Blog – Friday 10th September 2021

Welcome to the new term, with the first of our weekly blogs. This gets shared via Parentmail to all families, on the school web site and to all staff. We share news and announcements with you here.


Clubs: Extracurricular opportunities

On this Friday and Monday we have a Freshers’ Fair set up in the Atrium displaying the wide range of clubs on offer this year. We will post the complete list in Weekly Notices and encourage all students to join up.

Clubs run before school (8:10 am) or during lunchtime or after school on a weekly basis. Some clubs provided by outside experts have a charge, while those run by our teachers are free.

If you or your child have any questions about clubs, do ask us.

  • Sports clubs

We’re really pleased to report that a number of the usual extracurricular sports clubs will be starting on Monday. Please join us in encouraging your child to attend any of the following clubs:

  • Badminton
  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Fitness suite

Many more clubs will start as we move through the academic year.


  • Year 11 Rowing – Cantabs Rowing Club

It has been fantastic to see more than 20 students sign up to start rowing on the river, during their regular PE sessions in the Autumn term. Our longstanding link with Cantabs Rowing Club has resumed after the disruptions caused by the Covid pandemic. It’s also great to see the number of students who continue to row after they leave Year 11 – both competitively and recreationally.


  • Music clubs

We are looking forward to welcoming students back to music extracurricular activities from Friday 10th September onwards. All are very welcome – please see the timetable on Parentmail or student weekly notices. There is a great variety to get involved with!


Teatime Concert

Year 7 students are invited to sign up to perform in our first Music Department Teatime Concert of this academic year. This is a friendly informal concert for students to share pieces they enjoy playing on an instrument or singing and is taking place on
Tuesday 12th October at 3.45pm.

The sign-up sheet is on the Music office door – please come and sign up!

Save the Date: School carol service

Please save the date for our school carol service: the evening of
Thursday 9th December.

More details to follow in due course.


Side Hustle Competition

At the end of the Summer term two groups of Year 10 students entered the national
Side Hustle competition and put forward two separate ideas for new businesses in a bid to win a share of £10,000 towards setting up their idea. There were hundreds of entries but both our teams were selected for the final – thank you to everyone who voted for them.

Our entries were:

  • Cereal Mania by Cameron
    A cereal takeaway service on our school/Sports Centre site where customers can choose from a range of cereals, toppings and milks.
  • New Beginnings by Hawraa and Ameera
    A digital platform for newly arrived teenage refugees with advice and information given by the two sisters who came to Cambridge as refugees themselves.

The competition was sponsored by finnCap and ACCA. During the summer holidays the teams travelled to London to pitch their ideas in front of a panel of judges, the other teams and an audience of finnCap and ACCA staff members. It was very competitive but our students gave an excellent account of themselves.

When the results were finally announced…

  • Cameron received the runner-up prize of £500 for Cereal Mania. The judges thought it was an excellent idea and wanted to give him a contribution to getting started.
  • Everyone was moved by Hawraa and Ameera’s story. So much so that they inspired the sponsors finnCap to set up a new bursary for young people wishing to set up a social enterprise. As the first recipients of the bursary, Hawraa and Ameera will receive a £3000 bursary each year for three years in order to set up their idea to help teenage refugees settling in the UK.

We are immensely proud of these students.


Covid Update

Thank you to the parent volunteers and staff who helped run the school Covid testing centre at the beginning of term.

Students are now encouraged to take part in twice-weekly home testing on Wednesdays and Fridays as part of the effort to curb the spread of Covid-19. Home test kits are available for students to collect from the dining hall and auditorium during lunch breaks whenever they need more tests (see Parentmail for full details).

Current guidance is for students to:

  • Remain at home if they receive a positive result on a home test kit and to take a PCR test.
  • Isolate at home if the PCR test confirms the positive result or they can return to school if the PCR is negative.
  • If a student has any of the main symptoms they should take a PCR test and follow the same guidance.
  • If a student is identified as a close contact either of another household member or by NHS Test and Trace, they will be advised to take a PCR test; in this instance students do not have to remain at home whilst waiting for the result but can come into school and only isolate if the result is positive.

In summary students only need to isolate if they have a positive test result or they have symptoms. In all other instances, including if they are a close contact, they should continue to come to school.


Open Evening

The college Open Evening for prospective Year 6 parents and students will take place on Thursday 30th September.

Current students are busily signing up to:

  • act as tour guides
  • demonstrate in subject areas
  • take part in performances around the college site

More details to follow.



Good luck to Mr Barber from the Geography Department who is completing the
Shine Night Walk for Cancer Research.

More details can be found here:


Staff News

Please join us in congratulating:

Mr Thomas Ware from the History Department who was married during the holidays.

Mrs Rachel Smith from the Maths Department who welcomed a baby boy this summer.

