VE Day 75 Exhibition

75th Anniversary VE Day Memory Bank

The VE Day radio play, Coming Home,  features the heart breaking, heart warming and often suprising true stories of local veterans.  We know there are many more stories that reveal the triumphs and tragedies of coming home from World War II.  Here we are building a memory bank as a way of paying tribute to the war generation, whose courage is an inspiration to us all.

We encourage you to talk to relatives and neighbours to uncover family memories about the time the guns fell silent and the weeks and months that followed.  If you have a memory to share with us please email Mrs Hubbard-Young at .

Oral History is a fascinating area of history and this is an excellent time to talk to the older generation about their personal experience and also about memories and stories that might have been passed down in families.  Here you will find guidance on how to collect memories from those happy to participate.

We invite you to browse through our ever growing collection of memories, we are grateful to everyone who has shared their personal stories with us and we are honoured to be able to share them with our wider community.