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Parents, employers, students: for all careers related enquiry, contact

Parents/Carers Post-16 Chesterton and beyond

Careers Journey at a glance

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This is a very helpful website for parents and carers aimed at helping you understand the world of careers to further support your child:

Applying for Further Education

The process for this is fairly straightforward, but you do have some work to do. You will have to:

Advice on each of these follows below. Remember, if you are stuck, speak to your Form Tutor, Mr Desbois or Mr Kirkland

Making an appointment to see a Careers Adviser

Juliet Martin is our Guidance Adviser. If you would like an appointment with him, please see Mr Desbois, especially if you are concerned or unsure about what to do when you leave Chesterton

Apprenticeship info

If you are interested in starting an apprenticeship when you leave school, then please look at the Youthoria website as all local apprenticeships are posted on this site. You can also view apprenticeship vacancies at the address below. Early application is vital check out or the National Apprenticeship Service

Choosing a course and an institution

The following websites are useful:

This website contains information on ALL the courses available at Post 16 Further Education Colleges, including the grades and GCSEs you will need in order to get in. There is a keyword search, so if you are not sure exactly what you want to do, you can type in something you are interested and be directed to a suitable course. It is worth spending time exploring this site! – Useful website if thinking about the future to see what Post 16 courses are relevant for specific degree courses.



Writing a Personal Statement

Your Personal Statement is an important part of your College application. It should be typed up in font Times New Roman size 12 and fit on one side of A4. You should have your personal statement completed and checked by your form tutor before the Christmas Holidays. Once checked you may upload it the Mychoice@16 website. Click on the links below for advice and examples on how to write your Personal Statement.

How to write a personal statement

Example of personal statement 1

Example of personal statement 2

Example of personal statement 3

Example of personal statement 4

Example of personal statement 5

Completing the Post 16 Application Form

In order to go to one of the Post 16 Centres, you will be required to complete an application form online using mychoice@16 site You will start to complete this during your Year 11 Post 16 day in October. Please use the mychoice@16 student training Power Point to help you.

MyChoice@16 – student training – using this online application you will complete your personal information, work experience, personal statement, choose your courses and select the colleges you wish to go to. Once you have completed your online application, Mr Desbois or Mr Kirkland will approve your profile and you will submit your application to the institutions of your choice with your personal statement and references. Please ensure you ask your form tutor to check your personal statement when you have uploaded it to mychoice@16.

Local Further Education Establishments

The main local Further Education establishments are listed below. Click on the links below to visit the different College websites.