Electronic Communication Channels

We have recently evaluated our communication channels and introduced some new channels, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Our outline guide for each channel and what you should expect to find there can be found below:


The College website will be the main source of information about the College. If you need to know information regarding the college ranging from staff contacts lists to the ‘Colleges Snow Status’, then the website is the only place with guaranteed real-time information. It is the only place we will ensure urgent messages are placed and will always be the first place we place any whole school messages.



ParentMail will continue to be the method of sharing letters and important information to parents, especially those which require follow-up action by parents. Parentmail is also our online payments provider; via Parentmail you can credit your child’s dinner money account, pay for trips and activities, and purchase items offered by faculties (such as books, calculators etc..).


As we launch our Facebook page in November 2013, Facebook has over 1.1 billion users and is a primary source of many people’s modern day communications. Having understood how to manage safeguarding concerns, Facebook will become a safe place where we share and celebrate our successes.



With mobile devices being used more and more as our main method of connecting with others during the day, following @chestertoncc on Twitter will keep you in the loop to what’s happening today at Chesterton! These tweets will often be used to link to website or Facebook posted news.



If you want to be a fly on the wall to learn about Outstanding teaching and learning, our YouTube channel is where we engage the community in what’s happening in the classroom, and how its driving progress and achievement. For the first time, parents have a porthole into their Children’s education, helping bring the school and families together.



The safe internal social network where students can see work relating to their classes only.  It is where we share homework with students and which parents have a portal to view this.  Students cannot message each other and parents cannot contact students.