Blog – Friday 15th January 2021

Remote Learning

Students will have three 100-minute lessons each day, plus any twilight lessons they have on their timetable. If everything is going well, students will be able to show parents or carers the work they have completed for three (or more) subjects at the end of each day. If a student needs help participating in remote learning, please get in touch with us at school:

Struggling with                                                           Point of contact

An individual subject                                                         Class teacher

Remote learning in general                                             Head of House

Mental health                                                                    

Technical problems with remote learning,
including forgotten passwords,
difficulties with logging in,
iPad issues                                                              

Timetable or grouping problem                                   


Student Nomination Award

Each week all staff at Chesterton will be nominating students for outstanding engagement, while they are remote learning. After the first week of remote learning over 350 students were nominated for an award, which is really impressive! The more nominations a student receives, the more chance they have of being invited to an end-of-term event (once we return to school).


Foodbank Click and Collect

The Chesterton foodbank will be running every Wednesday 9am – 11am in the school dining hall starting on Wednesday 20th January. We would like to provide fresh food as part of our foodbank, so to make sure we have enough food, please click on this link to let us know you will be coming along. The link is anonymous and there are no questions asked; we are just registering numbers. Please do come and use the foodbank as often as you need to.


Chesterton Reporting System (CRS)

The CRS is now accessible to parents. Year 7 families will receive login details by post in the next week or two. Year 11 families received progress grades in December. We are not in a position to update these grades as we are awaiting guidance and support from the DFE, therefore Year 11 families are not able to see grades in the CRS.

Interhouse Above and Beyond Points Leader Board

1st Place: Equiano (4,389)

2nd Place: Cavendish (3,901)

3rd Place: Robinson (3,859)

4th Place: Hill (3,818)

5th Place: Fawcett (3,673)


Well done to Equiano House for maintaining 1st place in the Above and Beyond Points leader board! Keep going above and beyond during this period of remote learning!


Extracurricular Clubs Timetable

We have a new extracurricular timetable running for this period of remote learning. If students wish to join a club they are asked to email the named teacher.


Maths News

Thank you to all of our students who despite the challenging times are taking part in the online versions of the Maths Challenges we normally run at school.

The Girls’ Maths Olympiad, the Senior UKMT Challenge and the British Maths Olympiad are already behind us and there is still more to come! We hope that the participants enjoyed the experience and continue with the same enthusiasm next time.

On Thursday 4th February, our students are going to take part in the online version of the Intermediate Math Challenge and following that will be the Maths Feast.

We also encourage students to join extracurricular Maths clubs advertised as part of the school’s extracurricular programme.

If you have any questions about Maths challenges or Maths clubs, please contact Ms Sagun at .


Music News

Last chance to sign up to observe or perform in the piano masterclass on Thursday 4th February – please see Parentmail or ask students to look in the Music Extracurricular Ensembles Team. Those interested must have signed up by Monday 18th January.

Music extracurricular activities begin virtually on Monday. We are intending to offer a range of activities, including ukulele and guitar group, choir, orchestra and a composing club, and hope to see lots of students attending, as we work towards some recording projects. For more information students should see the Music Extracurricular Ensembles Team. If they are not a member, please ask them to email Miss Wilson or Miss Bourne.

The Music Department will be holding a Zoom Teatime Concert for students of all year groups to perform live at 3.30pm on Tuesday 9th February. Students interested in performing should sign up at:

Further details for those wishing to attend as a supporting audience member will be sent out soon. We are looking forward to the concert!


Post-16 Applications for Year 11

Year 11 have now successfully applied to their chosen post-16 schools or colleges. (The deadline was Monday 11th January.) Well done to Year 11 for getting this all sorted and finalised despite the lockdown! The next step will be guidance meetings where students will have an informal interview with their chosen post-16 schools or colleges. Guidance meetings will take place virtually this year and students will be contacted by their chosen schools and colleges about dates and times for these meetings, which will occur between the end of January and March. A Parentmail has been sent to all Year 11 parents and carers giving more information about this. Guidance meetings are an opportunity to find out more about chosen courses and for post-16 schools to discuss choices and pathways. If you have any questions, do get in touch with Mrs Carter or Mr Desbois who will be happy to help.


