Headteacher’s blog week ending 8 November 2019

Venue Hire

We are keen to ensure our new facilities are well used and also generate income for school funds. Please do share this link with anyone you know who may wish to hire facilities: local community groups, theatre groups etc. https://ccc.cambridgeshireeducationaltrust.org/venue-hire/venues/

LGBTQ Training

This week, staff took part in important LGBTQ+ training and some brilliant discussions were had about how we can diversify our curriculum and challenge LGBT phobic bullying in and out of lessons. As a school, we want to support our LGBTQ+ students as best we can, given the wealth of evidence showing that LGBTQ+ young people are still disproportionately affected by mental health issues. We want to promote equality of opportunity so that all pupils can thrive together and learn that difference is positive, not negative, as well as promoting an inclusive environment which makes all students feel safe and welcome. This year, Chesterton is working towards the Rainbow Flag Award; an initiative that aims to reduce LGBT phobic bullying by positively educating about LGBTQ+ identities. The Rainbow Flag Award encourages a whole school approach to LGBTQ+ inclusion in the following areas:

  • Skilled Teachers
  • Supportive Parents & Governors
  • Effective Policies
  • Inclusive Curriculum
  • Pastoral Support
  • Pupil Voice

If you would like to contribute to the Award in any way, please get in touch with Miss Martinelli or Miss S Malik.

Piano Fundraising

Do you play the piano? Come and take part in a sponsored piano concert to fundraise towards our new auditorium piano. The concert will be held on Tuesday 26th November from 3.45pm in the auditorium. You should raise at least £5 in order to play. All pianists of all levels – students, staff, parents and friends welcome!

Please sign up on the M1 door and come to the music office for a sponsorship form if you are a Chesterton student, or email cwilson@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk to sign up.

Key Stage 3 Drama Auditions

Auditions were held for the Year 7, 8 and 9 play on Thursday 7th November. Miss Beynon is directing an adaption of the 2019 National Theatre Connections play Class by Ben Bailey Smith and Lajaune Lincoln. We are really excited to begin work on this project, as it explores the lack of cohesion in our current parliament, interspersed with comments on the influence of social media and the internet on our daily lives. This is an idea that has been brought up in many class discussions, so we felt it appropriate to select a play for the Key Stage Three students that was relevant to them and their own experiences. The students are also very excited to have Clare Macgregor, a local theatre practitioner, assist with rehearsals in the coming weeks and we look forward to seeing what the rehearsal process brings.

Sport Leaders

On Friday 1 November, twenty students from Chesterton’s Sport Leaders Academy volunteered in a session with John Willis from Power 2 Inspire. John, who was born without fully formed arms and legs, delivered a variety of inclusive and Paralympic activities to the students. For many of the students this was their first experience of the activities they participated in. Alongside learning how to play the activities, the students learnt how they could adapt the games for children with a variety of needs to allow everyone, no matter their disability, to engage and have fun in sport. This training was in preparation for delivering these activities to students at Castle School later on in the term. The positive energy the students displayed is exciting for when they apply what they have learnt.

Teatime Concert

The Music Department is currently recruiting musicians from all year groups for an upcoming Teatime Concert on Tuesday 19th November, beginning at 3:45pm in M1 (performers to arrive by 3:15 to warm up). This is a great opportunity for students to perform the music they have learned over the school holidays. The sign-up sheet is on the M1 door in the Music Department.

Inter-House Competitions

Year 7 Inter-House Rugby and Hockey took place this week with 200 students enjoying a fantastic sporting event in the calendar. There was some superb rugby and hockey being played and all in excellent spirit and fair play. The winning house for the Rugby Inter-House was Robinson and the winners of the Hockey Inter-House was Equiano. A special mention to Esme, Olivia, Jason, and Kai who all earnt ABP’s for their excellent performances. Well done to all of Year 7 for an excellent Inter-House debut. Cross Country Inter-House up next.

