The Chesterton Classroom Environment

At Chesterton we want stimulating classroom environments which provide students with the opportunity and space to think and learn creatively.

Over the course of this academic year classrooms have been decorated and the ‘blank canvases’ are now ready to display stimulating material which will support and inspire students in their learning.  Already in our reception area and the Apex corridor there is some great new art work and in the Art and DT departments examples of student work are displayed for all to see.

All subject areas are currently choosing display material that will best support students’ learning and between now and October these new materials will appear in classrooms across the school.  The maths department will be running a student photography competition focusing on maths in our everyday lives, for example did you know Romanesco broccoli is a natural representation of the Fibonacci spiral?  The winning photographs will be enlarged and displayed in maths classrooms.   In other subject areas there will be maps, timelines and word walls.  We will keep this section updated with photographs as the classroom environments develop.

In keeping with our commitment to innovative classroom environments we have recently won a competition with British Gypsum to have a magnetic wall installed in one of our classrooms.  The wall will be used as an interactive gallery and notice board that can be continuously changed to suit teaching and learning in the classroom. Again we will keep this section updated with photos of this exciting new feature.

Alongside our work on classroom environments; this year we have also introduced the Spotlight E-portfolio which contains highlights of students’ work from across the school.  Students, parents and teachers are encouraged to submit work for the Spotlight portfolio at any time.  Submissions can be made to Miss Young at .  The Spotlight portfolio can be visited at



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