Coming Home – Radio Play

10 years ago to honour the 65th Anniversary of VE Day, the National Lottery Heritage Fund supported students from Chesterton to work with veterans and the Imperial War Museum to write and produce an original play.

10 years later, again generously funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, a new generation of Chesterton students, working with Corkscrew Theatre Company, have taken those heart breaking, inspiring and often surprising true stories and turned them into a radio play. The students and theatre directors have rehearsed using video conferencing to produce the play Coming Home. The radio play reveals the triumphs and tragedies of coming home from war. A home that in 1945 was a place of long rationing queues, demobbed soldiers worried about work, women who had tasted independence and were now expected back in the kitchen and of families that had been broken apart by the war and had no easy way of mending themselves afterwards.

The radio play Coming Home was aired on Cambridge 105 on VE Day, Friday 8th May and on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.  You can hear the full play below.

We would like to dedicate Coming Home to the war generation whose courage is an inspiration to us all.