Blog Friday 1st October – 2021

Open Evening

Thank you to all the families who attended our Open Evening on Thursday 30th September. We hosted 800 adults and children across the evening and it was fantastic to see the whole community enjoying our school. Special thanks to the students and staff who helped host the evening – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Chesterton Sixth Form

We were delighted last week to receive ministerial sign off for a new sixth form at Chesterton to open next September 2022. We shared a video message with families announcing the exciting news which can be viewed here:

This week we have visited House assemblies to talk to students in all year groups about the development; we have also invited Year 11 students to be part of a working party to shape the sixth form. Being part of the working party does not commit students to attending the sixth form but it is hopefully something interesting and exciting to be a part of. Any students interested should contact Mrs Evans-Ali or Mrs Hubbard-Young by email or in person.

Hospitality at the Hotel

The Year 10 Hospitality and Catering class were treated to an amazing VIP tour of The Fellows House Hotel, the recently opened luxurious and contemporary hotel at the end of Gilbert Road, last week.
The students asked lots of insightful questions as they accessed all areas and were particularly impressed with the collegiate themed décor which runs through from the entrance; through the coffee shop, restaurant and into the luxurious rooms. We were treated to a taster lunch while hearing from the General Manager, Marketing, Finance and Catering team which gave the class an invaluable insight into the Industry – at the start of their course.
If you walk past the entrance to the hotel, look out for the Enigma code which is carved into one of the entrance pillars. And if you are up for a challenge, look out for the competition to break the code which adorns the second pillar in the entrance.

Thank you to the whole team, especially Amy Williams, for welcoming us and being so generous with their time.

Year 11 PSHE Day

On Tuesday 5th October students in Year 11 will be taking part in a PSHE day focused around health and personal safety. The day will include a wide range of topics designed to prepare students for the next few years ahead as they move into adulthood. We look forward to welcoming three visitors for the day to deliver sessions using their expertise including: Guy Jones, a colleague of Miss Barrett at The Loop, a drug harm reduction charity; It’s on the Ball, a Testicular Cancer Charity based in Norwich, that seeks to raise awareness around testicular cancer and breast cancer with our students; and finally Straight Talking, a charity that educates young people on parenthood. We hope Year 11 enjoy their last PSHE day at Chesterton Community College.

Staff News

Congratulations to Mr Firth, Teacher of PE and Head of Fawcett House, and his wife who this week welcomed a baby boy to their now family of three. We are thrilled for them.

Year 8 Hockey: CCC v BVC

On Wednesday 29th September the Year 8 hockey team had their first game of the season against Bottisham VC. It was brilliant to see so many students applying new skills, tactics and rules in a competitive situation. The game ended up 1-1 and the students can’t wait to compete again. A special well done to Emily who was nominated by Bottisham VC students as player of the game. Congratulations to the whole team: Emily, Teigan, Clarisse, Nell, Emily, Daphne, Rozie.

Drama Performances

On Thursday 7th October, the Drama Department will be presenting ‘SOMEONE’S WATCHING ME!’ – an evening of devised performances by the current Year 11 Drama company (Cohort 2022) from Chesterton. We also have guest performers from Witchford Village College joining us for the event. The performances are based on the stimuli of a painting, a piece of music and an article which are all linked to the theme of ‘ghosts’. Students have created solos or group pieces that respond to the notion of being haunted by someone or something, or ‘ghosting’ as a social phenomenon in modern relationships. Performances take place between 6pm and 8.30pm in the Atrium Theatre. There are five groups and each of their pieces lasts around 15–20 minutes; a shorter solo piece will also be exhibited during the course of the evening, and every piece will be introduced by the performers at the start.
It is possible for you to enter and exit the auditorium between the different pieces, but please be sensitive to the fact that this is a practical exam; it is important the atmosphere is focused and students are supported as much as possible by the audience. The event is free of charge. Trigger warnings will be announced prior to each piece for those who may feel disturbed by the themes and issues described above, and strong language as well as strobe-like lighting effects will occasionally be used.

We hope you will be interested in the work if you are considering GCSE Drama; if you have friends or relatives involved in the performances; or if you are simply a theatre-goer wanting to experience innovative live performance. We are very excited to share the students’ hard work with an audience, and to showcase the talents of this particular cohort, which includes members of National Youth Theatre and the actors who produced last year’s searing radio performance ‘1984’. We would love to see you there, so please fill in the quick form on the link below if you intend to come, so that we can arrange optional socially distanced seating in the raked auditorium. EVkTQyhEEumg/viewform?usp=sf_link

PTA News

Chesterton Sports Centre

Chesterton Sports Centre is offering a special membership deal especially for families of Chesterton students. Please see the attached flyer.


