your family. It is always important for us as a school to reflect on what we do and to adapt and change but never more so than in this post-pandemic climate.

The evening will begin with a short presentation and then parents/carers will have the opportunity to meet in small groups with senior leaders to discuss thoughts, ideas and opinions on what an outstanding school means from a family perspective.

We would be grateful to see as many parents at the event as possible so that we can gather a wide range of opinions and ideas. After the event we will draw the feedback together and produce an action plan to share with all families.

If you are able to join us we ask you to register here so that we can plan accordingly:


Junior Choir Success

We are delighted to announce that the Junior Choir have been selected to perform at the National Festival of Music for Youth in Birmingham in July. This is a wonderful achievement for the choir of Year 7 and 8 students, who have worked so hard in rehearsals this year, and we look forward to taking them to Birmingham. More details will soon follow to parents/carers of those involved.



Relationships Workshop

Last week a group of Year 9 students took part in a two-day healthy relationships workshop with London-based organisation Tender. Over the course of the two days the students had the opportunity to become experts in what makes a healthy relationship including the importance of equality and respect. The students will now act as ambassadors and will share their newfound expertise with other students across the school. We are very proud of all the participants for their maturity and dedication to the project. We would like to thank Cambridge charity Landlark, who funded the project on our behalf.


Non-Uniform Day

On Friday 27th May we will be having a non-uniform day when students are encouraged to wear the colours red, white and blue to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. A Parentmail will be sent out for money contributions which will be donated to the charity Landlark.


Reward Event

On Monday 23rd May, students in Years 7-9 will be attending the ‘75 ABP reward celebration’ – we have over 100 students attending the event! This is a fantastic achievement for our students and we look forward to celebrating with them.


Save the Dates: 13th–15th July.

The Summer Enrichment Programme for Years 7-10 is back! The cost of participation in the three-day enrichment programme is £32 per child – a Parentmail has been sent to all our families. In order for us to run this exciting enrichment opportunity, we are asking for voluntary parental contributions of £32 per student, or an amount that you can afford – without your support we will not be able to run this programme for the students.

Chesterton Lecture

On Monday 23rd May, 15:1016:00, David Reiner will be presenting a face-to-face lecture on school site. This lecture will be on: ‘After all the hype, what happened at COP26?’

The lecture will take place in E15, and during this lecture, David will talk about ‘the assessments of COP26, the annual meeting of the parties to the UN climate convention held in Glasgow in November, feels a bit like discussing a Rorschach test with divergent opinions about what was accomplished. The most important conference since 2015 was hailed as a major success by many governments but some environmentalists were sceptical — Greta Thunberg memorably dismissed it as just more ‘blah, blah, blah’. Having had the good fortune to attend previous COPs dating back to COP3 in Kyoto in 1997, I will try to offer some historical perspective, review where we have gotten to in both the international negotiations (and in the real world!) and we can then discuss and debate what is needed to make progress from here.’

If this is something your child/children are interested in, then please can you email Mrs Hawkins: .


Summer Term 1 Wellbeing Newsletter

This half term’s wellbeing newsletter includes lots of helpful tips, signposts and videos to support you, your children and family as well as a reminder on our wellbeing referral form for parents. There are lots of different resources on the newsletter this month, so please read it at your own pace!

If you have any wellbeing questions or suggestions for our next newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Hawkins on


Years 7 and 8 reading

The Years 7 and 8 book club are feeling both educated and slightly traumatised after reading “I Am Malala” and “Anne Frank’s Diary” and I (Mrs Phillips) am certainly feeling much more educated about the history of Pakistan and very impressed with the maturity of the book clubbers for dealing with these big topics.

For the members who have whizzed through these already, Mrs Elison suggested the also important and upsetting(!) “The Bone Sparrow”, an award-winning book which focuses on the life of a refugee boy, which is very topical at the moment as we welcome refugees into the local community.

Years 7 and 8, do keep the reading recommendations coming, either on the year group Teams pages or Monday breaktimes in the library.

After half-term, Year 7 will be studying graphic novels in their English lessons, and we are delighted that local illustrator and author Tonka Uzu will be coming into school to run comic-making workshops for the whole of Year 7 – more info to follow.



