How to book our lockers

Dear Parent

Secure Locker Rentals provides lockers for Chesterton Community College

The lockers are owned and maintained by Secure Locker Rentals and are available to rent on an annual basis at a cost of £30 per academic year (September to July). The lockers will be available to book online from June 10th 2019. Payment can be made by Paypal, Debit or Credit Card by visiting On receipt of payment the combination for the lock is sent to you via text or email.

The locker size is as follows:


Height 450mm

Width 385mm

Depth 500mm



All rentals are subject to our terms and conditions which are available during the booking process.

Please note we are a separate entity from the school and all dealings will be directly with ourselves.

FAQ’s regarding our lockers

  • It is expected that all students should rent a locker to store their belongings whilst they are at school. This will help to reduce congestion in corridors, reduce the need for storage in classrooms and prevent the risk of any trip hazards
  • The new lockers are booked & paid directly through the new locker company via their website, any issues regarding payment etc. should be made to the locker company
  • The new lockers will cost £30 per year, once booked, you will be issued a locker number and a code to open that locker. If your child should forget their code it is possible to log-on to the website to get the code re-issued, the school will also have a master log-in so that we can check your child’s locker number and code if required
  • The new lockers are completely waterproof so are suitable for outdoor use, you’re child’s belongings will stay dry
  • The new lockers will not be installed until the summer holidays so will be ready for use from September 2019. This means that there will be a short period from Tuesday 11th June until Tuesday 23rd July that there will be no lockers available.
  • The new lockers are booked annually, currently there is no option to book a locker for a full 5 years however we are working with the locker company to try and make this option available in the future and are also exploring the option of direct debit payments to help spread the cost.
  • A reminder is sent out around April time each year to give you the opportunity to book the same locker again for the following year if you desire. Your child’s locker is reserved for 4 weeks giving you the time to re-book before it is made available again for others to book
  • There will be over 1000 lockers installed around the school so there will enough lockers for all students to purchase a locker. So even if you are unable to re-book your child’s locker in time there will always be another locker available to book instead
  • During the summer holidays the locker company come to the school to check the lockers, empty out any lockers that have not been re-booked but still have items in them, change the codes and make any required repairs. Any items that are removed are bagged up with the locker number stated on the bag and stored in lost property