Head Teacher’s Blog – Fri 19th November 2021

“Something Isn’t Right”: Our new reporting tool 

This week we have launched our new ‘Something isn’t right’ tool on the website. This tool is for parents, carers and students to report any worries they may have about their own or others’ safety. Safeguarding at Chesterton Community College is our absolute priority and we know that sometimes it isn’t easy to talk about concerns, so we hope that this tool will encourage those to report any worries. Any concerns raised on the tool go straight to the safeguarding team. A link to the tool is here:  

Something Isn’t Right – Chesterton Community College (chestertoncc.org) 

If you would prefer to email the safeguarding team, then just a reminder that our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Butler: and that our Safeguarding Officer is Ms Goldhawk:  

The tool has been advertised to students in tutor time and is also on the whole school Teams under ‘Wellbeing’.  


Wellbeing Support 

Just a reminder that we offer a vast range of student support at Chesterton, including being mentored by our fantastic in-house wellbeing team. We also have:  

  • the NHS Mental Health Support Team on site every Monday for 1:1 sessions  
  • YMCA counselling every Thursday  
  • other external agencies and charities that work closely with our school 

Every student is different and needs different support, so we really hope that by having such a range we can provide support to everyone that needs it. 

For students and also parents, it is so hard to know what support is right. If you feel that your student does need some support then complete a referral using our form and Mrs Butler will be in touch with what our next steps can be. 

Next week the NHS team also starts some group sessions with Year 11s to support them through their final year at Chesterton. The group will last 3 weeks and will cover strategies to cope with managing time as well as preparing mentally for the transition to sixth form. 


YMCA Managing Challenging Behaviours: Parent training 

On the 1st December, YMCA are hosting a free one-hour webinar for both teachers and parents. The webinar will look at theory and strategies to support the management of challenging behaviours. If you want to find out more then please click here: Something Isn’t Right – Chesterton Community College (chestertoncc.org).You can also register for the event on the same link. 

Years 7 and 8 Book Club: Books and biscuits 

Years 7 and 8 Book Club had a great response for our first meeting this week. Thank you to all the students who have signed up and made suggestions about what we want to read. Anyone is still welcome to join in at any point – just turn up to the library on a Monday break time to pick up a book and discuss what you’re reading. (We’ll be the ones on the tables with the biscuits.) 


Years 9-11 Virtual Book Club 

There is a new book club for students in Years 9, 10 and 11 and staff. (Parents are also very welcome to read along with us, and to discuss reading with their children, but I’m afraid it won’t be possible to be in the Team). 

Any student or staff member who would like to join in the Virtual Book Club should first join the Edulink club (just search in the clubs on Edulink for ‘Year 9-11 book club’ and click ‘join’) and you will then be added to the Year 9-11 book club Team for online discussion.  

Virtual Book Club is a space to promote great books and share our thoughts about what we’re reading. Every few weeks there will be a recommended author and some links to some online reading. (You can also go to the library and get out books by this author, of course.) We’d love it if members could share reviews and ideas on Teams (or just chat with friends and family about what you’ve read). 

Our first author is Charles Dickens. He has written 15 novels (have you read any already? which ones would you recommend?) and lots of other things too. The challenge is to read something by Dickens by January: there are plenty of his books in libraries and lots online for free too, such as here: https://freeclassicebooks.com/charles_dickens.htm 

If you’re short on time, here is a link to discover some of his short stories: https://interestingliterature.com/2021/02/best-charles-dickens-short-stories/.  

So please consider joining, and dive on into some Dickens reading and discussion. 


Chesterton Lectures 

On Monday 22nd November, 15:10-16:00, Kathryn Knight will be presenting a face-to-face lecture on school site. This lecture is about the ‘Fastest, deepest, longest: mysteries of the animal world revealed’.  

The lecture will take place in E18, and during this lecture, Kathryn will talk about how ‘scientists believe that we share this planet with about 8.7 million species; only about 1.2 million have been described and few of those animals are fully understood. We don’t understand how animals navigate or how cold-blooded animals will deal with climate change; and even when we do know some details about an animal’s lifestyle, they still hide many mysteries. I’m going to tell you about some extraordinary animals, some familiar and some less familiar, from some of the smallest to the largest that ever lived, the amazing things they do and the incredible lessons that they are teaching us about life on our planet’. 

If this is something your child/children are interested in, then please can you reply to me (Mrs Hawkins) at:  


Year 11 Enrichment Days 

We are excited to announce that a two-day enrichment programme for our Year 11 students will be taking place on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th December 2021. Information has gone out to Year 11 students and parents/carers this week; more information will follow soon.  


Year 9 PSHE 

On Wednesday 17th November, Year 9 took part in a PSHE day called ‘Teen Choices’. This day was all about making the right choices in life, with a variety of topics including knife crime, county lines, alcohol and smoking, peer pressure, joint enterprise and prison life. The day started with two guest speakers: Cambridgeshire County Council who talked to us about county lines and exploitation and then Cambridgeshire Police Officer PC Ed Payne, who talked to us about knife crime – he even performed a stop and search on Mr Moore to show us what to expect if we were ever stopped in the street. The rest of the day was a carousel of teacher-led sessions. We hope that Year 9 thoroughly enjoyed the day and enjoyed learning about something a bit different to their normal classroom lessons. Our final PSHE day of the term will be for Year 7 on 30th November. 