Certificate Evening

On Thursday 14th November we will welcome back the class of 2019 to present students with their GCSE exam certificates. The event takes place in the Auditorium at 7pm, and refreshments will be served from 6.30pm.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

We have the University of Cambridge coming in over the next half term to work with over 40 of our students as part of an ongoing wellbeing research project. Thanks to all who have signed up and supported the project. House Council has started to discuss mental health and wellbeing as their topic for this half term, working with Miss Saliba and Mrs Butler to form a questionnaire to see what our students’ opinions are on the support at Chesterton and what else we could do to improve the provision here. The council members themselves have had some fantastic ideas and we are looking forward to hear from the rest of the school in the upcoming weeks.

Our Years 10 and 11 yoga sessions start next week and we have had lots of students sign up. It is fantastic to hear tutors and parents talking to our students about the great opportunities we have on offer. These sessions are designed for our Key
help with stress management, anxieties around exams and most importantly to emphasise the importance of looking after themselves and having time to focus on them.

Cavendish News

Every Friday forms compete against each other in the form quiz. So far Cavendish 4 are in the lead within our house and second among the other houses. While we are celebrating, it is fantastic to see that 85% of Cavendish students still have 100% attendance for this term, which is a huge achievement for individuals and as a house. Years 7 and 8 students have started the Inter-House competitions well for Cavendish this week, earning us house points that will, hopefully, help us win the house cup this year.

During tutor time this week we have had an assembly in the lead up to Remembrance Day led by Miss Cornick. We have continued to explore careers in PSHE and many of our Year 8s spent Wednesday shadowing their parents at work.

Equiano News

Students in Equiano have been completing the latest PSHE topics on careers. This has included researching job requirements, finding out what famous people studied, as well as considering jobs that don’t yet exist. Students have also been reflecting on the sacrifices our servicemen and servicewomen have made over the years, in anticipation of Remembrance Day next week. Although attendance for Equiano students is good overall, it is important that students are in school every day if possible. Please do send your children to school unless they are very unwell. Every lesson will impact upon the learning and development of your child. Finally, congratulations to Zainab, who now leads the way with the most Above and Beyond Points (ABPs) for Equiano students.

Fawcett House

Year 7 students took part in an excellent Inter-House competition on Monday – both the rugby and hockey performances were fantastic, on and off the pitch. Unfortunately we didn’t win overall; however, we were able to win the Hockey A and Rugby A tournaments. I hope Year 8 enjoyed their work shadowing day and are looking forward to their Inter-House which takes place this Friday – good luck to all involved! I would also like to wish all Year 11 students the best of luck in their mock exams which kick off next week – students should ask Mr Firth if they would like any support before, during, or after their studies. Finally, the current form leaders are Fawcett 1 for the most ABP’s (361) and Fawcett 9 for the highest attendance (98.5%).

Hill House Update

Hill students have been focused on careers this week, with all students exploring career options during tutor time and with Year 8 students enjoying the wonders of the workplace with a shadowing scheme. Meanwhile two Inter-House competitions have also taken place, with the might of both Year 7 and 8 Hill students looking to rival the sporting prowess ofRobinson. Let’s hope that the dedication in the classroom that has seen Hill 5 receive over 300 Above and Beyond Points translates onto the sports fields and into sporting success.

Robinson News

This week in PSHE, Robinson students continue to focus on careers and how the development of technology will impact the jobs of the future. Students discussed how gaining a broader skill set will give them an advantage in a job that may not yet exist. On Friday, Robinson students will have an assembly to mark next week’s Remembrance Day. In the lead up to mocks, Year 11 students are working hard to prepare for their exams. It is very important at this time that students look after their physical and mental health. Students in Years 10 and 11 are being offered a free 10-week yoga course. The course focuses on breathing and relaxation techniques and I would encourage as many students as possible to sign up for this fantastic opportunity. Every Thursday break time there is a house competition in A1, when students compete in mini challenges to win house points. So far this year, no one from Robinson has attended so please do help me in encouraging students to go along and win some house points. Congratulations to Rory (Rob 8) who holds the title of student with the most ABPs, followed closely by Sian, Kristers and Robin.


A reminder that the website is currently available at http://ccc.cambridgeshireeducationaltrust.org/

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