Responding to parental suggestions

Dear Parents,


Thank you for your suggestions.  Here is what you said and what we did:


– Can you produce more videos to help us access information?


We produced videos showing how to use Edmodo, Parentmail and Parents Evening Booking.  These are on the College website under the ‘Links’ tab.


– I’m not sure exactly who to contact when I have questions.


The information on the website on the ‘Information’ tab now explains who to contact in different circumstances.


– I’d like to know more about what my child is doing at school.


A group of teachers has begun to use the video function on student iPads to ‘talk’ to parents, for example, showing where to find information on what students are studying.


– I think the letters I get could be quicker and easier to read.


We have begun looking at the letters we send to try and make them shorter and to the point.


– It would be useful to ‘know’ the key staff better.


We will invite key staff to the next ‘Meet the Year 7 Tutors’ event we run.


– I would like to hear more often about how my child is doing at school.


We have renewed efforts to email parents about their child’s achievements.



We are very pleased to be able to respond to your feedback on these things.


Chesterton Community College
Gilbert Road

01223 712150

Mrs Lucy Scott