Blog Friday 26h February

Blog – Fri 26th Feb 2021


Junior Bake Off

We are delighted to say that the TV company that makes the Junior Bake Off has recently opened applications for the 7th series of Junior Bake Off; a Channel 4 programme that celebrates the culinary talent and ambition of the younger generation in Britain.

Do you fancy yourself as a Baker extraordinaire? Do your friends and family love your culinary skills in the kitchen and pester you to bake for them? Would you like to develop your cooking skills and have some fun? Maybe the idea of being on the telly appeals?

If so they are looking for budding bakers between 9 -15 years old.

Filming would take place from July 2021, but applications close on Sunday 28th March 2021.

Interested bakers can apply online at WWW.APPLYFORJUNIORBAKEOFF.CO.UK. You can view the flyer by clicking here

If you would like to talk to someone in school about this exciting opportunity please find Mrs Askham or Mrs Williams (normally found in W11) %20"> or ">


Music Department Concert

The Music Department is planning a virtual Spring Concert with the theme ‘Music through Time’, which we hope to bring to you at home on Thursday 25th March. We hope it will be an enjoyable chronological celebration of music through the ages. Students should see the Music Extracurricular Ensembles Team for more details about taking part.


Fundraising: Hurray to Katie

Our very own Katie in Year 9 has completed her 500km run over half term and raised an amazing £1300 for the National Autistic Society. It took her a total of 94 runs over approximately 16 weeks. Katie goes above and beyond to raise awareness and money for the charity; if you are keen to read more or make a donation then please click on this link:

Well done Katie!


Government Announcements This Week

There have been some important announcements this week from the Prime Minister about the return to school from 8th March and from the Education Secretary regarding how exam groups will be awarded their grades this summer. Parentmails with the headlines from both announcements have gone out to families this week. These will be followed up with more detailed information next week.


Parent Forum

In light of the government announcements this week we are holding a parent forum on Tuesday 2nd March 5pm – 6pm to allow parents to put questions and comments to members of the senior leadership team. You can join the parent forum using this link:

The event will be recorded and shared via parentmail. If you are unable to attend the event but would like to submit a question/comment to be discussed please email

with the subject line “Parent Forum” before 12pm on Tuesday 2nd March.


Asymptomatic Covid-19 Testing

The government is launching an asymptomatic testing programme for all secondary-aged students from 8th March. Initially students are offered 3 tests in school spaced 3-5 days apart. Once 3 tests have been carried out in school then students will be offered the opportunity to take part in home testing twice a week.

Taking part in the testing programme is voluntary but students are encouraged to participate if possible as part of the national effort to stop the spread of the virus.

For those students wishing to take part we ask an adult to register and give consent using the form here by today Friday 26th February, 3pm to enable us to plan the delivery of the tests beginning on 8th March. More details about testing at Chesterton can be found on the school website.


Seeking Wellbeing Volunteers

In the coming months we will be launching a new podcast and video service to promote awareness and support our students’ mental health and wellbeing.

We are looking for volunteers from our community to support us in creating a broad range of topical recordings. These will either be a voice recording or video that will be shared with our students and families via a new platform and our newsletters. The recordings can be anything from sharing advice, experiences or just a chance to discuss key topics in the wellbeing world. The recordings can be independently created or, if you would prefer, you could be interviewed by a member of our staff or our students.

The recordings will cover a range of topics and we are very open to suggestions and ideas. If you are wanting to get involved but not sure what topic to cover then please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you are keen to get involved in anyway then please email Mrs Butler: ">

Just a reminder that if you or your child need any support or guidance with wellbeing to email the student’s Head of House, Mrs Butler or our wellbeing team at ">


World Book Day 2021

Looking ahead to next week and in particular Thursday 4th March, we are really looking forward to celebrating World Book Day 2021 with everyone. Things being a little different this year will not be an obstacle.

We have a variety of fun activities and competitions planned around reading to get everyone joining in and enjoying the benefits associated with reading. Please look out for further information coming to you very soon via Parentmail and student notices in the usual ways.


Virtual Cooking Lesson

Thank you to everyone who joined our first ever Virtual Cooking lesson on Thursday 25thFebruary – participants joined Chef Spencer Norman to make an Asian-inspired noodle dish. Along the way Spencer taught some useful knife skills as well giving top tips and tricks to use in the kitchen. Congratulations to the Year 10 Event Operations group who organised the whole event and were responsible for everything from customer service to the camera work.

We know some families held their own cook off and others cooked with friends and family in different households and then enjoyed the meal together over a video call. Some students took the opportunity to treat their family by taking over cooking duties for the evening. We are looking forward to seeing photos of the final creations: please email them to . We would be happy to run more online cooking lessons; use the cooking@ email address to tell us what you would like to learn to cook… a special dessert? afternoon tea? Sunday roast?


