Week ending 6th January

•Happy 2017 from everyone at Chesterton!
•64 students and eight staff departed Chesterton on Friday 16th February by coach for a week of skiing in the Italian Dolomites. Almost half of the students (and some staff) learnt to ski for the first time, whilst all other students improved their skiing ability. Many skied on black pistes for the first time. All staff and students made it safely back to Chesterton on Friday 23rd December, just in time for Christmas!
•Hopefully students and parents in Year 9 have been able to look through the Key Stage Four (Years 10 and 11) Pathways booklet and have taken a look at our video over the Christmas break. In school this week, students have begun their tutorials around course choices and there was an assembly for students this week. Each student and their parents have been offered a Pathways Appointment on either Wednesday 11th or Thursday 12th January (next week), and I encourage you all to book these appointments on the online booking system (www.chesterton.parentseveningsystem.co.uk) as soon as possible. We look forward to the opportunity to have a conversation with you and your child around course choices. In these appointments we will guide you through the process of selecting your courses.
•Many Parents have signed up to view live data on the Chesterton Reporting System (CRS) and, if you have not done so, we really encourage you to do so. Every student had their grades updated toward the end of last term, and you can review these live in CRS throughout this term. It is also timely at the beginning of the year to look at attendance and achievements in the CRS and regularly review through the term. If anything concerns you, please do contact the relevant member of staff and if you have any questions about the CRS, please do contact Richard Auffret.
•We said goodbye to Richard Kirkby last term who has gone on to an exciting new job opportunity. Richard Auffret is our new Strategic Director of Curriculum and Technology and Dr Kath Hutchinson is our new Director of CPD and E-learning.
•Last term saw some amazing, intriguing and innovative uses of the iPad around the school. Please remember/remind your child that their iPad should be brought in every day, in its case and fully charged.
•Year 7 PSE in tutor groups has started with students working on a journal called “Mental Wealth” for this half term. It reflects on coping and resilience skills in a wide range of contexts.
•Year 8-11 PSE in vertical tutor groups is based on a three week project called ‘Shaping My Future’ which supports careers and also Year 9 option choices which students are starting to consider this week.
•English lessons for speakers of other languages: Sarah Adams would like to invite you to join her on Friday 13th January from 9.30am, to try our exciting English lessons. We encourage parents of all levels of English to attend and we offer classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced level as well as English for Work. We are also offering an enrolment evening on Friday 6th January from 6-8pm at Chesterton Sports Centre where you can come and meet with Sarah to discuss the courses. Please contact Sarah if you would like more information or would like to attend either event. sadams@chesterton.cambs.sch.ukwww.esolcafe.co.uk


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