Blog – Fri 6th November 2020 

Art Trip 

A small group of intrepid Art and Design Detectives from year 7 recently made a socially distanced, Covid-safe, visit to see the Quentin Blake exhibition at The Heong Gallery at Downing College. 

The exhibition 40 Women for Downing marks the point that Cambridge University became co-educational. It includes a new series of drawings called Wayward Locks and Matilda at 30, a series of drawings imagining the iconic Roald Dahl heroine in eight different professions. The exhibition invites viewers to celebrate the strides women have taken in their quest for equality and the pursuit of knowledge and fulfilment. 

The students were shocked to think that women have only been allowed to fully participate in education at Cambridge since 1988 and were delighted to see Quentin’s illustrations of Roald Dahl’s Matilda represented in different future professions. Students were invited to draw their own superhero characters inspired by Quentin’s illustrative style and to think about their own aspirations and what profession they might like to pursue in the future. The visit was a celebration of all that can be achieved if you put your mind to it! 

The exhibition is temporarily closed during lockdown but once open again, it runs at the Heong Gallery on Regent Street until 7th February 2021. This great little gallery is open to all, free tickets can be booked on the gallery website. 

Year 7 Ovid Mythology Competition 

Ms Russell and Ms Spielman have been blown away by the quality of entries submitted for this year’s Cambridge Schools Classics Project Mythology Competition. We have received a huge range of different creations – from lego animations, to minecraft labyrinths, from clay lyres to spoken word poetry. All are testament to the imagination and ingenuity of our Year 7 students who have been inspired by Ovid’s weird and wonderful myths. The finalists who will be attending the virtual prize giving event on the 1st December have now been notified, but we also have a whole host of in-school prizes and certificates to award in upcoming Latin and Classics lessons. Optime! 


Several current Chesterton Year 7 students participated in a project at Mayfield Primary to put together a production of the children’s opera All the King’s Men by Richard Rodney Bennett. This is being premiered online on Wednesday 11th November at 7pm and you can view the premiere at 

Just four days before the intended live performance, lockdown intervened. Instead of giving up on the idea, 64 children aged 4-11 worked with Dr Anne Taylor to record their parts at home. This has been edited into an online opera directed by Sul Hui Lee and beautifully illustrated by Tonka Uzu. 

The Mayfield production team really hope you enjoy the opera, which has been a real labour of love for everyone involved. Although they have managed to get it to the point of publication, they still have unmet costs which are eating into the Mayfield Music Fund. This fund is used to support children who otherwise could not afford it with music tuition. 

There is a JustGiving page at 

Anything you could afford to give would be hugely appreciated. 


Although schools are open during lockdown, we know that having restrictions on our free time can be tough on our wellbeing. With facilities and shops being closed and the chilly days, it is going to be different during the next month to our previous experiences of lockdown. Unlike the first lockdown, there are more relaxed rules around social interactions outside of your home. People are allowed to leave their home with members of their own household, or on their own to meet with one person from another household – a “one plus one” rule. So you can meet up with a friend in the park for a walk or to sit on a bench and eat a sandwich but it is against the rules to meet in homes and gardens. 

NHS mental health guidance encourages people to focus on the things you can control, such as how you act, who you speak to and where you get information from. This can include trying to limit the time you spend watching, 

reading or listening to coverage of the Covid outbreak too – including on social media. Dr Kayat told ITV News “self help” activities are really important during lockdown. She advised “trying to stick to certain routines if you can as that’s going to help give you a bit more structure when everything else is so uncertain”. As a part of balancing time spent at home you could focus on your favourite hobby, or start a new one. Read, write, do crosswords or jigsaws, or try drawing and painting. Whatever it is, find something that works for you. 

Yoga is a fantastic way to support wellbeing, if you think your child would be keen to give it a go during the winter months then this website is currently offering free access to their lessons. There are also lots of youtube tutorials if you don’t want to subscribe, we recommend Yoga with Adrienne. 

