Maths Worksheets & Answers

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clip1 place value

clip2 ordering integers

p121 angles in a triangle

clip138 inequalities on a number line

clip139 solving inequalities

Clip140simultaneous equations graphicallycli

p141 fibonacci sequences

clip142 compound units

clip143 distance time graphs

clip144 similar shapes

clip145 bisecting an angle

clip146 constructing perpendiculars

clip147 drawing a triangle using compasses

clip148 enlargement

clip149 tangents arcs sectors and segments

clip150 pythagoras theorem

clip151 simple tree diagrams

clip152 sampling populations

clip153 time series

clip154 negative indices

clip155 error intervals

clip156 mathematical reasoning

clip157 factorising and solving quadratics

clip158 the difference of two squares

clip159a equation of a straight line

clip159b equation of a straight line 2

clip160 roots and turning points of quadratics

clip161 cubic and reciprocal graphs

clip162 simultaneous equations

clip163 geometric progressions

clip164 compound interest etc

clip165 loci

clip166 congruent triangles

clip167 sectors of a circle

clip168 trigonometry

clip169 spheres

clip170 pyramids

clip171 cones

clip172 frustrums

clip173 exact trigonometric values

clip174 introduction to vectors

clip175 harder tree diagrams

clip176 stratified sampling

clip177 recurring decimals to fractionsing scales

clip5 simple mathematical notation

clip6 interpreting real life tables

clip7 introduction to algebraic conventions

clip8 coordinatesclip9 simple geometric definitions

clip10 polygons

clip11 symmetries

clip12 tesselations and congruent shapes

clip13 names of angles

clip14 the probability scale

clip15 tally charts and bar charts

clip16 pictograms

clip17 adding integers and decimals

clip18 subtracting integers and decimals

clip19 multiplying integers

clip20 dividing integers

clip21 inverse operations

clip22 money calculations

clip23 negatives in real life

clip24 introduction to fractions

clip25 equivalent fractions

clip26 simplifying fractions

clip27 half way values

clip28 factors multiples and primes

clip29 introduction to powers

clip30 multiplying and dividing by powers of 10

clip31 rounding to the nearest 10,100,1000

clip32 rounding to decimal places

clip33 simplifying – addition and subtraction

clip34 simplifying – multiplication

clipclip122 properties of special triangles

clip123 angle sum of polygons

clip124 bearings

clip125 experimental probabilities

clip126 possibility spaces

clip127 venn diagrams

clip128 representing data – pie charts and stem and leaf

clip129 scatter diagrams

clip130a averages from a table

clip130b estimate for a mean

clip131 index notation

clip132 introduction to bounds

clip133 introduction to bounds

clip134a expanding and simplifying single brackets

clip134b double brackets

clip135 solving equations

clip136 rearranging simple formulae

clip137 forming formulae and equations

35 simplifying – division

clip36 function machines

clip37 generating a sequence – term to term

clip38 introduction to ratio

clip39 using ratio for recipe questions

clip40 introduction to prcentages

clip41 value for money

clip42 introduction to proportion

clip43 properties of solids

clip44 nets

clip45 angles on a line and on a point

clip46 measuring and drawing angles

clip47 drawing a triangle using a protractor

clip48 reflections

clip49 rotations

clip50 translations

clip51 plans and elevations

clip52 perimeters

clip53 area of a rectangle

clip54 area of a triangle

clip55 area of a parallelogram

clip56 area of a trapezium

clip57 frequency trees

clip58 listing outcomes

clip59 calculating probabilities

clip60 mutually exclusive events

clip61 two-way tables

clip62 avarages and the range

clip63 data- discrete and continuous

clip64 vertical line charts

clip65 frequency tables and diagrams

clip66 multiplying decimals

clip67 division of decimals

clip68 four rules of negatives

clip69 listing strategies

clip70 fractions

clip71 adding and subtracting fratcions

clip72 fractions of an amount

clip73 multiplying fractions

clip74 dividing fractions

clip75 bidmas

clip76 reciprocals

clip77 calculator questions

clip78 product of primes

clip79 HCF

clip80 LCM

clip81 squares cubes and roots

clip82 working with indices

clip83 standard form

clip84 decimals and fractions

clip85 fractions percentages decimals

clip86 percentage of an amount, calc

clip87 percentage of an amount, no calc

clip88 change to a percentage, calc

clip89 change to a percentage, no calc

clip90 rounding to sig figs

clip91 estimating answers

clip92 using place value

clip93 expanding brackets

clip94 simple factorisation

clip95 substitution

clip96 straight line graphs

clip97 the gradient of a line

clip98 drawing quadratics 1

clip99 sketching functions

clip100 solving equations using flow charts


clip101 subject of a formula using flow charts

clip102 genrating a sequence from the nth term

clip103 finding the nth termclip103nth term

clip104 special sequences

clip105 exchanging money

clip106 sharing using ratio

clip107 ratios fractions and graphs

clip108 percentage increase decrease

clip109 percentage change

clip110 reverse percentages

clip111 simple interest

clip112 metric conversions

clip113 coordinate problems

clip114a surface area of cuboids

clip114b surface area of triangular prisms

clip115 volume of a cuboid

clip116 circle definitions

clip178 product of three binomials

clip179 iteration trial and improvement

clip180 iterative processes

clip181 enlargement negative scale factor

clip182 combinations of transformations

clip183 circle theorems

clip183circle theorems

clip184 proof of circle theorems

clip185 venn diagrams and probability

clip186 cumulative frequency

clip187 box plots

clip188 fractional indices

clip189 recurring decimals proof

clip190 rearranging difficult formulae

clip191 quadratic formula

clip192 factorising hard quadratics

clip193 algebraic proof

clip194 exponential functions

clip195 trig graphs

clip196 transformation of functions

clip197 equation of a circle

clip198 regions

clip199 proportion

clip200 similarity area and volume

clip201 the sine rule

clip117 area of circle

clip118 circumference

clip119 Volume of a prism

clip120 angles and parallel lines


clip202 the cosine rule

clip203 area of a triangle using sine

clip204 and and or probability questions

clip205 histograms

clip206 upper and lower bounds

clip207 surds

clip208 perpendicuar lines

clip209 completing the square

clip210 algebraic fractions

clip211 simultaneous equations with a quadratic

clip212 solving quadratic inequalitiesclip

213 finding the nth term of a quadratic

clip214 inverse functions

clip215 composite functions

clip216 velocity time graphs

clip217 pythagoras in 3d

clip218 trigonometry in 3d

clip219 vectors