Parent Governor Election


Dear Parents/Carers

The governing body of Chesterton Community College has 2 parent governor vacancies. We are writing to you to ask if you would be interested in becoming a school governor.

Governors are responsible for strategic planning and overall governance of the school. They help to appoint our staff and to build good relationships between the school, parents and our local community. Our parent governors are very valuable members of the governing body and we rely on them to help us to keep in touch with what parents are thinking. They are on the governing body as representative parents, but they are not delegates and other parents cannot mandate them on how they should vote.

Governors do not need to be experts to tackle the range of responsibilities expected of them. Help, advice and training are available from various sources. If you are interested in the education of your child and the way the school makes decisions and have some time to commit to this role we would like you to consider becoming a parent governor. If you would like more information please contact the school and we can put you in touch with a member of our governing body for an informal chat.

Anyone who has parental responsibility for a pupil on the school roll at the time of the election can self-nominate, stand for election and can vote in the election. A parent who is an elected member of the local authority (County Councillor), or is disqualified for other reasons stated in our Articles of Association, is not eligible to stand for election, but is permitted to vote. If insufficient parents stand for election the governing body can appoint nominated parents to the governing body. The term of office for a parent governor is four years.

All nominations should be sent in to the school office by 19th June 2015. We also need a few words about the candidate and why they would like to be a governor. If you would like extra copies of the nomination forms please contact the school office. On 24th June 2015 we will inform parents about the details of parent governor nominations and whether we need to have an election.

If there is an election, we will run this on-line via the email address we have registered for parents in the school database (please contact us if you want to check or update this information). If you cannot vote on-line, you can still participate by coming into school and voting in person at reception.

We will send more details to you about how to vote on-line or in person when voting is about to start. All voting must be completed by 6th July 2015


Governor Parent Election letter AND NOMINATION FORM




Chesterton Community College
Gilbert Road

01223 712150

Mrs Lucy Scott