Blog Friday 4th December 2020

Festive Season

We are running an online festive calendar until the end of term. Students and staff can open a door online each day. Behind each day is a competition, challenge, treat or something to make everyone smile. So far this week we have had a competition to finish a cracker joke, sweets have been given out in tutor time, a challenge to recreate one of the 12 days of Christmas in a photo is running until Monday and today everyone is hunting for an elf door in order to win a prize. More festive fun from the calendar next week and special thanks to the PTA for sponsoring the calendar and all the prizes and treats.


Year 11 Post-16 Update

Most virtual open events are now coming to an end and the deadline for post-16 applications looms. The internal deadline to have everything completed is 14th December 2020. This is to check everything is completed on site where applications are completed. Year 11 students need to complete their profile template, parental information, work experience (if any), personal statement, ‘favourite’ their chosen courses at post-16 providers (students can choose up to five different courses and place them in preferred order) and completed applications to their chosen post-16 providers. It is advised to apply to at least two providers: a first and second choice. Students can apply for up to five. If your child needs any help or support with their application, please do get in touch with Mrs Carter or Mr Desbois.


Ovid Mythology Competition Finalists

On Tuesday 1st December six Year 7 students (Andrew, Arun, Julius, Mabel, Mayuri and Caitlin) attended the virtual finals of the CSCP Ovid Mythology Competition. They enjoyed a live myth performance from a professional storyteller, a quiz on mythology and the chance to talk to some world experts about their favourite periods of Greek and Roman history. We would like to offer huge congratulations to Mabel in particular who won the Live Performance category with her sensitively written poem about Persephone in the Underworld which she recorded over a mysterious piano accompaniment. The bar is set very high for next year’s Latin and Classics students!


Year 8 PSHE Day

On Friday 27th November, Year 8 took part in a PSHE day (This Is Me!). Over the course of the day, they participated in six workshops exploring a range of topics all designed to boost their self-confidence whilst also touching on topics such as bullying, mental health, and gender and sexual identity. Students’ behaviour and engagement throughout the day was exceptional and many expressed that they enjoyed the workshops delivered by Chesterton staff. The students showed real maturity as they contributed vibrant and helpful discussions about the different topics and a number of students and staff commented on how informative the day had been. Hopefully, many students feel that the day has contributed to them further developing in their own self-confidence whilst being aware of the realities of media in order to then challenge the ‘norms’ that they so often see being portrayed. If students wish to discuss any of the content further, then they should get in touch with their Form Tutor, Head of House or come and chat with the PSHE team.


Year 11 PSHE Day

On Wednesday 9th December, students in Year 11 will be taking part in a PSHE day focused around health. The day will include a wide range of topics designed to prepare students for the next few years ahead as they move into adulthood. The focus is on personal safety and legalities.

We look forward to welcoming two visitors for the day to deliver sessions using their expertise including: The Terrence Higgins Trust, who are the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity; and secondly It’s on the Ball, a testicular cancer charity based in Norwich, which seeks to raise awareness around testicular cancer and they will also address breast cancer with our students during the session.


Enter the PTA Raffle! 

Enter the PTA raffle and you could win one of two Christmas hampers. Stir Café and Bakery have put together two hampers of Christmas goodies, which they are raffling off as a fundraiser for the school. Each hamper will have all sorts of lovely things to enjoy during the holiday season.

How do I enter the prize draw? 

Raffle tickets are £1.00 per ticket and available for sale on ParentMail from now until 15th December.

The winners will be drawn on 16th December – the day before the school Christmas Fair – and announced on 17th December. All proceeds from the raffle will go to the Chesterton PTA, which funds various enrichment activities for the school.

Chocolate-tastic hamper

The first hamper is filled to the brim with all of your favourite chocolate treats: from Maltesers to Smarties, Toblerone to Double Deckers, and tubs of Heroes and Cadbury Roses.

Stir Bakery Basket of Treats

The second hamper is chock full of all sorts of lovely things to enjoy during the holiday season, worth around £90. Look at this long list of goodies which are all in the bakery hamper:

* Box of hand decorated gingerbread cookies

* Panettone

* Extra Virgin Olive Oil (produced by local company Olive Olive)

* England Preserves Red Onion Marmalade

* Box of Deep-Filled Mince Pies

* Christmas Face Mask (handmade)

* Gluten Free Granola

* Amaretti biscuits

* Stollen

* Christmas Biscotti

* Macarons

* Stir Bakery tote bag

All the food items in the hamper are freshly made in the bakery and will be made closer to the time of delivery or collection.

