Student Admission Form

Please only complete once you have been offered a place

The Data Protection Act (1998) and the Education (Pupil Information) (England) Regulations 2005 protect this strictly confidential information, stored on the school’s student records database. The information on ethnic origin and first language is needed by the school and by Cambridgeshire Learning Authority. This is to ensure that resources are made available when required and that the Education Service offers real equality of opportunity for all pupils.


Please complete this form fully; it will help us to give your child the best start at Chesterton.

(Please ensure that all names requested on this form are completed in full)

█ Details of Student

All of our admissions information is contained on our website by clicking on the heading, ‘Information’ and selecting ‘Admissions’.

If supplied, this information will be shared with Cambridgeshire County Council and other relevant bodies administering public funds. By signing this form, I/we give permission for the data to be shared as appropriate to enable: determination of the support available; verification of any entitlement to Free School Meals/Pupil Premium; prevention and detection of fraud in connection with any claims; periodic checks by the Education Welfare Benefit Service to confirm entitlement to education benefits.

For further information on the handling of personal data, please see a copy of the Privacy Notice at

█ Details of Parents/Carers With whom the Student lives

The E-mail address you have given us will be used to send you letters and information about your child’s progress and behaviour and other communications that we need to send to you
Please tell us immediately if any of the above details change

█ Separated Parent Information - For those with parental responsibility (but who may not necessarily reside with the child)

In English law Parental responsibility is a legal phrase used to define who has the rights and obligations in making decisions which affect the child’s life. Parental responsibility includes legal rights and responsibilities in choosing and providing for the child’s education. Unless there is a Protection Order from the Court, the College has a legal obligation to provide all people with parental responsibility, reports and school information. The College will assume that the person/s listed below, who has/have parental responsibility, but with whom the student does not reside, will automatically receive information regarding the pupil.
Protection Order information: If there is a Protection Order issued against the person/s listed below, who have parental responsibility, please provide details on a separate piece of paper, placed in a sealed envelope, marked Private and Confidential, for the attention of the College’s Child Protection Officer. The information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential but may be shared with other relevant members of staff at the discretion of the College’s Child Protection Officer.
The E-mail address you have given us will be used to send you letters and information about your child’s progress and behaviour and other communications that we need to send to you
Please tell us immediately if any contact details change.

█ Emergency Contact Details (other than Parents/Carers)

These are very important to us. If your child becomes ill during the day, we need to be able to contact you or someone acting for you who is able to collect your child. If we are unable to contact you, you may wish to give the contact details of up to two persons who may (with their agreement) act on your behalf in an emergency. If you have no relatives in the area, then ask a friend, neighbour or childminder if they would be willing to act as an emergency contact.
Contact Priority 1 (if parents/carers not available)
Contact Priority 2 (if parents/carers not available)

█ Family Information

Please give details of any other children living at the same address:

█ Lunch Arrangements

School Meal Free School Meal** Packed Lunch *Special Dietary requirements
The Education Funding Agency are committed to ensuring that those students who claim Free School Meals receive additional funding for their education. For 2016/2017 educational establishments will receive an additional £935 per student, so please do check your eligibility and claim if you are entitled to. **Should you wish to check your eligibility for Free School Meals please use the following sources. Ms Hayley Coppin, Finance Department, Email: Tel: +0044 (0)1223 712150 (Internal ex. 159)

█ Medical Details

It is important that you provide us with information of the medical centre/surgery that your child is registered with
Student’s Medical Needs/Conditions:
Please note that if your child has a long term, ongoing health need they will require an Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP). The school will be in contact to arrange a suitable time to complete an IHCP with you.
It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to update the school of any changes to their child’s medical needs.

█ Special Education Needs (SEN)

If YES, please indicate below to confirm if your child is identified on the SEN register at their current school and, if they have a Statement of Education:

█ Ethnic Information

To help us and the local authority in monitoring equal opportunities you are asked to complete the following: Family’s Ethnic Origin. (Our ethnic background describes how we think of ourselves. This may be based on many things, including, for example, our skin colour, culture, ancestry or family history. Ethnic background is not the same as nationality or country of birth.)
If English is not your first language

█ Travel Arrangements

Linked to the Government's Travel to School Initiative, we are currently refining a school travel plan, which details how our students travel to and from school. We would be grateful if you could tell us what mode of transport your child normally uses. Where he/she uses more than one mode of travel for each journey to school, you should tell us the most frequently used and/or the longest element of the journey by distance.

█ Details of last school attended (pior to Chesterton Community College)

Name and telephone number of the school the student is currently attending (this should include overseas education if applicable). If your child is not currently attending a school please tell us the most recent school they attended:

█ Declaration

I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the information on this form is correct

█ Parental/Carer Consent Section

We require permission from you for several things. Please fill in the permission tick boxes below. More information about each tick box can be found at in the Parental Permission Section. In an instance of an organizer needing to contact you whilst your child is participating in a school trip the contact details used will be those recorded on our College database - it is therefore essential that any changes to contact telephone numbers are notified to the College as quickly as possible. Likewise, any medical conditions which your child may develop over their time at the College should also be reported to us.
Throughout my child’s time at Chesterton, I give the following permissions for my child:

█ Local Visits

There are times in every school year when we accompany groups of students on local visits out of school. An Art visit to the museum, a History walk into Cambridge and a PE fixture off-site are examples of this kind of short visit. Local visits are an important part of your child’s education and they are organised carefully and thoroughly. I would like to ask you to agree to your child taking part in local visits by signing the permission requirement below.

█ Local Visits Permission

We will of course inform you, and request your specific consent, for trips which are further afield, take place outside of normal College hours and/or require a parental contribution
Use of Photograph/Video/DVD images
At Chesterton Community College we take the issues of child safety very seriously, and this includes the use of images of pupils.
In Chesterton publications On the Chesterton website By the local press If you are happy for your child’s image to be used by the local press but would prefer her/his name not to appear alongside the image

█ PSHE Education

PSHE is a core part of the curriculum taught to all students at Chesterton. For full details of our PSHE curriculum and policy, please see the school website.

█ Biometric Data

Chesterton Community College operates a Cashfree catering service.
New students will be enrolled onto the system upon joining the College. The method of recognition which Chesterton has chosen is Fingertip Scanning. This is the latest in secure technology and unlike other biometric methods does not store any personal identity data on the system. The process is completely safe and secure. A digit of each student will be scanned and a unique number will be recorded and scrambled. This process takes a few seconds. They will then simply place their finger (again for a few seconds) on the reader when they come to pay for their purchases in the canteen. The reading is very accurate, more accurate than other methods we have investigated. Students whose parents/carers do not consent to the use of biometric data will still have a cashless catering account. The use of biometric identification is our preferred method of accessing student accounts; students for who this data is not held will have their accounts accessed manually, by till operators entering the student's name - operating accounts in this way means that transactions will take longer and also carries a higher risk of administrative error, whereby incorrect accounts could inadvertently be debited.

█ Biometric Data Permission

█ Student ICT Acceptable Use Consent

Agreement: I, as a student of Chesterton Community College, am signing below to show that I have read, understood and will try to abide by the rules set out in the Student Acceptable Use Policy. This document can be found on our website under Policies