Week ending 11th December

  • The Children and Young People’s Committee, of Cambridgeshire County Council, met on December 8th and confirmed Chesterton Community College as the Council’s preferred sponsor for the new secondary on the Darwin Green development. The recommendation is forwarded to the Regional Schools Commissioner for ratification at the next Headteacher Board.
  • Please remember that voting for the Parent Governor Elections remains open until Monday.  More information at – https://ccc.cambridgeshireeducationaltrust.org/about/governor-information/governor-elections/
  • The world premiere of “The Bully Plays” was performed last night here at Chesterton. There were two performances and I was fortunate to see the first; even though I understand the second was even better; if that was possible! It was a superb ensemble piece, with stunning performances across our newly formed theatre company. Acting and staging were of an incredibly high standard and the challenging subject manner was dealt with sensitively and compassionately, to create a truly evocative piece. Stunning! Do look out for future performances.
  • Thirty students across Years 7,8 and 9 took part in a second workshop this week as part of the community event ‘Spirit of the song’; which is designed to commemorate the old Cambridge football ground and celebrate the opening of a new build site on the same ground. The group are looking forward to recording the song they have been composing in the New Year.
  • We wrote to parents of Year 9 last week raising awareness of the Options’ process (choosing courses for Years 10 and 11), which gets underway in earnest in January. In anticipation of this, over the Christmas holiday, we will place an advanced copy of the Options’ booklet on the college website. Please do take time over the break to read through the booklet and we will provide further information and advice in the New Year.
  • Some sporting updates: more than fifty Chesterton students participated in the District Schools’ Cross Country Competition, on Tuesday.  There were some fantastic individual performances and the team performance of the day was achieved by the Year 7 girls’ team who came first: congratulations!
  • Basketball has arrived. The basketball season is most definitely underway.  Weekly training sessions are well attended and the hard work from the students has been rewarded in the inter-school fixtures played so far; with Chesterton teams winning seven of the eight games played. It’s also been entertaining to see the first Chesterton student to have slam-dunked this century: Jorge Lopes.  Do try this at home!
  • Varsity Rugby Match 2015: look out for the fifty students from Chesterton who will be taking the annual trip down to Twickenham, for the Varsity Rugby match on Thursday.  Hopefully Cambridge University can be cheered on to its first victory over Oxford, having lost for the last five years!
  • On Wicked Wednesday 7.6 visited the Amey Waste Recycling Centre at Waterbeach. As a result, they have asked me to remind you to carefully consider what wrapping paper you use over the Christmas period. Foil paper cannot be recycled in Cambridgeshire but non-foil paper should be placed in your blue recycling bin.
  • In the FSMQ computing group students: Annemarie Federale, Liddy Woodford, Sophie O’Sullivan, Miranda Romero and Isobel Godfrey were confused about how the python language works when you instruct it to repeat some instructions many times. This is called iteration or looping in programming. They sent an email to Guido van Rossum, the author of the python language, asking him to help explain. Guido replied and you can see his reply on our Facebook page. Whilst this answer is quite technically challenging (perhaps the software engineers reading might enjoy the challenge of understanding it) the students feel that they now fully understand!
  • Ben Dobson, in the science department, has been celebrating Christmas early by buying a very special microscope which can take photographs and make films. He has passed on three of his most recent photos to Rebecca Gardener who is planning to use them as a starter for her KS4 photography class. The three images are on our Facebook page. The first is of Ben’s son’s hair at x200 magnification; the second, is the same image but with the hair between crossed polaroids (some materials, in this case the keratin, in hair rotate the plane of polarised light and this can lead to the beautiful colours seen) and thirdly, a different image of the same hair where the effect is more pronounced (this reveals structural details of the hair; hairs have internal structure, here you are probably seeing the core and cortex as the blue colour and the outer cuticle as the orange colour). A great cross-over project between science and art, revealing the beauty of nature.
  • A date for diaries on Tuesday is the Carol Service at St Johns; do join us and our students to celebrate in such a beautiful venue.
  • Following on from the festive celebrations and fashion faux pas of last year, staff and students of Chesterton Community College will join the woolly revolution and be wearing Christmas jumpers with pride on Friday December 18th.  We will be uniting with hundreds of people across the country by donating (at least) £1 to the ‘Text Santa’ campaign. This event is in support of the charitable work of ‘We Are MacMillan’, ‘Make a Wish’ and ‘Save the Children’.




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