English Literature Lecture Series

On Tuesday 8th December, Year 11 students are invited to attend the first session in the English Literature Lecture Series. These lectures will challenge students to stretch their thinking and develop their love of literature beyond what they cover in the classroom. The lectures provide students with an opportunity to extend and improve their knowledge of their English Literature GCSE texts whilst also discussing and debating ideas that extend into A-level and, in some cases, degree-level content. Sessions will run after school on Tuesdays in A14; all Year 11 students are welcome to attend. For more information, please speak to Miss Bates.


Sports Centre Vacancy

Chesterton Sports Centre has a vacancy for a Leisure Assistant. Please click here to view the advert for anyone who might be interested in the position.


Christmas Shopping Fundraiser

If you are doing any shopping in the coming weeks there are three ways we can raise money for school at the same time. If you could shop via any of these three routes then money will automatically go to the school PTA without any extra expense to you.


If you are shopping on Amazon please start at On your first visit, you can designate “Chesterton Community College Parent & Teacher Association” as your chosen charity – and they’ll donate a portion of every qualifying purchase to the PTA.


If you are shopping more generally online please start at or download the easy fundraising app. On your first visit you can select Chesterton PTA as your charity. You can access most major online stores via the link or app and a portion of your purchase(s) is donated to the PTA.


Please download the Co-op app or visit to become a member. Once you are a member you can select Chesterton PTA as your charity then every time you buy online or in a shop and show your membership card a donation will be made to the PTA.


Equiano House

This week has been a busy yet successful one for Equiano. Our Year 9s had their virtual parents’ evening on Tuesday – thank you to all of the parents who attended. Our Year 7s have taken part in a ‘Me, Myself and I’ PSHE day and each year group in Equiano is contributing towards donations that are going to Jimmy’s Night Shelter. This is something that Chesterton students get involved with every year and it is amazing to see the amount of support in the community. Students will be made aware of how to donate during tutor time this week.

Students are starting to enjoy the December festivities with the opening of the online Chesterton advent calendar every morning. Students will be looking out for the competitions, treats and smiles behind the doors. Finally, well done to Harvey who currently has 55 Above and Beyond Points.


Cavendish House

Another positive week for Cavendish. Year 11 have now finished their mock exams and we have been so impressed with their conduct throughout. Years 7-10 have also been working incredibly hard – keep it up!

Year 7 had their PSHE day on Thursday which covered sessions such as Wellbeing, the Importance of Sleep, and Health and Fitness. We hope Year 7 got lots out of these sessions and a big thank you to all staff involved with the running of the day.

December is well and truly upon us, and Chesterton is running its very own festive calendar. Behind each door is a competition, challenge or a treat which will get us all into the festive spirit.


Hill House

Another brilliant week for Hill students. The house team are so proud of how all Hill students continue to show excellent behaviour an attitude around school despite all the recent changes. Hill students have been attending all of the sporting extracurricular clubs that have started this week. Don’t forget to find your PE Teacher if there is a club you wish to attend. On another note Hill students have had a great start in collecting Above and Beyond Points: we have nine students who are now on 30 or more ABPS which is a fantastic achievement. Top honours go to Eisha (Yr7) and Quinn (Yr 8) – well done!


Fawcett House

Students in Fawcett House have really enjoyed the start of the advent activity where a surprise has been waiting behind each door on an electronic calendar for each form to view. Tasks so far have included: a photo-a-day challenge, finish the cracker joke teacher and lots of sweet treats. With just less than two weeks until the end of term, students are full of excitement for the festive period with fun activities in lessons to look forward to. Elida (51) and Kalina (45) continue to lead the way on Above and Beyond Points with Hollie and Sinead (43), Ken (42) and Isaac (41) following closely behind. Keep up the great work and festive spirit, Fawcett!


Robinson House

Happy birthday to Roxane, Ziyad, Mudassar and Dejun! This week in assembly, Mr Firth led an inspiring awareness event regarding disabilities and international role models. Our Year 11 mocks have now finished for the majority of students, congratulations! We know it has been a tough time, but you have proved to yourselves that you can all do it! If you missed any of the mock exams, you need to attend a catch-up session so speak to your subject teachers or tutor if you are unsure on how to arrange this. Leading up to Christmas (in just 21 days) we have now started our yearly campaign raising awareness and resources for Jimmy’s Night Shelter helping the national effort to tackle homelessness. Our Robinson form groups always make a huge impact with their donations so let our generosity continue this year.


Face Masks

Finally, a strong reminder that you need to have face masks with you every day in school and be wearing them in corridors. This is one of the major factors keeping all of us and our families safe and hence is highly important. Your tutors will be checking every pupil this week, so please have your masks to hand.


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