Blog – Fri 30th April 2021

Year 9 Rowing Initiative

We suspect that a large number of Year 9 students will be enthusiastic about a fantastic rowing opportunity, which starts soon at Chesterton. A coach from Rob Roy Rowing Club will be visiting PE lessons to organise some fun testing activities for all who want to be involved. Ten students will then complete an intensive five-session rowing course on the water (after-school sessions in the second half of the summer term), and up to two will receive a 12-month scholarship with the club. From experience, many more also join the club as a result of their involvement in the initiative.

More information to follow soon.


Year 8 & 9 Tennis Leadership Opportunity

Year 8 and 9 students will soon have the opportunity to complete the LTA tennis leadership course at Chesterton this summer. LTA is the National Governing Body for tennis in Great Britain. The course is provided by Rob Ellis, from the Cambridge Tennis Academy, and aims to develop confidence and leadership skills through tennis.

The course alone is a great experience, but there are also subsequent opportunities to coach as part of the Cambridge Tennis Academy sessions for younger children, which take place in the evenings and during holiday periods at Chesterton.

More information and an opportunity to sign up soon.


Sixth Form Consultation

The Chesterton Sixth Form consultation continued this week with a live Q&A involving members of the Chesterton Senior Leadership Team, chaired by Community Governor Ruth Jackson. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us. More details can be found on the consultation website where a recording of the Q&A will also be available shortly:



You may remember that ex-student and French horn player Annemarie Federle reached the semi-finals of the BBC Young Musician of the Year early in 2020, but that future rounds of the competition were then delayed by the pandemic. Excitingly, the final rounds have now been filmed; the semi-final is going to be aired on BBC4 at 7pm on Friday, and the final on BBC4 at 8pm on Sunday. Please do tune in to support Annemarie.

Teatime Concert

The Music Department will be holding a Teatime Concert for students of all year groups to perform live at 3.45pm on Tuesday 11th May. Students interested in performing should sign up at:

Performers should arrive at 3.15pm to warm up in the auditorium. We are looking forward to the concert.



On Wednesday Year 9 took part in a PSHE day, ‘My Body, My Rules’, where they learnt about issues related to their body. They received sessions about FGM, consent, sexual harassment and bullying, coping strategies and dealing with relationship issues. The day aided students to think sensitively and carefully about their bodies and how it is important for them to feel empowered to make informed choices about how their body should be treated. For many students, this was the first time they had discussed these topics so we hope they found the day interesting and informative and now have some tools to deal with these issues should they ever need them. If they have any concerns from the day, please ask them to speak to Mrs Butler, Miss Barrett, Mrs Baywood or their Head of House.

A student in Robinson House has written a personal and powerful response to the PSHE topic on the Sarah Everard tragedy recently explored in tutor time.

I feel like we need to shed light on the millions of women whose murder or abuse hasn’t been broadcast in the same sense as Sarah Everard’s case, because

there are so many more women. And we aren’t seeing it in the media.

Pushing this narrative that there is a ‘right way’ to navigate yourself as a woman is complete and utter insanity to me. We should not be expected to be the perfect woman. Wearing bright clothes, doing this, doing that.

And that is just furthering this narrative that women are to blame for their own

abuse, assault, murder, which isn’t the case.”

[Extract from student’s response to PSHE unit of study]

Year 10 Revision

We have recently launched a revision programme for Year 10, helping students explore a variety of revision strategies to help them identify what works for them, as well as looking at other aspects of revision such as staying healthy. This week students took part in a Revision Conference, organised by a team of Chesterton staff. Parents of Year 10 students were invited to a How to Help Your Child with Revision presentation. A recording of the presentation is available here: and a copy of the presentation slides were sent via parentmail yesterday.

Golf Clubs

When they heard we were in need of golfing equipment as props in one scene of the Year 7 upcoming production of Romeo & Juliet, two local golf clubs swiftly and generously stepped in with offers of help. Cambridge Lakes on Trumpington Road and the Driving Range on Cowley Road will both provide golf clubs you will see used in the show. We are very grateful for their support of our students in broadening their experiences, on stage and potentially on the golf course.


Parent Forum

Our half-termly Parent Forum will take place on Tuesday 4th May 5-6pm; please use the link here to join the event:

A recording of the event will be shared afterwards; if you are unable to join us live but would like to submit a question to be discussed at the forum, please email

with the subject line Parent Forum

by 1pm on Tuesday 4th May.


