Helen’s Story

Helen Scott

My Grandma was living in Dundee, Scotland. (14 years old on VE Day) So she left school at 14 to become a shorthand typist at a jute mill. She heard about VE day at night and on that night all of the neighbours and her family had a small party where everyone was singing and dancing with happiness and anticipation. In fact she was so exited that she made tea with cold water apparently. She went into work on VE Day but saw that all of the factory workers had the day off so she assumed that she did to, however she was called back in as she was an office worker in the factory which she thought was unfair. After her work she went to the big party where everyone was shouting and yelling and singing and dancing and just having fun; happy to hear that the war was over. This was because the war had been a terrible time with rationing and having to grow lots of food.

Told by Grandson Robin