Exams Info

Summer 2021

  • Students will receive grades awarded and determined by teachers.
  • Students are only assessed on what they have been taught.
  • Schools can draw on a range of evidence including the optional use of questions provided by exam boards, as well as mock exams, coursework, or other work completed as part of a pupil’s course, such as essays or in-class tests.
  • No algorithm will be used.
  • Results Day will take place in the week of 9 August.

Schools will submit grades by 18 June.

Students will be issued a Statement of Entry via their form tutor, to confirm which qualifications they are entered for. Kindly check names are correct as they will appear on certificates.

More information: Ofqual Student Guide to Awarding

Summer 2021 Exams Appeal Process

If you have any cause to query your grade, there is a centre review available to you. You can ask your centre to check whether it made a procedural error, an administrative error or both. (A priority appeal is only for students applying to higher education this year.)

The deadline to apply for a review is 16th August 2021.

The deadline for your centre to conduct the review is 20th August.

There are three possible outcomes to a centre review:

  1. Your original grade is lowered
  2. Your original grade is confirmed
  3. Your original grade is raised

Once a finding has been made you cannot withdraw your request. If your grade has been lowered, you will not be able to revert back to the original grade you received on results day.

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) has published some guidance which you can view here.

To apply for a centre review of a grade, please use the appropriate form below:

Stage One: Centre Review

Stage Two: Appeal to awarding organisation

The form will be monitored daily from the 12th August through the holidays. Please use this rather than emailing individual members of staff who will not be available to respond to your emails.

Summer 2021 Evidence Bases for Centre Assessed Grades

Exams Officer

Mrs Nicola Von Schreiber
Email: nvonschreiber@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk
Phone: 01223 712150