Chesterton Coastline Challenge

If your list of New Year’s resolutions is topped by one or more that relate to your health and fitness, then one of the best ways to start working on them is to sign yourself up to Chesterton Coastline Challenge.

Doing so will give you a clear goal to work towards as you start your health kick and to help you get 2021 off on the right foot.

To complete this challenge you must run, walk, cycle or complete exercise classes to help your house to be the first to complete a lap of the whole British coastline (11,000 miles!)

Fawcett have taken an early lead in the race, but it’s all still to play for so get involved and help your house!

The important messages are below:

  1. Get the latest information during the event by following it on
    Twitter – @pechesterton
  2. Choose your activity(ies) and get involved – contribute your kilometres!
  3. Send us your Healthy-Selfies via a parent’s email with permission for it to be used in the Chesterton Newsletter, blog and/or on Twitter:
  4. Quickly log the all-important contribution towards your house score using this link:
  5. Let’s start the year with some exercise, and hopefully a win for your house!

Good luck!


Christian Union

The Christian Union (CU) members are delighted to be up and running again, albeit virtually. One strange benefit of lockdown is that the group, which was formerly split into two age groups because of the split lunch, is now a real ‘Union’ meeting all together after school, so our first meeting had to start with some introductions, with students encouraged to know there were more like-minded people at school than they realised. Even some teachers who previously couldn’t join in now can, which is a real boost. We’re coming to the end of discussing the ‘I am’ sayings of Jesus, and we’ve had ideas of what to do next, but all suggestions welcome. CU meets on Teams every Tuesday 4pm-4.30pm. Email Mrs Phillips if you’d like to be added to the Team.


Cavendish House

We continue to be so impressed with Cavendish students during this time. You are engaging with your online learning and showing real determination and motivation across all subjects. ABPs are still being awarded to students for outstanding work so keep up the good effort!

We are looking forward to seeing more of you next week when tutor time starts up again; keep an eye on your calendar to join at 8:50 am every morning.

Have a wonderful weekend and ‘see’ you next week.


Equiano House

It’s now the second week of the term and we are especially proud of our Equiano students. Our students have done well following their usual school timetables and have been submitting their work online for their teachers to see. Their hard work and determination has not gone unnoticed as many badges showing praise have been sent through Teams. Students should be attending tutor times as of Monday 18th January so we look forward to hearing from students then. Hopefully this will help them to start off their day.

We would like to remind students to take rest breaks, get enough sleep and participate in some form of exercise if they can in order to help with their wellbeing. Please do remember that if you have any concerns then contact Mr Gilliver, Mr Parkinson or Miss Malik.


Hill House

We would like to start by saying well done for all your hard work. Key Stage 3 have made the transition over to Teams and are taking part in many live lessons across the school – it has been exciting to see all the interesting classes you have been engaging with. If you are having any issues with Teams or IT, please contact . The talk of the Hill office this week has been the return of competitions next week, where students will be competing in a best lockdown-dressed competition – finding the most ridiculous/hilarious working from home outfit possible. Keep an eye on daily notices for a link to the Chesterton Chapter which will advertise the details. Please stay safe and well.


Fawcett House

Another week of online learning complete, Mighty Fawcett! Well done for being so impressive this week with your dedication and hard work, completing lessons live with your teachers as well as working independently. Each subject is sharing some wonderful resources on some very engaging topics, as well as conducting really interactive live lessons.

For anyone who may be struggling with accessing or completing their lessons we ask that they contact their teacher who will be happy to help. In addition, we strongly urge all Fawcett students to attend all of their live lessons if you can– they really make a world of difference during this lockdown period! As always, anyone looking for guidance on routines or who would like some emotional support, please contact Mr Firth. We are looking forward to seeing everyone during our live tutor time next week!


Robinson House

Hello, Robinson students. It was great to see so many of you during live lessons this week working from home. It brought a smile to your teachers’ faces to engage with you all again, so well done. It was also fantastic to see so many of you receiving the certificates sent for your Above and Beyond participation while home learning. Finally, please join me in wishing happy birthday to our Robinson students Mubashara and Yousif.