Safeguarding information for parents and pupils

Chesterton Community College fully recognises the responsibility it has under section 157 of the Education Act 2002 to have arrangements in place to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

The Designated Safeguarding Leads at our school are shown below. If you have a concern about the welfare of a child at Chesterton, please contact any of these people.

Erinn Heggan
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Catherine Goldhawk
Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Rhiannon Evans-Ali
Assistant Head

Clare Hargraves
Deputy Head

Eleanor Harnwell
Pavilion Manager

Sophie Hawkins
Assistant Head

Keith Hicks
Deputy Head

Colleen Lehane
Deputy Head

Rob Parkinson
Assistant Head

Donna Hubbard-Young
Head of School

Ryan Kelsall
Trust Safeguarding Lead

Below, is our Safeguarding and Child Protection policy and a list other information that you might find helpful.

Please view our separate page on eSafety information which contains information on the policies and systems we have in place at Chesterton and also has advice for parents and pupils regarding eSafety.