Revision Checklists

Students sit an assessment, common across the year group, at the end of each unit. These end of unit common assessments usually take place towards the end of each half term, precise dates will be given to your child by their class teacher.

We encourage students to prepare for these assessments as a means of consolidating the knowledge and skills they have developed during the unit of work.

To help students prepare, departments have produced a checklist for each assessment with the aim that students can tick off the knowledge and skills required as and when they feel confident.

Students and parents can access the checklists. The checklists are divided into year groups and are labelled by subject. Each checklist will give some information about the assessment followed by a list of the knowledge and skills that will be assessed.

If you have any queries about an individual assessment please contact your child’s teacher, if you have any queries about the wider assessment for a subject please contact the Head of Subject. Staff contacts are available here.