Week ending 14th February

  • For the first time, this year, Chesterton Community College has participated in the National Student Investor Competition, which was open to Years 9, 10 and 11…and a few staff.  At the beginning of November (2013) teams of four students and the staff teams were each given a virtual £100,000 to invest on the London Stock Exchange. The investments were linked directly to the stock exchange and were subject to the natural fluctuations of the share prices.  Teams could buy and sell shares on a daily basis, with the results being updated every fifteen minutes.  Needless-to-say i-pads and mobiles had never been used so much prior to registration, with the results posted every day on the corridor window of B3. Sixty teams from the school took part and at the end of January 2014, the winners in the school were: The Ben Wilkinson Support Crew (winning£100). They finished 56th nationally – out of over 10,000 teams – and will be going to the Regional finals in London on March 10th to compete for a place in the national finals and have a chance to win a trip to New York.
  • 3 musicians from the orchestra britten sinfonia came in to deliver a musical workshop with our year 10 GCSE students prior to a concert we were attending with them the following day.  The workshop went very successfully with pupils learning a section of a Schubert song in German by ear.  The professional musicians were very inspiring, and one was in fact a previous pupil from Chesterton.  The concert was wonderful and pupils represented the School beautifully at the event.
  • In Year 7 Wicked Wednesday this week, students took part in a Parliament morning, run by Mr Christie and colleagues.  They learned about the two houses and how they make laws. The groups took a tour of our own House of Commons (set up in the Farnsworth Hall) and met some of the key political figures. The topic we debated in our parliament was “All cyclists under 16 should wear cycle helmets.” Our MPs voted 109 to 54 in favour of the proposal with some wearing their helmets into the chamber.
  • There is an International Coffee morning at Chesterton: Monday 17th February and Friday 21st February 10am-12 Box Café, Chesterton Sports Centre.  You are all welcome to come and meet our international parents!
  • Year 11 parents attended a ‘Revision for Parents’ evening on Wednesday 12 February, with their children, to see how they could support their children with revision for GCSEs.  Presentations were made by the main exam subjects and an information booklet was given out.  Parents were very positive about how useful this was for helping them to understand what exactly was involved in each exam and how they could help in practical ways.  Some parents spoke about how they helped their child with strategies involving revision cue cards and making cups of tea!  It’s really nice to see an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to students’ education at times like this!  No wonder our students are so successful at Chesterton – they have great, supportive parents!
  • The exciting Year 9 Business Enterprise project started this week for 37 students working with the Felixstowe College of Trade and Enterprise. Students had a fantastic day and worked really hard to create new real businesses that they hope will make a profit. Two participants,  Jasmine and Martha were really enthused. Martha said: “It was a really good day. We learned lots about the importance of logos and branding to companies and how to work in big groups.” “We also learned about the different roles people working in companies have,” Jasmine added. “I’m a Creative Designer for my company which will be producing multi-use bandanas and Martha is the Business Developer for her company which will be making jewellery.”  Staff from the Felixstowe College were really impressed with students and the school in general and commented on how hard everybody involved worked. Further information will follow in subsequent blogs.
  • The School’s Robotics Club project has been selected as one of this year’s finalists for the Rolls-Royce Science Prize. As Part of the project Dr Timney and the pupils put together a video to introduce what the project is all about. You can watch the video and read diary entries on the Rolls-Royce website and check out what the  opposition are up to. The Rolls-Royce Science Prize website that has info on this years finalists including Chesterton’s project. http://www.rolls-royce.com/careers/students_and_graduates/scienceprize/ourfinalists/   Clicking on Chesterton takes you to our specific section
  • All Year 7s in English had to deliver a presentation about Shakespeare this week as part of their half-termly assessment; there were some very creative responses. In addition to delivering a great ‘performance’ Gemma Merricks and Ella Brannigan made a beautiful cake which was enjoyed by all of 7J and Miss. Bigglestone. The cake was topped with the quote, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”  Before the cutting of the cake, Gem and Ella offered some insightful interpretations of Hamlet’s declaration.  Tasty and educational, with photos on our Facebook page.
  • Mary Sanders, former chair of governors and also current governor presented the science department with a model of all 20 essential human amino acids that make up proteins. This will be a fantastic resource for teaching how genes code for protein in the GCSE biology topic, and we are very grateful to Mary for her work. Photos can be found on our Facebook page.
  • On Thursday evening we had another of our regular i-pad parent drop-in sessions. As you will be aware there have been a number of communications this week to parents about how we are hoping to extend the scheme to incorporate Y11 and how we are also doing work on digital lifestyle by offering parents the opportunity to have remote switch off of the internet during the evening if so desired. We are always keen to get parent feedback and try promptly to act upon any requests, observations you may have.
  • As you will be aware from communications today, if you are a Y11 parent, we have modified our approach to study leave this year to take account of the move from modular to linear exams. We feel that the vast majority of students will benefit from teacher-led revision sessions based at school. In addition to this, we will be running optional sessions on how to cope with stress etc. during the exam period. All students will be expected to attend lessons as usual throughout May unless they are sitting an exam.  We will be arranging a revision session prior to each exam to allow teachers to go over key points. All students will be expected to follow a new timetable for the remainder of the exam period.  Timetables will be issued by the end of March and will include revision sessions taught at school as well as plenty of time for students to study at home.  Revision lessons will take place each morning throughout the exam period in June allowing students the afternoon for self-study at home.  All students will have a teacher-led revision session the day before an exam.  Our experience over recent years at Chesterton suggests that students welcome the opportunity to revise both at school and at home.  If students would prefer to revise at school in the afternoons we will be providing them with a free lunch and specialist teacher who will be on hand to provide any help. Once students have finished their last exam and have completed all assignments they are free to leave. We sincerely hope this will provide welcome support for both students and parents.
  • It just remains for me to wish everyone a restful and enjoyable half-term.







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