Mrs Sabina Begum-Ali from the support staff who welcomed a baby girl.


Chesterton Sports Centre

Our Sports Centre has the following vacancies; full details can be found at

We would be grateful if you could share the vacancies with anyone you think might be interested.

  • Swimming Teacher
  • Leisure Assistant



Chesterton Lectures 2021-2022

The Chesterton Lecture Series is back this academic year. Chesterton Lectures are the ideal opportunity to enrich our students’ academic experience and inspire them to develop what could become life-long interests. If you have an area of academic expertise outside the curriculum, a personal interest that you are passionate about sharing or a talent you would love to teach others – then we would love to hear from new and previous volunteers.

If you would like to support Chesterton Lectures in the next academic year, please email:

Miss Bywater, , by Friday 24th September 2021.

It would be great to see the Chesterton community coming together to share their wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise with our students.


Inter-house ABP Leaderboard

  • 1st Place Robinson:     180 ABPs
  • 2nd Place Cavendish:   117 ABPs
  • 3rd Place Fawcett:        129 ABPs
  • 4th Place Hill:                 106 ABPs
  • 5th Place Equiano:       81 ABPs

Total: 613 ABPs


Equiano House

We would like to welcome back our students to what has been a positive start to the school year so far. Equiano students have returned full of enthusiasm and motivation and are ready to make the year successful.

We have now returned to our vertical tutoring which is great as it allows the caring nature of our students to shine through as they support their younger peers in tutor time. Already we have 56 students who have achieved at least one Above and Beyond Point (ABP) which is brilliant. Next week sees the launch of extracurricular clubs and we hope that participation is high. As beginnings of new years go, Equiano have hit the ground running.


Cavendish House

Welcome back, Cavendish! We hope you had a lovely, restful summer holiday and made the most of it.

It has been wonderful to welcome you all back to school this week including our new cohort of Year 7 students. We have been impressed with the positive and productive start to the academic year and are looking forward to seeing it continue throughout the term.

The new academic year brings many opportunities both academic and extracurricular and we hope you are excited to get involved in as much as you can. The new year can also be nerve-wracking and at times, overwhelming- meeting new teachers, new classes and starting new courses. With this in mind, please remember that we are here to support you through your time at Chesterton so do come and find Ms Bywater or Mr Afzal if you need someone to talk to.

Enjoy the weekend when it comes around and we look forward to seeing you next week.


Hill House

First and foremost, we at Hill House would like to say welcome back! We hope you have had a restful summer and are feeling ready to be back at school. We are all excited to see you back and look forward to a positive year ahead.

A special welcome to our new Year 7s who are starting their five-year journey here with us. If you are having any issues, please do not hesitate to ask any member of staff for help or get in contact with Mrs Williams, Mr Baywood or Mr Watkins – we will be happy to help make your transition as smooth as possible.

Lastly, to our Year 11s coming in for their final year here at CCC: Start the year well, cherish the time with your friends, get involved in school activities and of course work hard, then we know you will have a great year.


Fawcett House

Welcome back to the mighty Fawcett! It has been a great start to the year so far and the newest members of Fawcett House have transitioned seamlessly into Chesterton life.

We have a few new members to the Fawcett Team this year, and we would like to welcome all of our form tutors: Fawcett 1 – Ms McEwen, Fawcett 2 – Ms Gibson & Ms Cornick, Fawcett 3 – Ms Marston, Fawcett 4 – Ms Moss, Fawcett 5 – Mr McLoughlin, Fawcett 6 – Ms Heaney, Fawcett 7 – Ms Barrett, Fawcett 8 – Dr Timney, and Fawcett 9 – Mr Parker. Remember, your form tutor is your first point of contact, so if you have any

questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Our Year 7s have shown motivation and excitement in abundance and are now finding their feet in a school with lots of opportunities. It is great to hear them excited to get involved already with lots of clubs and making new friends with their new classmates. Behaviour is superb – keep it up!

Mr Butler is one of the new additions to the Fawcett Team this year and joins Mr Firth as joint Head of House. Mr Butler is a member of the English Department, and he can be found either in his classroom (A18) or in the Fawcett Office.

We are really looking forward to having an incredible year as a whole House team and are here if you need anything.


Robinson House

Welcome back everyone, it is fantastic to see you all! This year your Head of House team is Miss Chibbaro (HOH) and Mr Kingsley-Mills (AHOH). You can find us both in the Robinson office next to the Rex Freeman Hall to help and answer any questions you may have. We are here to support you all in any way we can.

It is going to be a great upcoming year and we have highly enjoyed hearing about all of your summer antics. Of particular eminence was Kiki now in Year 11 who has been partaking in the National Youth Theatre programme in London; also Hawraa and Ameera who entered the national Side Hussle competition hosted in London.