Keeping active is key to a healthy mind, so if yoga isn’t for you then there is so much advice and videos online including: Joe Wicks workouts, 30 day challenges, Insanity on youtube. 

Finally, if you feel that your child is struggling with their wellbeing then please contact their Head of House or the wellbeing team. Details are below. If you feel that your child would rather have support outside of school, then it is worth looking at the online counselling services and 

Cavendish: or 

Equiano: or Hill: or Fawcett: Robinson: or 

Wellbeing: or 


The PTA has been selected to take part in the Co-op Local Community Fund. This means over the course of the next year (until October 2021) we can raise money through our normal shopping at the Co-op for an outdoor canopy for the school. All you need to do is become a Co-op member and then select Chesterton Community College PTA as your local cause to support, you can find all the links you need here: 

The PTA’s AGM is being held on Tuesday 10 November, at 8pm on Zoom. All parents and carers are welcome, and we hope to see many of you there. To RSVP and receive the zoom link, please email 

The PTA needs a new treasurer – could it be you? If you have a few hours a month you could spare to help the PTA keep track of the vital funds we raise to support our students, we’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to learn more about the role (with no obligation) please email 

EasyFundraising is a free, simple way to raise donations to support PTA projects for the school almost every time you shop online – and now is a perfect time to sign up. It only takes a minute to sign-up today to support “Chesterton PTA – Cambridge” using the link: 

If you’re doing any shopping on Amazon, please consider starting at On your first visit, you can designate “Chesterton Community College Parent & Teacher Association” as your chosen charity – and they’ll donate a portion of every qualifying purchase to the PTA. 

Face Coverings 

Face coverings in the corridors and indoor communal spaces are now mandatory in all secondary schools in England (unless a person is exempt). We had already adopted this position in school from Monday 2nd November. We would be grateful if parents could help remind students to bring their mask or covering to school. 

Equiano House 

Tutors would like to welcome back Equiano students for the second half of the autumn term. This week our Year 11 students have begun their mock exams – we would like to wish them the best of luck. If you are in Year 11 and need help revising the school website is a good place to start. Students have been engaging with Stress Awareness Week which has focused on what stress may look like and how to manage it. This is a particularly important topic with the exams and pandemic and we urge any students feeling stressed to speak to an adult at home or at school to gain support. If you have any concerns please contact your Head of House and your Assistant Head of House and we will be happy to help. 

Cavendish House 

Cavendish have settled in well after the break. It is a VERY close above and beyond points interhouse competition, and the results are in at the half way stage… we are second! Well done to Sama Y7 for receiving the most ABP points. Attendance in general is good, we are still on top of the target, currently we are sitting at 97%. Finally, if you are worried about anything please come and speak to Miss Bywater, Miss Bullen-smith or Mr Afzal who will be more than happy to help. 

Hill House 

A great first week back for Hill students. The house team are so proud of how all Hill students have adapted to the changes since the beginning of term. Hill students have had a great start in collecting above and beyond points, we have 6 students who are now on 30 or more ABPS which is a fantastic achievement. Top honours go to Eisha (yr 7) and Adrian (yr 9) who are both on 34 ABPS. Well done! Please come and Find Mr Selby, Mrs Williams or Miss Blanchard if you need help with any aspect of school. 

Fawcett House 

A warm welcome back for Fawcett House, hoping students enjoyed a great half-term break. We know this has been a challenging start to this new half term, but we are so proud of the students in Fawcett house for taking it in their stride and continuing to have such positive attitudes. Well done to Hollie in Year 7 for achieving 36 Above and Beyond Points. Fawcett keeps pushing with lots more points to be earned this term. 

Robinson House 

Welcome back to Chesterton after what I hope was a restful half term. A quick reminder this week to bring your masks or coverings to school each day and put them on when you are in the corridor without fail! This is compulsory based on direct guidance from the Department for Education. Also, good luck to our year 11 students who have started their mock exams this week. 


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