Over 160 students have unlocked their level 1 award, a superb achievement and we can’t wait to celebrate with many more students this term. Many students have also started to receive their certificates in House assemblies this week, to congratulate them for their efforts. A special well done to Elida who has so far received the highest number of ABPs- 27! This is a superb achievement for so early on in the autumn term. Finally another well done goes to Equiano 4, as they have received the highest number of ABPs – 359 – well done to all students who have contributed to this achievement.
Inter-house ABP Leaderboard

  • 1st Place-Robinson: 2,425
  • 2nd Place- Equiano: 2,276
  • 3rd Place- Fawcett:  2,272
  • 4th Place – Cavendish:  2,210
  • 5th Place- Hill:  2,160Total: 11,343 ABPs

Equiano House
This week Equiano students have continued to set an exemplary example in school with their motivated attitudes and perfect uniform. There has been a huge increase in Above and Beyond Points that they have all been working hard to earn. Well done to Olaf and Ruby in Year 8 who have the most points so far. This week our Year 11 students took part in a Careers Day when they not only had talks from external visitors but they also wrote their personal statements for when they apply to their Post-16 choices. Equiano are fortunate to have so many students representing Chesterton by helping out with Open Evening, acting as tour guides for the parents; we are very grateful.
We hope that everyone has a lovely long weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Cavendish House

Our assembly this week was on Dyslexia Awareness. This week runs from the 4th-10th October and is an annual event aimed at further understanding and raising awareness about dyslexia; what it means, what it is and what can be done to support people who have dyslexia.

Year 11 took part in a Careers Day on Wednesday which involved finalising their personal statement as well as having interesting talks from guest speakers on topics including: personal finance, career opportunities and apprenticeships – thank you to all staff involved with making the day a success.

We hosted our annual Open Evening on Thursday, and we were so impressed to see a huge number of Cavendish students volunteer to support with the event, giving tours and working in specific departments. Thank you for making such a brilliant impression on our new intake of students and their families.

Well done to the following students for unlocking Level 1 and achieving 10 ABPs this week: Max, Soren, Charlotte, Charlie, Thomas, Djani, Yashoda, Lauren, Catarina, Olivia, Laurie, Joachim, Harriet, Lotte, Lili, Thea, Rubyrose, Emmanuel, Tahmeed, Daniil, Siena, Thomas, Deivis, Rosie and Finn.

Also, a special shout out to Harry and Beth for winning the Great Outdoor Maths Challenge! We hope you enjoy the long weekend and see you on Monday.

Hill House

We would like to offer a special thank you to all those Hill students who volunteered their time to help out with this year’s Open Evening; it was a great night and it would not have been as engaging and exciting for the Year 6 pupils without all of your help. This week students have had an assembly on Dyslexia and how it can impact many people in the UK on a daily basis as. It is Dyslexia Awareness Week from the 4th-8th October. Lastly, we would like to congratulate the following Year 8 students for making a great start to the year and going above and beyond: Maja, Eva, Lucy and Saima.

Fawcett House

Fawcett students have had another great week! It was a busy one with our Year 11s participating in a Post-16 Day, another House council meeting, and preparations for our Open Evening on Thursday. It is wonderful to see such a high number of Fawcett students volunteering to help for the night. Looking ahead to next week we have another Year 11 dropdown day for PSHE and an assembly on Black History Month to start off October. As always, we encourage each student in Fawcett to strive to do their best each day which also includes arriving to school and lessons on time, wearing the correct uniform and trying their best to achieve as many ABP’s as possible. Keep up the great work, Mighty Fawcett!

As Mr Firth is on paternity leave, please do not hesitate to come and see Mr Butler (A18) or Mrs Parkinson (L13) if you need anything.

Robinson House

This week has been full of future planning for our pupils. We have seen a focus on saving, spending and budgeting in form time activities, and a Year 11 Post-16 Options Day focuses around their next steps in life. Mentor meetings are now fully up and running, taking place on Wednesday mornings throughout the year with our amazing form tutors. All pupils have mentor meetings once or twice per year which provide a chance to talk about the year so far, upcoming plans and then anything else that we can do to support you. Remember though, you can reach out at any point to your form tutors or Head of House team for support on anything academic or personal.

Finally, happy birthday to Hashir, Ciaren, Janos, Finlay, and Monsur who have all become a year wiser this week. Remember to nip by the Robinson office for a treat or pick one up in assembly.