Important Information regarding Chesterton provided iPads

Dear Parent / Carer,

The recent latest release of iPad configuration software from Apple has provided schools with the potential for higher levels of security and the opportunity to upgrade our current package at Chesterton.  After evaluating this opportunity and working through the process required to apply this software we feel it is advisable to ensure that this is placed on every student device.

Unfortunately the only way this software can be applied is to recall each device, plug it into our central configuration system and reset the device.  Therefore we are giving students with information on how to backup any important information before we recall these devices.  We will start the recall and re-provision on Monday 1st December and hope to have completed the entire school by the Christmas holidays.

The re-provisioning process will only take one day so students will only be without their device from form time until the end of the school day on the day we work on their device.  They will then be able to re-download apps and restore any work from cloud backups.  Some of the information we have provided regarding how to backup your device can be found below:

Backing Up Work on your iPad – PDF

Backing Up Work on your iPad – Powerpoint

Guidance on setting up your OneDrive cloud storage and saving Office docs to it:

We will not be configuring any devices not provided by Chesterton.  However, if parents of students who have provided their own device would like the higher level of security then please contact us and we will arrange that the device to be recalled also.

Kind regards,

Richard Kirkby, Lucy Scott


Chesterton Community College
Gilbert Road

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Mrs Lucy Scott