Years 8 and 9 Netball Fixture 

The first netball fixture of the season was a huge success, against NCA on Thursday 18th November. Both teams represented the school with pride and demonstrated excellent team work. The attacking players all showed accurate shooting, and the defensive players were solid in both 1st and 2nd stages of defence, which prevent the opposition from scoring. Additionally the centre court players moved the ball around the court and used the different channels, which was something the students had been working hard at in training. Mrs Hawkins was extremely proud of both teams – well done to all who took part! 

  • Year 8 Score: NCA 0 – 23 CCC 
  • Year 9 Score: NCA 2 – 33 CCC 
  • Year 8 team: Bea, Rose, Gabi, Stella, Lotte, Megan, Shaimaa 
  • Year 9 team: Nilakshi, Elodie, Alessandra, Izzy, Lily, Ilana, Emily and Kalina 



Christmas Fair: Present stall donations 

Another reminder that for the last four years, your PTA and Chesterton school have jointly run a fun Christmas fair on the last day of term for the children. Every year the ‘Last Minute Presents’ table is hugely popular as kids can pick up nice things for someone special – a parent, carer, grandparent, sibling, friend – between 50p and £5. The PTA volunteers wrap any present for free so that the children can bring them home ready to go under the tree. 

Please contribute items for the sale: to keep the prices low, and make it affordable for all children, we rely on parental donations for the present stall. 

Donations should be a gift in great condition (unopened and unused), ideally still with labels and one that you also wouldn’t mind receiving at Christmas. 

In years past the children have been able to choose from a wide variety of items, for example: 

  • Chocolates and edible treats 
  • Beauty products and toiletries, including nice things for dads 
  • Homewares – scented candles, for example, are always popular 
  • Fashion items and accessories, scarves and costume jewellery  
  • Games, puzzles and toys for children 
  • Books, DVDs and stationery 

If you have present-wrapping materials to donate, we would love to have them. We would be grateful for donations of the following Christmas-themed wrapping materials: 

  • Wrapping paper 
  • Bows 
  • Tags (stickers) 
  • Present bags 
  • Tissue paper (any colour) 
  • Fabrics 

All contributions can be left by your child from now until Friday, 10th December at the school reception for the attention of the PTA. 


Equiano House 

This week students in Equiano have continued working hard to receive Above and Beyond Points (ABPs) and lots of our students have been given their level 2 reward during tutor time. A special well done to Eric in Year 7 for having a total of 58 points.  

During the week our Year 9 students had a dropdown PSHE day that focused on ‘teen choices’ while other year groups concentrated on ‘Diversity, Prejudice and Equality’. 

It was the last week of mock exams for the Year 11 pupils and we are so proud of how hard they have worked and how their motivation has persisted. 

Please do get in touch with Mr Gilliver, Mr Parkinson or Miss Malik if you have any concerns. 


Cavendish House 

Another busy week for Cavendish! This week saw the end of the mock exam period – Year 11 students should be proud of the way they have conducted themselves during this time.  

Year 9 had a PSHE day on Wednesday – thank you to all staff involved with the running of the day.  

Chesterton celebrated Children in Need this week with a series of fun activities including a breaktime stall selling CIN merchandise, games and a raffle to be in with the chance to win a giant Pudsey! We also had a non-uniform day on Friday and a ‘Pudsey Pizza Party’ to mark the occasion with all profits raised going to the wonderful charity.  

Next week’s Chesterton Lecture will see Kathryn Knight deliver a fascinating lecture titled ‘Fastest, deepest, longest: mysteries of the animal world revealed’. What a brilliant opportunity to get involved with!  

ABPs continue to be awarded to Cavendish students with Cavendish 1 holding the top spot with a staggering 551 points. Keep up the hard work – it is brilliant to see.  

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week. 


Hill House 

This week Year 9 students in Hill have been taking part in a PSHE day on Teen Choices – a programme that is designed to help young people make good, informed choices in their lives. Year 11 students reached the end of their mock exams this week, and we would like to congratulate them on all their hard work. Well done!  

The usual house competitions did not run as normal this week, as on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there were some competitions outside the auditorium to raise money for the Children in Need charity – these included merchandise, a raffle and a Guess the Sweets competition. 


Fawcett House 

Fawcett House continue to earn plenty of ABPs which is testament to how hard they are working this term. The house leaders are Jay and Thomas who have earned 56 and 55 ABPs respectively. We then have Rosa, Zara, Elida, Albert, Amy, Jacob, Lily and Ben who make up the top 10 students with most ABPs. A massive well done for those Fawcett students who present 100% attendance records – may you all keep up the resilience and punctuality.  

This week, our Year 9 Fawcett students participated in a PSHE day ‘Teen Choices’ where they experienced talks on a variety of different topics and had a year group assembly in the morning.  

Finally, a huge thank you to Mr Watkins and our prefects for organising and helping with such a wonderful selection of activities for Children in Need. Thank you to all of those who helped to contribute to making the fundraisers such a success.  


Robinson House 

Well done to our amazing Year 11s for finishing your mock exams! Breathe a sign of relief and pat yourselves on the back. (A Robinson-related treat may be heading your way… ) Children in Need was recognised this week with a non-school uniform day raising money for charity (you can still donate via Parentmail).  

It is also International Anti-Bullying Week which prompted many thoughtful discussions during Robinson form time, so remember to be kind.  

Happy birthday to Max, Lily and Alice who all gain another year under their belt this week. Pop along to the Robinson office for a treat.