Week Ending 10th November


  • Chesterton’s thrilling W-Owl visit: Year 7 had a stimulating and exciting visit from the Raptor Foundation. In the context of studying Harry Potter, all English classes were privy to an educational talk that not only introduced them to five beautiful birds of prey (Spike – Harris hawk; Sharnie – eagle owl; Topaz – tawny owl; Goliath – white-faced owl; Mini – barn owl), but also enabled them to ask the most curious questions (Who knew that owls could never be used to deliver letters?).


  • In the class session, all pupils were able to get closer to the owls and even give them a gentle stroke, as well as handle their feathers and pellets.


  • Interesting fact:  These were the owls that actually featured in the film “Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire”.


  • Students also reflected on their experience and continued to explore this magical world during their English lessons.


  • The final event, in the afternoon, was a flyover in the Farnsworth Hall.


  • This week Year 7 students also received Hogwarts’ letters (unfortunately these were not delivered through owl post).



  • Extracurricular clubs and activities : This year pupils can benefit from a choice of 65 extracurricular clubs and activities. Our students benefit from a wide range of clubs and activities throughout the school day. There are clubs before and after school, and during lunchtimes as well. The emphasis is on enjoyment.



Below are just a few snippets of activities that the clubs have undertaken so far this year:


  • “At KS3 Book Club we discuss books we have read recently, make suggestions and lend books to each other. We have written to two authors and also read and discussed the same books. We are very aware of how lucky we are to have so many resources and so we are aiming to raise £50 to send to a carefully-selected book charity. We are busy making bracelets for sale in the library on selected days. Another idea we had is to ask people to bring in books they don’t want and we will take them to Heffer’s in Cambridge to sell as part of their book buy scheme. It should be mentioned that the eating of biscuits is part of the club, any crumbs carefully removed by us!”


  • From Miss King: “Geography Untaught allows our Year 9s to explore a wide range of geo-political, environmental and ethical issues. Students may choose from a range of geographical issues around the world (or identify their own) to research before creating an interactive seminar-style presentation to share with their peers.  Geography Untaught aims to encourage students to question the world around them and to inspire them to become the agents of change; we may one day rely upon them to solve many of the earth’s current and future issues.  Students take control of their own learning and teach each other through video, quizzes, first-hand accounts and case study examples. Current topics soon to be shared are:  “Save the Bees!”; “Tesla – The Future of Energy?”; “Over-population”; “Colossal Consumption” and “Extinction – who’s to blame?””


  • From Mr New: “Coding Club is for anyone who would like to learn how to code in JavaScript and C++! . We enjoy, also, using Unity and are planning on exploring Virtual Reality. We intend to make games and colourful demos.”


  • From Miss Briggs: “The music department at Chesterton has a wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer for students to attend. These include Orchestra, Samba Band, Year 7 Choir, Chesterton Singers, Recorder Group, Jazz Band and String Group. Rehearsals take place before school, at lunchtime and after-school. We perform at regular events throughout the school year and highlights include the annual school Carol Service at St John’s College Cambridge and a music showcase at West Road Concert Hall. All students are welcome!”


  • From Mr Spencer: “The Science Department at Chesterton offers students in Years 7, 8, and 9 the opportunity to attend weekly Science Club meetings after school on Wednesdays. Here students get their hands dirty (often literally) and perform their own experiments and design their own creations with a focus on the weirder side of chemistry, physics and biology. So far this year students have made “elephant toothpaste,” discovered how and why cornstarch mixed with water becomes a non-Newtonian fluid, and experienced firsthand the hair-raising power of static electricity. All students in years 7-9 are welcome to attend.”


  • From Mrs Marston: “Chesterton Youth Theatre was formed at the start of the academic year 2015-16. Its repertoire includes classic plays like ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, new writing like ‘The Bully Plays’ and Showcases of musical and dramatic extracts. The Company has been praised for its “stunning” work both inside school and at local, professional venues such as The Junction (Hotbed Theatre Festival). Its greatest achievement thus far has to be its involvement in NT Connections 2017, where it received superlative acclaim from award-winning playwright and West-end director, Patrick Marber, as well as rave reviews for its performance at The Royal & Derngate Theatre, Northampton.


  • The Company is made up of approximately 100 actors currently at Chesterton in Years 7 – 11, as well as a smaller group of former students. As director I am proud of the spirit of professionalism; the dynamic ensemble style; and the high level of commitment seen from all its members. 80 of CYT’s younger members are currently in rehearsals for ‘Twisted’, an original adaptation of the classic novel by Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist. Rehearsals take place on a Sunday afternoon and Monday after school, and the Show is to be performed in the final week of the Easter term. Already, roles are emerging with panache and promise, and the young actors are inspiring to behold in their efforts to make an unforgettable Show!


  • Whilst all parts for this production are now cast, in the summer term there will be an opportunity to join the Company in a devised drama festival for students in Years 7 – 9. For the first part of this year, key stage three students have enjoyed attending an improvisation club on Thursday after-school, and this will recommence after Easter, so that students can bring their skills into fruition through this exciting group-based competition!


