Week ending 13 September 2019

Dear parents and carers

The Chesterton Pledge will start next week for new Year 7 students; log sheets will be available over the next couple of weeks! The projects, students can join, are being set up by Chesterton and will be ready for an October start. Students are warmly invited to attend regular meetings every Tuesday break time in the library to discuss what opportunities and projects they can join. Mr Firth will welcome any suggested projects which students or parents may have contacts or links with; do let him know. Watch this space!

Music extra-curricular groups are now fully up and running and already in many cases working towards a concert! Please do encourage students to attend groups: all groups regularly perform in school and the local community and have the opportunity to go on music trips throughout the year. In particular, it would be great to see as many of our Year 7s as possible at the Year 7 Choir, which meets at 8.10am on Tuesdays.

It has been a pleasure to meet all the Year 7 students who have joined Hill House, they arrived last Wednesday looking anxious and worried but extremely smart in their new school uniforms. After meeting their new form tutors they had a tour of the school and later met the rest of their vertical tutor group to play some getting to know you games.Mrs Williams enjoyed walking around the House Village and seeing the older students helping the younger ones to settle in. Many of the Year 7 students took advantage of the Freshers’ Fair held in the Atrium and signed up to join both lunchtime and after school clubs; we hope that they continue with these exciting activities. All of the new Hill students have settled into daily school life.

The newest members of Fawcett House have transitioned seamlessly into Chesterton life. The new Year 7s have shown motivation and excitement in abundance and are now finding their feet in a school with lots of opportunities. It is great to hear them getting involved already with lots of clubs, pledges and opportunities. Behaviour is superb – keep it up!

Year 7 Equiano students have made a very positive start to life at Chesterton. Every Year 7 Equiano student has received at least one above and beyond point (ABP) and well done to Martyna, Ishaaq and Armando who have all received four points.

Cavendish Year 7s have settled in well: many have had the opportunities for extra tours with their form tutors and even from our older students in their vertical tutoring groups. We were lucky enough to have a house assembly on Monday in our brand new Auditorium. Mrs Butler based the assembly on Cavendish’s year ahead: how to spread positivity and to be grateful. She shared photos from her summer of volunteering in Uganda and many of our Year 7s have been to see her since to hear more about her trip.

The Robinson Year 7s are settling in very well and, already in their first week at Chesterton, they have shown what a courteous, positive and kind group of young people they are. This year, Robinson is really focusing on kindness – both to one another but also to oneself. Their HoH is very much looking forward to seeing the Year 7s grow and tackle new challenges, whilst also enjoying all that Chesterton has to offer.

We hope that you received our half termly well-being newsletter. We launched this at the end of last year, as we are keen to share useful information with parents and carers about supporting well-being. The newsletter varies each half term, for example we have had: podcast reviews, recommendations for mindfulness apps, top tips, signposts to external help and information on what we do to support our students at Chesterton. One of our well-being support programmes kicks off next week, it is called ‘It’s about YOU’. This is a series of drop in sessions with teachers and external visitors; ALL students are invited and can access the rota on our daily notices.

As part of their personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education, Year 8 will be taking part in a ‘Body Beautiful’ day on Friday 27th September where they will be participating in a range of workshops focussing on body confidence, media image and self-esteem. Last year the day was a huge success and was very much enjoyed by our year 8 students. Please look out for the ParentMail which will follow with more information.

On the 19th September we are hosting an evening in our new auditorium for our parents of Year 8-11 students. The evening is based on ‘How to support your child’s well-being’. The event starts at 6.00pm and will end at 7.00, during the evening we will have presentations from staff, external speakers and an opportunity to talk others and us about well-being and mental health.

Can you play the piano? If so, please join us for a sponsored performance of Mikrokosmos by Béla Bartók on Saturday 9th November 2019, starting at 10am. Mikrokosmos is a series of 153 short progressive pieces, played consecutively. We are asking pianists to raise a minimum of £5 sponsorship for each piece that they play as part of the performance. All local pianists are welcome to play so please do let your piano-playing friends know about the event if they don’t have children at Chesterton. There is something for everyone from absolute beginner to professional musician – you can view the sheet music here: http://imslp.eu/files/imglnks/euimg/2/21/IMSLP465640-PMLP3661-Bela_Bartok_-_Mikrokosmos.pdf For more details and to sign up, please go to https://cutt.ly/awFx5gK or email cwilson@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk


The Careers and Post 16 department will host Y11 Mock Interviews on Monday 23rd September; to give some Y11 students experience of being interviewed by employers. Tees Law HR department have released a lead member of their team and we also have a bank manager, a representative from the creative industry and a managing director of a building surveyor firm who have all volunteered their time for this event to go ahead.

We will be arranging mock interviews during the summer term for all our Y10 students. If any parents or carers would be interested in giving up some time to support Chesterton with events like this please contact Mrs Carrie Carter ccarter@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk.

Future champions grant

Congratulations to two Chesterton students who successfully applied for the ‘Future Champions’ grant – the award contributes to the costs associated with participating at a high level of sport. They’ll both receive their grant at an awards ceremony next week.

Hana A – Ballroom dancing

Ines C – Climbing

A future Wimbledon champion?

It was great to see Ryan P from year 8, competing at a national tennis event at Wimbledon over the summer holiday. He did extremely well in progressing to the last 16 – watch this space!

Rugby and hockey fixtures

The college rugby and hockey season is underway! A large number of students are attending training, and the first fixtures of the season were successful this week – not least the year 8 rugby team which registered 10 tries in their win at another local school. Edwin D was nominated as player of the match, and there were tries for Fin E on his debut for the school team.

English Lessons for parents who speak English as another language.

Free lesson day

Friday September 13th


Cadet Hut

Chesterton Community College

Contact Sarah Adams


or Chesterton Sports Centre for more details.


A reminder that the website is currently available at http://ccc.cambridgeshireeducationaltrust.org/

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