Teaching in Cambridge – Teach at Chesterton

“The staff we are looking for care about students and see being an educator as a privileged role. We are not a hierarchical institution if you have a good idea or can see a different way of doing something we will listen. If you are passionate about education and a thoughtful, reflective practitioner Chesterton is the place for you.”

Why Chesterton Community College?

We are a happy school and our turnover of staff is very low, as people enjoy working here. There is a caring ethos; excellent student behaviour and innovative approaches to learning and teaching; essentially everything we all look for in a school.

IMG_0500_bannerIMG_0167_bannerWe believe in being reflective practitioners and choose wisely what will move student learning forward. We have a coaching model for staff development and a school improvement plan which focuses on the classroom, as we feel this is the most important aspect of what we do.

There is a varied extra-curricular programme which all staff contribute to. If you want to offer GCSE Astronomy we will give you the space and support to do that, because we appreciate that schools should be vibrant and full of wonder.


Living and Working in Cambridge

cam7cam0Cambridge is a delightful city in which to live. It is only 50 miles from London and with a superb train link you can make the most of what the capital has to offer.

The city is beautiful and lively, with its world-class university and diverse cultural life. The city hosts a number of exciting annual events such as the world-renowned independent film festival at the Arts Picturehouse, the famous Folk Festival and a varied programme from the University which includes the Festival of Ideas and Cambridge Science Festival.  There is a vibrant community with excellent schools and amenities.

The urban life is also balanced by access to the stunning landscape of the Cambridgeshire Fens and the close proximity of the beautiful broads and coastlines of Norfolk and Suffolk.

It really is a city which has something for everyone.


What our staff say about Chesterton Community College

teach2pete“Chesterton provides a family environment in which to work. It is an ambitious school which has teaching and learning at the heart of everything that is goes on. Chesterton provides a supportive environment where staff work together very well therefore creating a social environment where it is both thoroughly enjoyable and fun to work. The students at Chesterton contribute hugely to the school, work hard and learn from the very diverse backgrounds of their peers. The personality of the school is one where positive relationships, good nature and striving to do ones best are at its heart. It is an immensely rewarding school in which to work and one where as a teacher, you can undoubtedly make a real difference to the lives of young people.”
Peter Watts, Head of Hill House

“I trained at Chesterton when starting out on my career and have now returned some years later as Head of Music.  I can honestly say Chesterton is a great school to work in, staff are friendly and welcoming and the students are exciting to work with.  I feel there is something unique about this school in comparison to others I have worked, in terms of staff camaraderie and the personalities and talents of the students.  I love teaching music here and leading extra curricular groups from Samba to Orchestra.  The effort from students and feeling of working together towards the concerts we present is fantastic and the end results are wonderful.  I feel both proud and honoured to work with the phenomenal musical talent we are so lucky to have here at Chesterton.”
Anita Langdale, Head of Music


teach3“The experience which hit me from the very first moment when I arrived at Chesterton Community College and continues to impact on me every day, is without a doubt the fantastic atmosphere, the friendliness, cheerfulness and support among staff and students alike. For me, this is what helps to make a great foundation for working and learning and Chesterton Community College provides this each and every day. I work in the library. It is always full and I have a waiting list of students wanting to help and be part of the library, how great is that!”
Heather Ellison, Library Manager

“Chesterton has a welcoming atmosphere to all, with staff and students working together in a friendly manner.  Having been a visitor to the school on many occasions and experiencing this wonderful working environment I was keen to join the team, and enjoy the varied life that greets me at work each day.”
Iain Dover, Cover Supervisor



“Chesterton has a real family feel and working here is a pleasure. The school has a vibrant atmosphere with a community spirit and at the heart of this are the students. New challenges and ideas are welcomed at Chesterton. It really is a forward thinking school and allows students to develop both academically and spiritually in safe and supportive environment. Chesterton Community College is situated in the City of Cambridge with all the opportunities it has to offer and is easily accessible by train, road and cycle. Chesterton is definitely the place to be!”
Wendy Palmby, PA to the Principal

“As soon as I stepped in the front door at Chesterton, I knew it was the school for me. I felt so welcome. Both the staff and the students are always really friendly and supportive of one another.”
Louise Alderton, Teacher of History, RPSE and French


nicolavEthos_Logo“I love working at Chesterton. I walk up the school driveway each morning full of eager anticipation for what the new day might bring. I worked here all during my son’s schooling here, and could not be more proud of his achievements – we will always be grateful for the support he received from all the staff. Many people are still working here from the time I started nine years ago –  there is a great sense of continuity, as well as a willingness to try new ideas. There is a wonderful team spirit and feeling of camaraderie, both within departments and across the whole school. The new house system promotes this too. I have loved taking part in trips, and being a co-form tutor and getting to know students, growing really fond of them all. I see students taking their exams seriously and being so much better informed about what they need to do to achieve grades than I ever was at school! Students are really friendly: they will call out greetings as I go past, even outside school, and chat merrily with their peers when out and about the grounds!”
Nicola Von Schreiber, Exams Officer

Interested in working with us?

The staff we are looking for care about students and see being an educator as a privileged role. We are not a hierarchical institution if you have a good idea or can see a different way of doing something we will listen. If you are passionate about education and a thoughtful, reflective practitioner Chesterton is the place for you.

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