Interhouse ABP Leader Board

  • 1st Place: Equiano         (5,336)
  • 2nd Place: Cavendish     (4,868)
  • 3rd Place: Robinson      (4,825)
  • 4th Place: Hill                  (4,672)
  • 5th Place: Fawcett         (4,575)

Since returning back to school this week, Chesterton students have received over 1,500 Above and Beyond Points – well done to all the students who have been rewarded for going above and beyond this week.


Chesterton Coastline Challenge Winners

This challenge started back in early January; almost two months later it came down to the finest of margins to decide a winner. As a school you have virtually covered around 20,000km. We have been so impressed by your efforts and you should be really proud of what you have achieved. You’ve visited the beautiful Dorset coastline, made your way through Wales, survived the weather conditions in the highlands of Scotland and made your way all the way back down the Eastern coastline of the UK back to St Paul’s in London.

Three Houses actually made it to the finish line so it came down to which team got there first based on the entries you all submitted:

  • 1st Place: Equiano         (covered a total of 4586km)
  • 2nd Place: Fawcett         (covered a total of 4476km)
  • 3rd Place: Hill                  (covered a total of 3893km)
  • 4th Place: Robinson      (covered a total of 3627km)
  • 5th Place: Cavendish     (covered a total of 3048km)

From these results you can see how close this was; every single House has virtually covered an incredible distance and all will be rewarded with Above and Beyond Points.

Keep your eyes peeled for another challenge before we return to school and be sure to keep exercising!


Equiano House

We would like to welcome back our Equiano students. We hope you had a restful break. This half term we are aiming to continue our lead with Above and Beyond Points and to keep earning those recognition postcards. We are looking forward to being back in school but for the meantime we would like everyone to continue following their timetables, joining live lessons and submitting their work. This week Equiano students have taken part in a ‘Fairtrade’ assembly where they have looked at what efforts they can make and what effect they can have on other people. They have also participated in House events such as the weekly quiz.

We recognise that it is difficult to get back into a routine after having a week’s break so if you need any help or have any questions please do get in touch with Mr Gilliver, Mr Parkinson or Miss Malik.


Cavendish House

Welcome back Cavendish! We hope you had a lovely, restful half-term break – you certainly deserved it.

We know that starting a new half term remotely can be challenging so we are encouraging all Cavendish students to stay motivated across all of their subjects before we welcome you back to school. Please continue to reach out if you need support.

Do continue to check the whole-school notices as there are many exciting extracurricular opportunities coming up this week including a Chesterton lecture on the 1st March by Krzysztof Maziarz on ‘Teaching computers to design new medical drugs’ and a lecture run by Professor David Crystal for Year 11 students titled ‘Let’s Talk About Conversation’. It would be great to see Cavendish students getting involved.

Spring is in the air and we hope you are starting to make the most of the milder and longer days. Have a restful weekend and ‘see’ you next week.


Hill House

We in Hill would like to welcome you all back to school and hope you had a restful half term where you and your family stayed safe, well and relaxed. It was Mark Twain who once said that a “classic” is a book which people praise and don’t read – well, do we have a week for you! It is World Book Day on the 4th of March so a great opportunity to get into some of those classics that you may have never read. Take a picture of your favourite book on the bookshelf, create a virtual bookshelf background for your Teams classes and take part in the “Guess who’s behind the book” challenge. Reading a good book is really like watching a great movie in your head, it just lasts longer – so take some time to set yourself up with a good book and relax.


Fawcett House

Welcome back, Fawcett students! We hope you managed to have a restful half-term holiday and were ready to jump back into routine. We are very much looking forward to having you back in school during the week of 8th March and until then we will continue with our remote learning and online tutor time. As always, please get in touch with either Mr Firth or Mrs Parkinson if you have any questions or concerns about anything.

Looking ahead to next week we have a few birthdays to shout out: Gaja, Julia, Yusuf and Rosa – we hope you all have a great day when it comes around.


Robinson House

So, we are all soon to return to school. The Robinson team is really looking forward to seeing you all and catching up with you to see how you’ve been getting on. On that note, it has been great seeing so many of your entries to Chesterton’s Great Outdoor Maths Challenge. Let’s make sure the winners are from mighty Robinson House! Remember the deadline is the 8th March. William, you have been pointed out to us for your outstanding contributions in the Year 7 Debate Club. We hear you come across both intelligently and sophisticatedly. Maybe a future University Challenge champion on our hands? Also well done to Oliver for winning the Religious Studies Lockdown Award. And to Katie who has raised £1300 so far for the National Autistic Society by running 500km- amazing job.

We would like to congratulate Margaret, Charlotte, Vadim, Gabriella, Jasmine, Kyani, Subha, Ellie, Skye and Taslima for your brilliant effort with home learning over the past week. Finally, join me in wishing a very happy birthday to Anna and Robin who are celebrating being a whole year older this week.