Mental Health and Well-Being support

Here at Chesterton Community College we value the importance of keeping our minds healthy. For that reason, we thought we would create signposts of approved, informative, self-help websites with useful resources and advice for you and your family to access. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the correct support.

If you think that your child is struggling with their mental health, please contact your child’s HOH, SENCO (Ms Askham) or Wellbeing lead (Sophie Hawkins).

How do we promote well-being at Chesterton?

You may have noticed that once a half term, we send out our well-being newsletter. This provides you with less formal signposts and advice for looking after your well-being to help prevent mental illnesses. These signposts can also support you if you are currently struggling with illnesses. As well as the newsletter, we advertise sign posts throughout the year on daily notices and our House board that appear in the House villages.

Newsletters 2022-2023

Newsletters 2021-2022

It’s about YOU!

We run a well-being scheme called It’s about YOU. Each half-term we will release a set of well-being workshops designed around supporting the students in a range of areas. These activities will vary and will be offered at lunches, afterschool or during mindfulness Mondays. We hope to offer at least one workshop a week, students can sign up in advance or turn up on the day.

Mindfulness Mondays

We know that Monday mornings are hard, so, each Monday morning, we start our day with mindfulness activities. These range from meditation to other experiences. We ensure that students discuss the activities so that they understand the importance of putting time aside for themselves.

Other promotions within school

Throughout the year we offer a range of well-being events, including a programme called ‘Mind Your Head’ which is delivered over a period of 6 weeks. We regularly discuss mental health within our PSHE tutor times, as well as have dedicated assemblies to the topic.

I think that my child is suffering with:

If you are unsure, but are worried about your child then please get in touch. Have a look at this website for general support too:

Student Referral System

We know that sometimes it is hard to reach out to a member of staff to ask for help. If a student is struggling and not receiving any 1:1 support from school yet, please either contact your student’s Head of House, or complete either of the forms below:

Referral for Wellbeing Support

Something Isn’t Right

Wellbeing Support at Chesterton

Step 1

Who to reach out too?

Contact your child’s HOH, SENCO (Ms Askham) or Wellbeing lead (Sophie Hawkins).

Step 2

Internal or External Support