Blog – Friday 16th October

Creative Writing Club

We are enjoying meeting together to eat lunch and talk about stories we’ve read and written. We’ve recently looked at fan fiction and rewritten famous stories, and we are now working on entries for a national writing competition. Creative Writing Club meets every Monday lunchtime in W4, both lunches. All new members and new ideas welcome.

Chesterton Christian Union

With many churches and places of worship yet to reopen properly, the members of the Chesterton Christian Union are delighted to be allowed to meet together. This is an informal group open to people of all faiths and none, to eat together and look at a Bible theme or quotation. This term, we are looking at the ‘I am…’ sayings of Jesus, asking questions like, “What do we think Jesus means when he says, ‘I am the bread of life’?” Christian Union meets every Thursday lunchtime, both lunches, in A18. All welcome.

Year 11 English Lit Film Cub

There is a new club starting for Year 11: the English Lit Film Club. Following requests from students to rewatch the film versions of their GCSE Lit texts, Mrs Phillips has set up a lunchtime club in which we will simply watch the films and consider themes and characters as we go along – a non-demanding refresher for anyone who might benefit from going over the plots and ideas of the texts, or anyone who would just enjoy having the chance to experience the films with their friends and talk about them. English Lit Film Club will be on Friday lunchtimes in the Apex. Students should bring their lunches, and there are even treats to sweeten the deal.

News from the Library

It has been fantastic to be able to get the library up and running again for all students. We are fortunate to have such a large inviting space and have been extra lucky to be able to create an extra small library area to enable all students the safe use of a library space.

Having now been able to see how the library is working and how students have responded so very well to using the library during these unusual times, we are pleased to have created a Games/Activities box for each year group to use within their bubble. “The game is on!” We are hoping students will enjoy some relaxation at lunchtime joining together to play card games, board games, construction with Lego or perhaps some enjoy quiet mindful colouring, all these in addition to reading as usual and studying if wished.

In spite of restrictions for many around Halloween this year, we will be running a whole-school competition and prize draw with a Halloween theme, remembering those evil characters from well-known books and films.

Looking ahead we anticipate another virtual reading evening around Christmas time and look forward to being able to invite you to join and celebrate Reading for Pleasure with us.

Sport: Chesterton Tournaments – the results are in

We’ve seen a fine display of hand-eye coordination throughout the last two weeks, as a number of table tennis, badminton and tennis tournaments have taken place. Congratulationsto the eventual winners (below), and to everyone who took part.

  • Year 11 tennis – Eduardo
  • Year 10 tennis – Joey and Aitan won as a doubles pair
  • Year 9 tennis – Charlie
  • Year 8 tennis – Louis
  • Year 7 tennis – Mabel and Phillip (closely followed by Vanya and Maya)
  • Year 9 table tennis – Charlie (a VERY close final, with Sasha finishing
    as runner-up)
  • Year 8 table tennis – Oliver (again a VERY close final, with Louis finishing as runner-up)
  • Year 10 badminton – Lewis and Cameron won as a doubles pair
  • Year 7 table tennis – Orson
  • Year 7, 8 and 9 badminton results to follow


You can see photos and reports via the PE Department Twitter page: @pechesterton

Illustration Workshop

This week 27 Year 8 students took part in a day-long illustration workshop. Students worked to a tight design brief to create illuminated letters in response to folk song lyrics. This is part of a public art commission where sound artist Emily Peasgood has been working with the North Cambridge community to write and record songs about our local area. The book ‘Song and Verses from Cambridge North’ will be produced with students’ designs printed as the first letter of each song. The students enjoyed the diverse challenges of the days from how to draw a goat to checking Hebrew text and representing Strawberry Fair, all in a 10×10 cm format.

Year 7 Teatime Concert

The Music Department is recruiting Year 7 students for an upcoming
Teatime Concert. This will take place on Tuesday 20th October, beginning at 3:45pm in the auditorium (performers to arrive by 3:15 to warm up).  It is an excellent opportunity for students to perform the music they have learned over the first half of term. The sign-up sheet is on the M1 door in the Music Department. Please do encourage Year 7s who wish to perform to sign up by today Friday 16th October. Year 7 students are welcome to attend as an audience member in person if they are not performing, and do not need to sign up to do so. Whilst unfortunately we cannot currently have parents attending the concert in person, we hope to record the concert to share with you at a later date.

Years 8 & 9 Steel Pan Club

After half-term the Music Department will be running a Steel Pan Club, initially open to Year 8 and 9 students, on Thursday mornings before school. The group will be preparing festive music for the virtual Christmas Concert. Please do encourage your child to sign up. No prior experience required.

English and Media Extended Project: Supervisor Meetings

Thank you once again to all those who signed up to take part in this year’s English and Media Extended Project. The first set of supervisor meetings will be taking place next week. All students who confirmed their participation with Miss Bates or Miss Sharman should join the Edmodo group (code: wfuwh5) and follow the link to sign up for a meeting slot with your assigned supervisor. We can’t wait to hear all of your ideas.

Mental Health Day

A huge thank you to all the students, staff and parents who supported Mental Health Day last week. All lessons on Friday started with a wellbeing focused activity. Lots of students spread kindness and positivity throughout the day, reflected on happy places and moments, focused on the here and now, and discussed mental health topics. It was fantastic to see so many students and staff talking about mental health.