  • Meanwhile the more senior members of the Company – which has included 7 members of National Youth Theatre thus far – are embarking on a project entitled ‘TLC’, which they intend to perform and possibly tour in the summer. Before then, and in addition to the Year 11 performances which have already taken place this academic year, there will be a range of GCSE examination performances, which can be seen for free in February (dates to be confirmed).


  • CYT’s next major production will be performed by Year 10 actors on Monday 11th December at 7.45pm: ‘DNA’ by Dennis Kelly. This gripping, contemporary, dark comedy will be staged in promenade around the College, and seeks – like all of CYT’s work – to create an innovative and immersive experience for its audience. See you then if not before!”


  • Also on offer is Kendo. Kendo stands, literally, from Japanese, for “the way of the sword”. It is derived from Kenjutsu, or “the techniques of the sword”, and is a martial art adapted to sports regulations in a way to adapt and modernise an ancient set of traditions and philosophies associated with the samurai. The samurai in Japan’s medieval period are closely matched with the knights in Europe’s medieval periods: warriors with a distinctive sense of dignity and honour, sworn to protect the people and their sovereign. In such a sense, Kendo brings along the techniques to most efficiently strike a foe down with a single blow of the sword, while also enforcing a spirit of chivalry, humility and respect. Practitioners of Kendo learn how to lead an earnest and correct life by means of training body, mind and spirit with the sword. Training with bamboo swords and armour emulate fights enough to develop a sense of fight-or-flight all the while being safe for practitioners of all ages. Basic forms comprise of most of the art and even the highest level practitioners are expected to perform them down to the line.




  • From Mr Kelly:  “Maths clubs run Monday and Wednesday in B4. Monday is “A” level club – where we focus on the next level of Maths, aimed at students hoping to do Double Maths A level and/or currently in the Year 10 and 11 extension sets.  We look at the transition topics that move from GCSE to A level and also explore new topics for no reason other than they are interesting.  Wednesday is a focus for the trickier Grade 8 and 9 questions on the new 9-1 curriculum.  Students bring questions with the aim of getting solutions or are challenged to attempt the more difficult questions with the help of the group.  About 15 students attend regularly, with spikes just before KS4 assessments.”


  • Also from Mr Kelly: “Computing: clubs run most lunchtimes. Focus is varied as they span multiple years, but generally we encourage programming, although animated graphics has become a recent focus for Year 10 IT students.  Year 7s focus on Web creation and basic Python programming; Years 8 and 9 trend to gravitate towards hardware and Years 10 and 11 are keen to focus on programming again to help them with their controlled assessment.”


  • Badminton Club: “has moved to Wednesday from 15:05 to 16:45.  It regularly attracts about 30 students, not the usual sporty suspects and (to quote Mr Humphries) “probably our most successful PE Club”.  We always fare well in competitions with other schools and try to hold an annual staff v students competition.”


  • Please do look at the website as above is just a flavour and if you have any additional requests please let us know.



  • On Wednesday 1st the U15 and U13 girls’ football teams were away at Swavesey. The U13 had a tough start as Swavesey did not have a full team, resulting in an automatic win for the girls! We played the match and some of our players played for them on rotation, where they showed excellent skills and great sportsmanship. All of the team communicated well, maintained possession and tackled to win the ball. The goal-keepers, Kitty and Lina, did a superb job against some great strikers. The U15 Chesterton team were trailing by one goal but before half time some fantastic play by Connie, Emily and Lia resulted in a goal. Goal-keeper Ebba made some great saves and the girls worked well together. Unfortunately in the second half Swavesey scored. Final score 2-1 Swavesey. Players of the match Lia and Connie. Remember training is Tuesday at the field.




  • Year 7 Rugby Tournament: the year 7 rugby team played outstandingly well in the recent Cambridge District School tournament at the Cambridge Rugby Club.  It was clear to see that the team had trained well and were putting in to practice everything which had been learnt in a short space of time.  The forwards were increasingly reliable in the ruck and the backs looked dangerous when the ball was released via the scrum half: Ben Millerchip.  It was great to see the determination to win every game and often this was the difference between the two teams on the field.  Although there were great examples of team play, there were also some excellent individual performances:  Victor Dwumah was a powerful runner throughout the afternoon and Henry Wilson came away with the greatest number of tries.  Photos are on our Facebook page.




  • The basketball season has started! It will extend until March 2018.  It has been great to see so many training and all the teams are hoping that they can at least match the achievements of last season. If you remember last season the college won a county final, two district finals and also finished as runners up in one county final and a district final.  All students are welcome to join us at the weekly training sessions.


  • English for women”: there will be free language classes, starting at Chesterton on Tuesday 7th November. 1-2pm. www.esolcafe.co.uk


  • Letters for the year 9 and 10 trip to Iceland went out on Parentmail last week. The trip will go ahead during May half-term 2018. It is a fantastic opportunity to be inspired by the awe and wonder of the Icelandic landscape.









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