Week ending 13th May

  • We were delighted on Monday to host a visit from Dame Joan McVittie who leads the Cambridgeshire School Improvement Board; she was accompanied by Rosemary Prince who works for the Regional School’s Commissioner. Both visit schools in the area regularly and comment on the climate and performance of the schools which they visit. Both our visitors were incredibly impressed with what they saw at Chesterton during their three hour visit which included an extensive tour of the school and lessons; talking to a student panel and spending time with senior staff discussing the school. Dame Joan fervently endorsed our current self-evaluation of outstanding which is heartening to hear as she is an Ofsted lead inspector.
  • We were also visited this week by Melanie Ratford, Principal of the UTC in Cambridge. She went on a tour of the school and was very impressed with the interactive nature of our lessons and the high levels of engagement she saw amongst the students. The UTC curriculum is focused on science and they have some remarkable equipment and facilities on their campus; as institutions it would be lovely to build up links and be able to work together on future projects.
  • This week we hosted a visit from Chesterton’s living history with a large group of former staff coming back to visit, including Rex Freeman. The group was taken on a tour of the school and had a buffet lunch whilst reminiscing about Chesterton’s past. We received a lovely letter which stated: “..yesterday’s visit produced nothing but praise for what we saw and our delight with all of the improvements….Not one of the party left without going out of their way to tell me of their admiration for all they had seen and heard….Many thanks for allowing us to visit, and for everything that your staff are doing for a school which means a great deal to us.”
  • On Tuesday 10th May, over 80 Year 8 Chesterton students helped to lead a mini-Olympic festival for 210 primary school students from Arbury, Milton Road, Mayfield and St.Luke’s primary schools. Despite the weather, the event continued in an adapted indoor format. Chesterton students were superb in leading the younger students by being encourgaing, motivating and clear in their expectations. Thank you to all that helped and these students now have three hours towards their sports’ leadership log, where 10 hours reaches the bronze award; congratulations!
  • Also on Tuesday 8 students from Years 8 and 9 took part in the regional handball tournament held at the university sports’ centre, where they gained a bronze medal. Congratulations on the girls’ performance.
  • On Wednesday 16 Year 7 students took part in leading a farm yard reception festival at the University Primary School to over 60 students. The leaders were fantastic at leading the events and engaging with the students. Congratulations and well done to all of those students. They now have two hours towards their sports’ leadership log.
  • The Chesterton boys who went on the Cambridge Rugby Union Football Club under-12s tour to Toulon last weekend, played extremely well against tough club sides in the most successful rugby city in Europe. They were rewarded with a private Sunday morning training session with South African World Cup winner and top try scorer Brian Habana, who plays for Toulon. They were also subjected to Key Stage 3 French revision notes, sent out by Chesterton’s MFL department, which were examined on the tour!
  • A date for diaries: the art and photography exhibition will be on Thursday 26th May, in the Apex, 6-7.30pm. This is an opportunity to celebrate our outstanding GCSE work. It would be lovely to see you there.

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