If you didn’t get a chance to look, here is a link to our virtual kindness wall. Students were encouraged to leave a positive message for others to read:

 Chesterton Sports Centre

At Chesterton Sports Centre we strive to provide variety of activities for both adults and children and we have been hard at work to provide a safe environment for all our users. We are happy to announce that we will be
restarting Swim Lessons for Adults, Climbing and Football for Children after half-term break.

We are excited to see you all back with us; please check our website: for details and contact our reception team for bookings.

Extracurricular Clubs

Extracurricular clubs are well underway at Chesterton with a wide variety of offerings across the year groups. Whether it is sport, music, drama, culture or a community group, we have plenty on offer. Clubs vary in their running times, so check if they’re happening before or after school or during lunchtime. In most cases you can just turn up and try it out.

Use the filter function on the spreadsheet found on the College website to see what is happening for particular year groups, days or times.

This is regularly updated as new clubs start up. Look out for flyers on Daily Notices too.

Year 8 Sign Language and a School Newspaper Club are among the most recent additions. Computing, Table-top Gaming and Comic Clubs will be starting very soon.

Any questions about, or ideas for clubs, please email

Drama News

On Thursday 22nd October, performances for the current Year 11’s Component 1 – ‘Devising and Still Rising’ – will take place in the Atrium Theatre at Chesterton Community College. Each student’s performance represents 40 per cent of their GCSE qualification (including the interlinked documentation). For the work to fulfil the syllabus requirements, it needs an audience. However, due to Covid-19 restrictions, this live audience will be strictly limited to under 35 in size, only including those regularly on the school premises: the Year 10 GCSE Drama students and a handful of supportive staff members. We very much hope that families and friends of the Year 11 Drama students will watch the work on unlisted YouTube links, which will be shared as soon as possible after the performance event. The work is devised by the students themselves, based on the following stimuli: Maya Angelou’s poem ‘The Caged Bird’; Tracy Chapman’s song ‘Behind the Wall’ and an image of a teenage boy crouching in a cell from Alan Parker’s film ‘Birdy’.

The Year 11 students involved are working extremely hard to produce dynamic and assured, creative and innovative pieces. We are very proud of them for putting the work together through these difficult times, and it is amazing to have the chance to be involved in safe, live theatre, when it is currently so hard to come by. If you have any questions, please contact

On Tuesdays after-school, Mr Cooper (trainee teacher currently working within our Drama Department) is running a Theatre Club for Year 8 students from 3.15 – 4.15pm in the Drama Studio. There are still some places to join because the club only formed this week. Mr Cooper is exploring Greek Theatre with the students, with a view to devising a play based on the story of Icarus, incorporating dramatic song. The play will be performed as the model piece that launches the Year 7 Plays Contest event at the end of term. The club is designed to be fun, involving a drama game or two. If you have any questions, please contact Year 8 students are all welcome to join the group next Tuesday and continue with this venture until Christmas, releasing some vital, creative energies!

Equiano House

This week the Year 11 Equiano students are continuing to write their personal statements ready to send off to their chosen colleges. Their Equiano tutors are supporting them with this and helping them through the process.

Students have been working hard to collect Above and Beyond Points (ABPs). So far 88 of our students have gained ten or more ABPs and will therefore be receiving their Level 1 Awards. Well done to Gioele who is still in first place as they have achieved the most ABPs in Equiano. Attendance has also improved with E7.2 in the lead. Keep up the good work!

Cavendish House

As it is getting closer to the end of the first half term, we congratulate the whole of Cavendish for keeping on top of their attendance. We are currently above the target. Secondly, we would like to say a massive well done to Cavendish.1 for receiving the most ABP points. Lastly, well done to Sama who has received the most ABP points individually (25).

If you are worried about anything, please come and speak to the Heads of House who will be more than happy to help.

Hill House

Another unbelievable week for our Hill students. This week sees the continuation of Hill’s attendance score of 94.37% with the top tutor groups being H7.2 and H9.2 both with over 96% attendance, a fantastic effort. Our students have also been busy collecting lots of Above and Beyond Points with the leader being on 31 points followed closely by Eisha working towards their Level 2 Awards. Keep up the good work!

Just a reminder to all Hill students that PE kit should only be worn on timetabled PE days and must include navy bottoms. No other colours permitted.

Fawcett House

Fawcett House continue to earn plenty of ABPs which is testament to how hard they are working this term. The House leader is Hollie who has earned 31 ABPs. We then have Kalina, Elida, Libby, Selene, Francesca, Yana, Ken, Maiya and Freddy who make up the top 10 students with most ABPs. A massive well done for the 112 Fawcett students who present 100% attendance records – may they keep up the resilience and punctuality!

In our final week of the half term we wish a massive good luck to all Fawcett students completing assessments – one week to go.

 Robinson House

This week Robinson students delved into the importance of diversity in our communities and school with a whole-school assembly led by our very own Head of House Miss Martinelli. The discussions and questions arising as a result were thought-provoking for both pupils and teachers. Year 7s received their flu inoculations preparing us for the winter ahead.

However, attendance has taken a drop this week in Robinson House. Remember how important it is to be on time and in your lessons every day that is possible. If you do need to be at home or elsewhere for a valid reason, the work for every class is posted onto Edmodo by your teachers. You are expected to catch up with the work missed and show this to each of your teachers.

Have a lovely weekend!



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