Parents of Year 11 Students: Revision

Dear Parents and Carers,

Here are some of the materials used in last week’s Information Evening for Parents and Students of Year 11.  Heads of Maths, English, Science, Humanities, Languages and e-learning presented information on how to revise effectively for their subjects.  English materials can be found on the college website and further course details and revision materials for all subjects can be found on the college website too.

Humanities revision parents 14

Revision parents Languages 14 pres

Year 11 parents revision IT 14

Year 11 parents revision Maths 14

Year 11 revision parents Science 14

We would like to remind parents and students of how important it is for students to demonstrate their true potential in the Year 11 mock exams. As well as relying heavily on the results for predicted grades, which will be sent to sixth form centres and used to decide whether offers will be made, we also need to rely on them in school to help us inform our GCSE entries. It is  essential that the students are entered at the correct tier in their GCSE. Unless they are a solid C Grade (i.e. half way to a B Grade) students will normally be entered for Foundation tier in their GCSE exam next summer.  Students who are entered for higher tier papers will, clearly, have access to the highest grades at GCSE, but teachers must decide on the tier of entry which best serves the interests of each individual, based on their performance to date.

Thank you for your support with revision at this important time.

Kind regards

Katrina Patterson

Head of Languages

Temporary Assistant Head


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Mrs Lucy Scott