Wendy’s Story

Wendy Jones

I grew up in Dormanstown, in Teesside. The town was built and owned by the steelworks, Dorman Long (this was before nationalisation of the steelworks which was post war) for their employees and their families. In order to make it a pleasant place to live it was built in the garden city model so there were green areas that everyone called plantations dotted around. At the intersection of my road and two other roads there was one of these plantations and this is where we had our VE day street party. All the women made something like sandwiches or cakes – difficult with rationing. Not the men though, they did not do any cooking! My sister and I went, she was 14 and I was 4 and we are both in the photo of the children. I don’t remember very much but even though I was 4 it was a significant enough occasion that I do remember being there.