Parentmail September Update

Dear Parent / Carer

The start of the New Year has seen us upgrade our Parentmail system. Parentmail is important for Parents to keep up to date with what’s going on in the College. It is also important for the College as it lets us communicate safely, effectively and helps us spend more money on curriculum resources and less on paper.

Parentmail had a few technical issues last week (which we are assured are now resolved) and, whilst over 800 parents have registered successfully, we are aware that a few parents have been unable to so, through no fault of their own. We understand that this can lead to a little frustration so we posted important information on the College website or sent home paper copies. Please be assured you have not missed any important letters.

From Monday 22 September, we will start sending out more information via Parentmail.

This year there are three important changes to Parentmail, summarised below.

 Parents are required to have a Parentmail account

 All messages are delivered to this account, not your email inbox

 Once setup, the College cannot administer the account


We will resend account verifications emails to all parents yet to register. Please follow carefully the instructions in this email to activate your account.

If you are having any problems with an existing account, you will need to contact Parentmail via the methods outlined at

Why have we made the changes?

As a College we have a legal obligation to protect the data you give us, including your email address. In the past when we have managed email in house, the risk of disclosing confidential information was too high. For this reason, we outsource to Parentmail who have an outstanding pedigree in school communications and robust data protection procedures.

Parent feedback last year however showed that many parents felt there were issues with the setup of Parentmail, with many feeling they we getting too many messages and these messages were too spread out throughout the day.

The new system amalgamates all messages so you can check all messages from Chesterton about your child, in one place and at your convenience; you never miss anything or lose it in an inbox. We aim to give each message a subject title which is indicative of the nature of the message so that you are able to decide how urgently the message needs to be accessed.

Parentmail are making these changes in all their schools and we are sure that it will lead to a better experience for parents once we are all familiar with the new process.


Yours sincerely,

Richard Auffret

2nd in eLearning


Ms Hayley Coppin

Finance Department


Chesterton Community College
Gilbert Road

01223 712150

Mrs Lucy Scott