Years 9 – 11 Reading

The Year 9-11 and staff virtual book club has gone a bit quiet (probably because the Year 11 members are too busy sitting their GCSEs to keep madly singing, “Wuthering Heights”!) so we are on the hunt for new members, staff and students. Please join the virtual book club on edulink if you’d like to be added to the Team.

We’d also love suggestions for an author for the final half term of the year. So far we have covered: Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Roald Dahl and now the Bronte sisters. Which other authors do you think it is important to read and discuss together?


Equiano House

At the weekend the PE Department organised a trip for 106 students from all year groups to go to the British Basketball Playoff Finals in the O2 arena in London. The students met at school on Sunday morning to get coaches into the capital for two very exciting games of basketball. In the women’s competition the London Lions triumphed over the Sevenoaks Suns with a convincing 70-45 victory. The men’s match was a much closer game and the students loved the tension with most cheering for the home team London Lions who were facing the favourites Leicester Riders. After a nail-biting final quarter the Riders clinched a 78-75 win. After two years of cancelled school trips it was great to take our students out to such an exciting event and the students were great ambassadors for the school.

There was even more sporting excitement in school as our Year 9 Sports Leaders hosted over 150 Year 3 students from local primary schools in the Mini Olympics. The Year 9 students did an excellent job coordinating and coaching throughout the day and it seems the Year 3 children enjoyed a great day of racing and team games.


Cavendish House

Has anyone noticed the 200-or-so extra adults wandering around school this week? That is how it seems to us anyway, now that the exam diet has begun and Year 11 are wearing their own clothes. Students sat their first exams this week, including History Paper 1 (well done, chaps) and have been impressively calm and confident. Keep it up, Year 11! The Cavendish Team would also like to thank Mrs von Schreiber and her exam team for making this time run so smoothly.

In the rest of the school, life goes on as it always does. This week saw an exciting trip to watch the British Basketball League final at the O2. A number of Chesterton students volunteered to help at a Mini-Olympics at a local primary school, including a number from Cavendish – well done to you! And the art critics amongst you may have noticed elements of the Year 11 GCSE Art exhibition, including an impressive display from the Textiles cohort in the staff room. If anyone would like to make this reporter a suit in Cavendish canary-yellow, drop us a line.

Next week we are looking forward to the Teatime Concert on Tuesday, and the school’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration – make sure you check out the notices to find out more about those!

I think that’s all for today. Keep up the good work everyone, and don’t forget to be awesome.


Hill House

There should be no other way of starting than by congratulating Hill Year 11 students on completing the first of their GCSEs. It has been great to see the Year 11 students rise to the occasion and hearing about how their first few exams went. Just a reminder that Year 11s are being given excellent revision provision with subject-specific lessons throughout the exam period, and that students should be making the most out of this by ensuring they check edulink for which room to attend.

We’d also like to remind Year 10 about their set of mocks, starting on the 10th of June, and for Hill students to get in touch with teachers or form tutors about any problems they might have. There are lots of wellbeing support options available during this exam period, so look at the daily notices on Teams to be signposted to the best support for you.

Finally, we want to congratulate Laytham, Natalia, Dylan, Olivia and Jude in Year 10 for their ABPs – keep it up, and we look forward to seeing who has the most at the end of the year.


Fawcett House

In our penultimate week of this half term we would like to pass on a huge well done to our Fawcett Year 11s who have begun their exams this week; you are doing really well! As always please remember if you need support, contact any member of staff. Your class teacher will be the most helpful for any last minute revision or your form tutor, HOH or Mrs Hawkins if you need some wellbeing support.

In assembly this week, we spoke about the international day of homo, trans, and biophobia. Some Year 9s also took part in a Sports Leaders event.

Keep up those ABPs until the half-term!


Robinson House

Another lovely week in May for Robinson House. Our Year 11s are crushing their exams with excellent preparation – we stand behind you all.

Over the next week we will be celebrating several birthdays including Ollie, Yuxin, Thomas, Apollo, Ivy, Catie, Edwin, Sophie and Ms. Chibbaro.

In PSHE we have been talking about the way that society is governed through laws and how those impact everyone involved. One more week until half-term!