Mind Your Head

We are excited to be welcoming Cambridge United Football Club back to Chesterton from the 17th May. They will be delivering six sessions to our Year 8 cohort on wellbeing. Year 8 parents have been sent information on the sessions via Parentmail.


Parent Wellbeing Support

As a school, we have been using YMCA’s counselling services for our students. As part of their provision, they are offering parents a free wellbeing course that will cover topics such as:

  • What is wellbeing?
  • Why is adult wellbeing important for children?
  • What can adults do to help their own wellbeing?
  • Tips and strategies to support parents and children

You can register for the event by following the link:  

YoungMinds is a fantastic charity that support children’s wellbeing across the country. They have a parent helpline and online service to provide you with any support you need.


Volunteering: Podcasts

We are still looking for volunteers to support our new Wellbeing podcast platform that is launching in May. If you would like to record an episode about anything wellbeing-related or be interviewed by Mrs Butler or a student, please email


Interhouse ABP Leaderboard

  • 1st Place: Equiano         (6,627)
  • 2nd Place: Cavendish     (6,000)
  • 3rd Place: Robinson      (5,989)
  • 4th Place: Hill                  (5,730)
  • 5th Place: Fawcett         (5,666)


Equiano House

It has been another great week for Equiano with students consistently being on time and ready to learn. So far as a house we have achieved over six thousand Above and Beyond Points, which really shows that Equiano students do work hard and push themselves to be recognised. In form time students were reminded that this hard work is worth it as they were shown the rewards that were on offer to them.

Students in Year 10 took part in a ‘How to Revise’ day which saw them look at how to revise for different subjects as well as how to look after their wellbeing.

We would like to encourage our students to take part in the extracurricular clubs that are on offer and can be found on daily notices.

As always, if you have any concerns, please get in touch with Mr Gilliver, Mr Parkinson and Miss Malik.


Cavendish House

It has been a busy week for Cavendish students. Year 9 students took part in a PSHE event titled ‘My Body, My Rules’ – thank you to all staff involved with organising and running the event.

Year 10 students took part in a revision conference on Wednesday which was run by the NQT team. It provided students with a brilliant opportunity to explore different strategies for revision as well as maintaining wellbeing before and during the exam season. We hope Cavendish students have learnt some top tips ahead of their exams next half term.

We continue to be impressed with our Year 11 students during this time of assessments – wishing you the best of luck for the final couple of weeks!

Enjoy the long weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.


Hill House

Year 11 students are nearing the end of their assessment period now and the organisation of the Prom is underway – remember to save the date (1st July). Some Hill students have been getting involved with Grow a Row through their Science classes: taking part in the refurbishment and replanting of an area of the Dip; clearing raised beds; and planting out many seeds to grow their own food.

PSHE continues with students learning about drugs and how they can impact lives. Year 9s have taken part in a PSHE day on “My Body, My Rules”. Year 10 Hill students also got involved in a revision day on 28th  April – helping them build the skills needed to revise effectively for GCSE and mock exams.


Fawcett House

A very busy week at CCC this time around! On Wednesday our Year 9s participated in a PSHE event and our Year 10s experienced their first revision conference ahead of their June mock exams. A huge thank you to the staff and PSHE team who put these together.

Looking ahead, we still would love it if Fawcett students really aimed for achieving those higher level prizes for ABPs: we currently have 101 students with 25 ABPs or higher in Fawcett. A special mention to Libby who has an outstanding 97 ABPs.

Looking ahead to next week we have a few birthdays to shout out: Atlas and Francesca, we hope you have a great day when it comes around!

As always, if you have any queries or concerns about the return to school or if you need any additional support, please either see Mr Firth in his office (upstairs in the old Science block) or Mrs Parkinson in L13.


Robinson House

Hello to all Robinson pupils and guardians. The weather is improving and so are we as a house. Above and beyond points (ABPs) as well as house points are on the rise, assessments are coming to a close for a short while and Year 11s are in their final few weeks of school at Chesterton.

A quick clarification regarding uniform: you are only allowed to wear PE kit on days you have a PE lesson. For after-school clubs you need to get changed in the facilities provided and wear your school uniform throughout the day. The same is the case for Year 10 and 11 Drama: if it is a timetabled lesson, you can wear blacks. If it is after school, normal uniform must be worn during the day and then you get changed.

Happy birthdays to Tyler, Joshua, Natasha and Sam this week. Remember to collect a treat from the Robinson office next to the Rex Freeman Hall.