Open Evening on October 1st from 6-8pm.

Chesterton Community College is an inspiring school. The strength of its ethos ensures that students from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences genuinely work and live together as a community, caring for one another and relishing the challenge of academic excellence. We achieve outstanding results for our students, ensuring progress which is significantly beyond national expectations and achieve this through our focus on the individual child. Every child is supported through: carefully considered and embedded pastoral systems; support programmes that are put in place immediately a child begins to fall behind in their studies and access to a challenging academic offer, the breadth of which goes consistently beyond that of many comprehensive schools, for example offering Latin to all of our Year 7 students.

Chesterton is an inspiring school because of the experienced, enthusiastic staff that we have. Our experienced staff understand their subjects and how to engage students so that our learners genuinely feel like historians, artists, scientists etc. They are able to do this because they create outstanding schemes of learning; they truly understand the assessment demands of their subjects and the latest pedagogy. We ensure that the quality of teaching and learning is of an exceptional standard for our students.

At Chesterton we are fascinated by education: that’s why our staff turn up voluntarily to weekly training sessions and run training for each other; why our faculty meetings focus on teaching and learning and why we genuinely think that what could be a vision for education is a reality in our school. Our vision is to realise the potential of all of our students and that remains at the heart of every decision we make and why we put what happens in the classroom at the centre of all our decision making.

Our vision for education is founded on being a reflective institution that chooses carefully how pedagogy will be developed and implemented. In recent years there have been a number of developments for us that we feel have made a significant difference to the educational experience of our students. At Chesterton we know that our universal offer of IPads for all has transformed the way that we teach and how students learn; we are truly preparing independent learners who will thrive amidst any challenges in the future. Visit any of our lessons and you will see students able to work independently, truly exploring and shaping their own learning and students who can genuinely research and be responsive in a lesson, by finding new material to extend their learning.

We have teachers who have created incredible on-line resources: an amazing revision website; on-line guides to subjects; on-line homework forums; films to support student learning which offer guidance and advice and language files that show teachers and native speakers communicating and modelling for our students. At Chesterton we have a remarkable educational resource that has been shaped and developed over time.

Our use of technology fits neatly with our vision which is highly inclusive of parents and access to technology has allowed us to engage parents at every stage of their child’s learning. All of our parents are able to see the work their child produces using the Seesaw App: this allows parents to gain a photo of work on the day that it is completed and comment on the work. Similarly all of our homework is set online with forums where students, staff and parents can communicate about the work and our website holds a wealth of curriculum support materials that parents can use to have informed conversations with their child about what is being learnt in school.

Chesterton Community College has had a record year:

  • nominated for Cambridge Evening News School of the Year;
  • celebrating its best ever exam results, meaning it is now the second highest performing school in Cambridgeshire;
  • working with the local authority on a 10million pound refurbishment and extension.


Come and share in the excitement at Chesterton Open Evening on October 1st.



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Mrs Lucy Scott